Two Days At Ground Zero With Many Great People!

I posted this on Loose Change 2 Forum, but I wanted to share it here and thank the many members who have responded to my post in the past.

On Sunday I decided I wanted to go to Cooper Hall and make it a two day
thing. My girl and I got there a little early, about 11:00 and wasn't
sure if we had the right place. I figured many would get there early
figuring as I did, that there would be a tremendous crowd. I wanted to get
my tickets and stay for a few hours and then go to ground Zero, then return
for the evening showing of Loose Change and hear Alex Jones speak.

We didn't see any signs or banners on the entrance and didn't
know if we had the right building, then I noticed a truck parked on the
side walk with the words, "Louder Than Words."

We waited to 12:30, when they started selling tickets, to be honest I was
a little surprised there wasn't more people, but thought maybe they
might be waiting for the evening presentation of the Loose Change movie
and Alex Jones.

We stayed a few hours and listened to a few of the key speakers and then
headed off to Ground Zero. I wasn't there ten minutes and I see a
crowd around Alex Jones. I didn't know what was going on, but was