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New Footage Re-Ignites BBC Building 7 Controversy

New Footage Re-Ignites BBC Building 7 Controversy -

Reporter's audio feed interrupted again as she discusses WTC 7, earlier window shot proves footage not "blue screen" as ludicrous debunkers maintained despite BBC admission

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, May 14, 2007

Goto the Link for all the Videos!!

More 9/11 archive footage has been unearthed of BBC correspondent Jane Standley, this time from the evening of September 11, in which her audio cuts out again - for the second time that day - when she begins to discuss Building 7.

Rumor: Tenet Said on Paula Zahn on CNN, that he Knew The attacks were coming

The shows over now. But I heard he said that on her show.

Somebody see if you can get a video, If you can please post it here, and submit it to digg, in the video-education section.


TO Rosie (My Research)

Anyone is welcome to read.
(Its long, But worth it, in my opinion, MAKE SURE You click on the "read more" Tap on the bottom left for My Entire Blog.)
TO Rosie:

I am going to give reasons proving The U.S. Govt did it, how they did it, and at the end I am going to give reasons why they did it.

1. Operation Northwoods, "N E W Y O R K, May 1, 2001 In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.":
2. Alex Jones Called It:

3. Bin Laden First Said He DID NOT DO IT! Fake Confession Tape? Also see #30

4. At least 4 hijackers turned up alive, but i heard as many as 9


NYPD and Silverstein Frame Famous 911 Truther as Terrorist

GOTO Jonesreport Link for the Videos

NY Police Report Bomb to Frame Activist as Terrorist
"By the time the government finds out, you'll be in the hole thirty days" 9/11 Truther is Told By Officer Who Admits to False Accusation of Having a Bomb

Aaron Dykes / JonesReport | April 27, 2007

Two persons identifying themselves as New York police officers interrupted a 9/11 Truth demonstration-- on a public sidewalk in front of the new WTC 7 Building-- to intimidate free speech, stating "Larry [Silverstein] doesn't want to hear it," before accusing We Are Change founder Luke Rudkowski of having a bomb and that his cell phone was "a gun."

The officer was apparently responding to refusals to stop filming their faces as police attempted to impede free speech on behalf of Larry Silverstein-- making slanderous and knowingly false accusations:

ALL The people That Slipped UP In this scripted False Flag Plot

1. Bush saw the first plane hit live on tv: (1min)

2. Rumsfeld Says Flight 93 was shot down: (30sec)

3. Rumsfeld Says Missle Hit Pentagon: "Here we're talking about plastic knives and using an American Airlines flight filled with our citizens, and the missile to damage this building and similar (inaudible) that damaged the World Trade Center"

4. NYC Mayor Slips- Knew Collpase in Advance:

5. SilverStein Admits WTC Was Pulled:

6. EyeWitness Said Missle, eh Plane Hit pentagon:

7. John Kerry Slips says WTC-7 Was Controlled Demolition:

8. Bush is scared:

If you have any more, please add them.

Fantastic News!! Youtube Fixes Censorship on 9/11 Truth

Im glad I spotted Youtubes mistakes.

They fixed the censorship!!

We Now how 5 Honors!!!

#60 - Top Rated (All Time) - News & Politics - All
#46 - Most Discussed (All Time) - All
#7 - Most Discussed (All Time) - News & Politics - All
#7 - Most Discussed (All Time) - News & Politics - English
#42 - Most Linked (All Time) - News & Politics - All

More people will see this video, now then ever!!

Thanks to all of you who complined to youtube.

9/11's Free speech casualties

9/11's Free speech casualties -

Two journalists who questioned Bush's leadership weeks after the attacks lost their jobs and faced threats.

They say about the journalists "a man who needed killin"

ALL THE INK and the airtime that's been expended on Don Imus being fired for saying something controversial and stupid got me thinking about two other media guys — working stiffs, not multimillionaires; professional informers, not inflamers — who got fired for saying something controversial and wise.

Imus was canned after he slagged a women's college basketball team. The two newspaper columnists were canned from their small-town papers after the 9/11 attacks for criticizing President Bush.

Youtube Censors And Cheats 9/11 TRUTH (What should we do about this)

Somebody Please Let Alex Jones Team and Other Supporters in the 9/11 Truth Movement Know about this.

This BBC Wtc-7 foreknlege Has 390,000 views and 9400 Comments:

With 9400 Comments:

It should be #8 In HONORS in Most Discussed for ALL TIME in NEWS and Policits. and its not!!!

It should be #26 in HONORS in Most Discussed for ALL TIME, In ALL TIME and its not!!

We have just shy of 400k Views, They have been cheating us for over a month, If they would have done it fair, We would have had over 1 Million More people See this Video, Totalling 1.4 Million Instead of 400k. as a result of those 2 extra honors.

If it was just an honest mistake, YOUTUBE Should Give this clip the exposure it missed in the past. I hope you guys understand what im saying.

What should we do about this????

Help PUSH TerrorStorm UP Google Top 20

Hey Truthers Friends, Terrorstorm Has been in the top 70 and 80 for the past 3 days. Lets Push it into the top 20.

Please VOTE for Terrorstorm On DIGG and NETSCAPE To help wake up more people:



It worked last time, Lets Help Alex jones and 911 Truth


Michelle Malkin, James Meigs, Sean Hannity, ALL 9/11 TRUTHERS

They are not stupid. They know 911 was an inside job. They support govt sponsered terror.
I say this so many times, I even made my own thread, People just get mad at me but all the people in the media are truthers. They are not stupid. You have to be really smart to get on telelvison like fox, cnn, msnbx, etc

O reilly, Hannity, Malkin, Scarbough, James Meigs, etc They are all 911 truthers, They are not stupid, They know its an inside job, They just support the NWO, and are lyers, and support the one world powerful evil thats coming, They know about the Bohemian Grove and they Support that also. They are just nwo-scum thats going to hell

Alan Colmes, Lou Dobbs, Keith Olbermann, etc and people in that group are 911 truthers, they are not lyers or scum, They know the truth, but dont expose it because they are scared, or know they will be fired if they brung light to it.