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My Tamale Story

I was at home making tamales recently. While steaming the tamales, I had the flame on my stove set to high, and after about 50 minutes the steel pot with the tamales inside began to melt.

At that point, of course, total collapse was inevitable. Sure enough, I watched as the lid and the tamales fell, causing the rest of the pot and then the entire stove to come straight down at near freefall speed. And, as was to be expected, the pot, the tamales, and the stove were all pulverized into dust, leaving only a tiny pile of rubble no more than a couple of inches high

By the way, later that evening my refrigerator also collapsed into its own footprint at near freefall speed. Even though no tamales were prepared on the refrigerator that day, I'm sure there is a perfectly good explanation that doesn't really need any further investigation or analysis.