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50 years back

President JFK was killed in 1963. Govt. at that time had a ridiculous MAGIC BULLET theory to be passed on to US citizens. nothing happens till date even after a child can say that multiple bullets were fired at JFK & there was no security cover for the President & the fatal bullet fired was from the front side after watching the live coverage that day. It was all planned ahead & executed as perfection as this 9/11. Nobody guilty was ever booked & people lived with the lie till date. 51 years have passed. generations changed & people busy with their lives forgot that thing. will it be the same case with 9-11 that all accused & masterminds will never be booked. the deception to the US public is in history. its not a new thing. unless citizens come forward with valor & demand nothing but the truth can only change the county & relieve it from the clutches of the real evil. i will not be surprised if in the coming years if there be another Pearl harbor. the mighty people at the time of JFK are still powerful at this time of 9-11.