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I just sent the following letter to Ben Rattray, founder and CEO of change.org.

Mr. Rattray,

I am writing to inform you that on Friday, December 26th, I will be sending the following letter to President-elect Barack Obama.

Dear President-elect Obama,

It is with great sadness that I report a serious violation of free speech connected with your election. On Inauguration Day you will receive a communiqué from change.org, purporting to inform you of the will of the American people.
Change.org has invited citizens to post their ideas for change, which are then voted on, with the most popular to be formally presented to you on your first day in office.

When I first logged onto change.org on December 1st, I was thankful to see the top-rated idea, posted by Donna Marsh O’Connor, a family member who lost a loved one on September 11, 2001, was a call to fully and independently investigate the crimes of 9/11. Within hours that idea, which had more than double the votes of the second ranked suggestion, had been deleted along with scores of other posts calling for investigations into 9/11 and the Federal Reserve.