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Blair Gadsby "The Hungry Man"

All involved in the 9-11 Truth Movement have worked hard over the years struggling to educate others concerning the events of that fateful day. Many have held street prostests, creatively made sign and banners, some have written books, made documentaries, lobbied our respective representatives in Congress, handed out DVD's, forced a family member or a friend to read a book or watch a movie, we have held speaking engagements, book signings, held press conferences, and some have changed their license plate to read - WTC 7 WTF !!

Richard Gage Phoenix Event A Huge Success

For those of you in the 9-11 Truth Movement who have not yet had the opportunity for Richard Gage to come to your town, please consider having him join you. If anyone is serious about 9-11 Truth and convincing people of the possibilities that 9-11 might be an inside job, I would suggest that you invite Richard Gage to town. His 9-11 Blueprint for Truth: The Architecture of Destruction presentation is an in-depth look at the controlled demolition hypothesis for the collapse of the 3 WTC buildings. Meticulous, thought provoking and profound, this presentation will no doubt bring legitimacy and relevance to local 9-11 Truth movements. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has ignored Richard Gage, as he is diffucult to discredit. December 1st, 2007 Richard Gage made a visit to Phoenix, AZ. and spoke in front of 240 people. The majority of which were stunned, shocked and inspired to convince others about the obvious cover-up of the worst crime committed against the American people. 9-11 Truth has seen a big boost thanks to this true patriot and his committment to exposing the lies. No doubt he will go down in history as an individual who tried to save his country. Will you ?