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Taliban threatens attacks on West: Spanish radio

A video discovered by Spanish security forces shows the Taliban threatening to stage attacks on Spain, United States, France, Denmark, Australia and Israel.

News in Spanish:

I can believe that the Taliban have the capability to attack international troops in Afghan soil, but what I think is, that they want us to believe the Taliban are as powerful as the CIA, the MOSSAD or Al Qaida are. It seems to me the old fairy tale of Al Qaida, Taliban, islamic terrorrists omnipresence in order to frighten us.

Spain: Osama bin Laden's son seeks asylum

Spanish Government denied Omar bin Laden political asylum. Europa Press. Dated on November 9, 2008. Article here:

Spanish minister stated that Omar bin Laden wasn't under any circumstances which allowed him to obtain political asylum. Therefore, ha had lo leave Spain and go back to Egipt.

Osama bin Laden's son denied asylum in Spain Dated on November 11, 2008

Spain: Osama bin Laden's son seeks asylum Dated on November 4, 2008. Article here:

The lie is coming to Spanish TV on weekend

The SCIENCE FICTION film "United 93" will be on Spanish TV soon. I'd prefer "Loose Change" or "Confronting the evidence" instead.

New site in Spanish

Hi from North of Spain
I've been working for a couple of weeks in a new Spanish website about 911 called "11 de septiembre de 2001 - Más allá de la traición" or
My main purpose is to inform and at the same time to be a link between English and Spanish speaker communities. I think that there's a lot of work to do in Spain and Latin America.

911truth Movement is unstoppable

Best wishes