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We Are Change UK Podcast #1 - Released 11th September 2008

We released the first edition of the We Are Change UK Podcast on the 11th this year, expect a fresh wedge of audio activism on the 11th of every month from now on. We didn't have the time to tell anyone about it as we were all so busy with our 9/11 actions in London (keep an eye out for the video which should be out next week), so thought I'd let everyone know it's up there while I had the chance.

We've been keen to get a podcast started since our radio show ended, we were given a choice to stop talking about 9/11 and 7/7, or stop broadcasting on that station. We made the only choice we felt we could, but hope you enjoy what we have put together here. The first edition includes:

A mix down of an Immortal Technique Q&A in London
Gareth rings the UK Anti-Terror Hotline
Mohsin deabtes self-styled "9/11 Truth Debunker" George Monbiot
Dean speaks with Luke Rudkowski, Cynthia McKinney, John Feal and many others