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Deathers on CNN

Check out this article and see how this is being portrayed. See also the involvement of Alex Jones and ask yourself if this is good for us. Try to think a few moves in advance just like chess, because the forces aligned against us are doing that for sure.

New York Times Story Today on Victims Remains

Hi All,

This story was just posted to the new york times. It concerns a dispute between the 911 museum and the victims family members about what to do with the remains of the victims. To me it has always been conclusive evidence for CD that 41% of the victims bodies have never been identified. The article confirms this shocking number Please find the article below:

LA Times Anthrax Article Today

Another story on the ongoing anthrax investigations. We have to take the media exposure and use it opportunistically. Share the story comment on it, get people to see that these issues are of general concern to all American's and all journalists!!,0,220890.story

New 911 Footage story on Huff Post

Hey everybody, please check out this article today on Huffpost. The article and footage don't seem to be anything too revealing, what is really interesting is the comment stream at the footer of the article. Please check out those comments and add some yourself! They show once again that people are awake and ready to join our movement. Let's work together and keep growing! Please find the link below.


"Newly released footage of the World Trade Center attacks shows an NYPD helicopter's perspective of that fated day.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology obtained the footage under the Freedom of Information Act as a part of their investigation into 9/11. The original footage was then anonymously posted onto Cryptome, a site which, among other things, catalogued the civilian deaths in Iraq, and posted protest photos in Libya.

The grainy footage swoops through the burning towers and captures the resultant collapse. It's an incredible new perspective of that day, but be warned: the footage is difficult to watch."

Obama administration drops defense of Bush officials

BIG NEWS! I hope that others will see this as a positive development as I do. Please find below a link to a news article. In the article it is reported that the department of justice will no longer provide government lawyers to members of the Bush administration to help them avoid prosecution under pending torture lawsuits. To me, this is a big sign of progress and shows that the circle is tightening around the Bush criminal cabal. Let me know what you all think.

-Yours, Richard

Jim Hoffman discusses Pentagon Research

I'm not the most tech savvy dude. This is the reason that I have never posted stuff here, but I think this time I will give it a try. Below please find a link to an interview given by Jim Hoffman, 911 researcher and engineer. I think this interview is important, even though it is now over a year old, because it clearly describes the struggle in the movement over the pentagon, and forcefully defends the view that the debate is being used to destroy the movement from the inside. I think anybody listening to the podcast should go on to read about disinformation more generally. Visibility 911 has some great links on that topic, and is one of the leading cites for 911 truth IMO.

Here's the link