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The 41-story Deutsche Bank Demolition - mysteries, images, links

What can be learned from the demolition of the 41-story building (The Bankers Trust or the Deutsche Bank Building) adjacent to the WTC towers?

Perhaps this how B7 would have been taken down, had it not been demolished on 9/11/01.

Questions about this demolition remain. Why are there now lawsuits? Why was there a fire during the work? What is the mystery about the company selected to be involved in the demolition, which now no longer exists? Or are these events just 'all in a day's work' in New York City with it's corruption and scandals? What was the full extent of the body parts discovered there?

Here are a few parapgraphs from one story:

Arizona Greens Need Help to Get Cynthia McKinney on the Ballot

The message below is from an email I received requesting help getting ballot access for the Green Party in Arizona -- Cynthia McKinney will not be on the ballot without the Greens getting ballot access.

This is a one-time effort that has a long-term pay-off, both for 9/11 truth efforts and for the Greens.

The Greens are the only political party that has openly continues to call for a new investigation into the 9/11/01 attacks. They have consistently put out press releases from 2001 onward that question the 9/11/01 attacks and responses, consistently endorse 9/11/01 events, host 9/11/01 speakers at Green events, and so on.

Now that the Greens are running Cynthia McKinney as a presidential candidate, this is our opportunity to help bring 9/11 truth issues front and center in the 2008 presidential campaign.

Marc Cooper Attacks Cynthia McKinney -- Please Respond

Trying to attack McKinney via Obama with exaggerated distortions is, in some ways, a very good sign -- they are that concerned about her candidacy.

It appears that they need to turn people away from her before anyone can hear what she has to say, especially potential Obama voters. There will be more to come, but we need to respond.

Marc Cooper is a writer for the Nation, a publication that does their best to trash anyone who asks too many questions and defend most official version of events, no matter how transparently. For example the Nation published an attack article on The New Pearl Harbor, by David Ray Griffin, authored by CIA agent, Robert Baer, that started with the line: "Conspiracy theories are hard to kill," and went downhill from there. This is what the Nation and it's writers are about -- defending the official version of events and working hard to take down anyone who asks too many questions through distortion, smears and innuendo.

Naomi Wolf's Latest -- A ‘Paper Coup’

This isn't directly 9/11/01 activism but it contains information that anyone working in our area should be aware of. Blackwater's role is becoming increasingly ominious and they are an integral part of any fascist efforts, as Wolf describes in her essays.

She states, "Increasingly, reputable figures are starting to talk about `a coup.’"

I personally don't think the martial law in Pakistan is without relevance to the near future in the US -- there is no catastrophe there except that the judicial branch won't go against the constitution and allow Musharraf to run as president again, and so he is having them taken out of their offices by police, held in house arrest, and replaced with installed justices (this sets a precedent and also echoes Bush's firings of federal prosecutors). These events are important to learn about, understand and thus predict when to act and how.

She also states, "Nothing at present prevents Blackwater agents from being deployed to help or replace the TSA domestically. Or from being deployed at the next New York City rally such as the one that is being featured on their website."

"21-Story Sands Casino Will Turn To Rubble In 18 Seconds" (Atlantic City, NJ)

First AC Casino To Be Imploded Thursday
21-Story Sands Casino Will Turn To Rubble In 18 Seconds
POSTED: 5:18 pm EDT October 16, 2007

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- Atlantic City will say goodbye Thursday night to what's left of the old Sands Casino. An implosion will bring down the 21-story hotel tower in just seconds.

After a six minute fireworks show Thursday nigh, the Sands will be turned to dust.

At 9:30 p.m. Thursday, experts said 350 pounds of dynamite will turn the 21-story hotel tower into 30,000 tons of rubble in just about 18 seconds.

"We're going to let gravity take the building down. All we want to do is disrupt the columns' ability to support the building and then allow it to fail," Jim Santoro, of Controlled Demolition Inc., said.

Scholars and Family Members Submit Request for Correction to 9/11 NIST Report

(also see related story on same topic:
Scholars and Family Members Submit Request for Correction to 9/11 NIST Report
Gaps and inconsistencies reveal fundamental flaws in NIST's building collapse analyses

BERKELEY, CA April 12, 2007 -- A group of scientists, researchers and 9/11 family members challenging the official reports of the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11/01 has filed a Request for Correction (RFC) with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Independent Investigators Release Suppressed Blueprints of Destroyed World Trade Center Tower

Scans of original drawings of the North Tower of the World Trade Center have been published online by a coalition of independent 9/11 researchers and journalists.

Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) March 27, 2007 -- A coalition of independent 9/11 investigators and journalists today announced the online publication of a set of original blueprints of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The set is composed of over 200 never-before-published drawings, including plans, elevations, and details, given to physicist Dr. Steven E. Jones by an individual interested in a more complete analysis. Groups presenting the plans include Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice, 9-11 Research, and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. A multi-resolution drawing viewer for the blueprints is located at 9-11 Research (

Richard Gage, AIA, Architect, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, said, "We cannot truly understand what happened in these historical structural failure events when we are not allowed access to the construction documents." Gage believes that, given the profound differences in the official collapse theories, the need for more investigation is clear. "First they come up with the "pancake theory", then they changed it to the "column failure theory". We don't believe that either of those theories are supported by the available evidence."

Wikipedia Mixing Us In With LaRouche

Wikipedia Mixing Us In With LaRouche

If enough people get on wikipedia and edit the pages, they won't be able to continue to do edits with the goal to discredit us, like adding Lyndon La Rouche to the template of people challenging the official version of events to make us look nutty. He should not be on a 9/11 template.

As it is, that template goes on the bottom of every single page covering the "conspiracy theorists."

The template is here -


And it's simple to edit. Just click on 'edit this page' at the top and start editing text.

Other good pages to edit are here -

9/11 conspiracy theories

(Locked! There is a war going on there, so only people who login can edit, but logging in only takes a moment)