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500,000 Views for New 9/11 Mini-Documentary on Building 7 in 4 Weeks

By | September 15, 2011.

In less than one month, this important video narrated by American actor Ed Asner, and produced by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (, got over 500,000 views on YouTube. This group of over 1,500 professionals are calling for a real scientific investigation into the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. 

Take Action

We invite you to share this important video on Facebook, Twitter and other social forums so more people can watch it. Let's go viral with this 15-minute documentary and it will hit 1 million viewers soon.

If you are an architect or an engineer and feel like we need a new investigation into Building 7's collapse, please sign their petition. If you know an architect or an engineer, send them this video.

If you support a new Building 7 investigation, join the Remember Building 7 campaign led by 9/11 family members, first responders and survivors and backed by AE911Truth.

Remembrance and Solidarity on September 11, 2011

Remembrance and Solidarity on September 11, 2011

The 10th Anniversary of September 11, 2001 is a moment to reflect on why we continue to fight for a proper investigation into the tragic events of that day.

Those who cling to the official story of 9/11 because it affirms their sense of purpose in the world would have the rest of us believe that questioning the official story is a dishonor to those who died, and an offense to their families.

This could not be further from the truth, for the pursuit of truth always has been and always will be led by those who lost their loved ones on September 11, 2001.

It was the 9/11 families whose relentless campaigning led to the formation of the 9/11 Commission.  It was their leadership that established the moral framework for millions of concerned citizens to join the pursuit of truth.  It is their perseverance, despite the passage of time, that continues to inspire millions to fight.

On the 10th Anniversary of September 11, 2001, let us remember that the most meaningful way to honor those who died is to continue to fight for the truth.  

We thank you for standing with NYC CAN and with the 9/11 family members, first responders and survivors NYC CAN represents.

Please watch the 10th Anniversary TV ad and consider donating to our 10th Anniversary Campaign as an act of remembrance and in solidarity with the families who continue to seek the truth.

Please donate now

Thank you for you generous support.

Only with your support can this campaign be a success.

Reason #3 to Donate to the 10th Anniversary Campaign: Free Toronto Hearings Free DVD and Report


Reason #3 to Donate to the 10th Anniversary Campaign:
You Will Receive Free Copies of the Toronto Hearings DVD and Final Report

September 6, 2011

The International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001 will be held in Toronto, Canada at Ryerson University from September 8 through September 11. At the hearings, expert witnesses will present evidence that the U.S. government’s investigation into the events of that day was seriously flawed and failed to account for what happened.

The result of this historic event will be the creation of the Final Report of the International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001, and a DVD of the event including the testimony of every expert witness.

Because the Remember Building 7 10th Anniversary Campaign is a proud sponsor of the Toronto Hearings, when you make a generous donation of $100 to the 10th Anniversary Campaign, you will receive a copy of The 9/11 Toronto Report and DVD in the mail. And if you make a donation of $50, you will receive a copy of the DVD.

Do not miss this incredible opportunity to support the 10th Anniversary Campaign and receive complimentary copies of The 9/11 Toronto Report and DVD. Donate Now!

Toronto Hearings Final Report

Visit to learn more about the Toronto Hearings and to learn more about the 10th Anniversary Campaign.

I have already donated, will I get the DVD and Final Report?

If you have already donated at least $100 to the 10th Anniversary Campaign, you will receive a copy of the Final Report and DVD – you don’t need to donate again. The same goes for those of you who already donated between $50 and $99 –you will receive the DVD.

If you already donated a sum less than $50 or $100, you can make an additional donation to bring your cumulative donation total up to $50 or $100 and you will receive the corresponding gift.

If you already donated $50, please do not hesitate to donate another $50 and receive your complimentary 9/11 Toronto Report in addition to the DVD.

Please Donate Now and thank you for you generous support!

The Remember Building 7 Team


The Ads Will Reach 10 Million New Yorkers

Reason #1 to Donate to the 10th Anniversary Campaign:
The Ads Will Reach 10 Million New Yorkers

September 4, 2011

Raising $1 million between September 1 and September 11 will enable the Remember Building 7 campaign to reach 10 million people in the New York Metropolitan Area through a combination of TV and out-of-home advertising. A whopping 60% of the target market will see the ads on TV or on the subway an average of 10 times each.

What does this level of coverage mean? It means an instant media frenzy and overnight surge in public awareness about the collapse of Building 7. It means talking heads on every news channel awkwardly defending a story their eyes tell them is absurd. It means a handful of courageous journalists finally having the permission to ask the real questions. It means millions of minds opening to the possibility that there really is more to 9/11, as they always suspected deep down.

If this is something you’d like to see, please donate now.

Do not wait to make your donation. The sooner you make your donation, the more of a multiplier effect it will have because it will encourage thousands of others to donate. Consider it an investment that will yield even more donations in the next eight days. Do not wait until the last day.

Only with your support can this campaign be a success.

Poster Ad to be seen in NYC
Imagine seeing this ad in every NYC subway car

Thank you for your generous support.


Obama, Bush, Bloomberg to Bar 9/11 First Responders From Ground Zero On the 10th Anniversary


Nearly 1,020 first responders have lost their lives in the last 10 years due to health problems caused by the air quality at Ground Zero.

Many more are still suffering from health problems, while still battling with the U.S. Government for proper health coverage. The first responders who lost their lives on 9/11 add to the victims total of that tragic day. Not only should we honor them for their service and courage — after all, they were the ones who stood up when we were all in shock — but they should be at the center stage of the upcoming official ceremony in New York City.

When debris rained from the sky in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001, the first responders to the 9/11 attack did not turn away. They rushed to the World Trade Center buildings while the world around them crumbled. Yet now, after all the wreckage has been cleared and the rebuilding has begun, their path is again blocked by space constraints and politics. In addition to the victims’ families, several politicians, including two presidents, are expected to be in attendance.

Politicians More Important Than 9/11 First Responders

Politicians have barred these brave men and women from the official ceremony site this year. The first responders are not invited to this year’s September 11 memorial ceremony at ground zero, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office confirmed in August.

This is a painful insult and we should all be outraged.

Read the entire article including videos at

9/11 10th Anniversary: French, Italian, German Media to Leave US and UK in the Dust | September 2, 2011

If you thought the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 would be an endless barrage of media coverage rehashing the official story and taking occasional swipes at the 9/11 truth movement with one-sided reporting, think again.

Well, if you live in Europe, that is.

This coming Sunday, September 4, three major European channels will air in- depth stories on the Remember Building 7 campaign. M6, among France’s largest channels, will show a 90-minute documentary about various 9/11 family and first responder groups, a significant portion of which will cover Remember Building 7 (click here to see the trailer). In the same vein, RAI 3, Italy’s BBC, will show a feature length documentary that devotes significant time to Remember Building 7. And RTL, one of Germany’s largest channels, will show a Spiegel TV special about Remember Building 7 and the 9/11 truth movement.

That is just the beginning. Next week more stories will follow. When all is said and done, tens of millions of Europeans will learn about Building 7 during the 10th Anniversary.

With the 10th Anniversary Campaign now in high gear, this coverage comes at exactly the right time to help the campaign reach $1 million by September 11.

If you have not yet made your donation, please go to now and get it done!

Meanwhile, in the US and UK, journalists are having a tougher time being journalists, and they just don’t seem to get that shamelessly overt bias isn’t that good at persuading viewers (unless it’s on FOX News).

On August 31, New York 1, New York City’s local news channel, did a story pitting Popular Mechanics against the Remember Building 7 campaign, except they forgot to interview one of the two sides (you know who). They did however show a few seconds of the new ad, and they referenced the Remember Building 7- commissioned survey that found more than 1 in 4 New Yorkers believe the Twin Towers were brought down by controlled demolition. And, yet another yawner of a BBC hit piece was released a few days ago and it was a similar story.

So while viewers in the US and UK scratch their heads and wonder why their news media is propagandizing them so transparently, viewers across the rest of Europe will be getting a big dose of truth.

Stay tuned! Those pieces will be made available to English-speaking audiences shortly after they air.

Please donate now to help fund this historic campaign. Thank you for your generous support!

A Message from Bob McIlvaine: The 10th Anniversary Campaign


Dear Friends,

My name is Bob McIlvaine. Many of you know me because for the last ten years I have been speaking out for a proper investigation into the murder of my son, Robert McIlvaine, on September 11, 2001.

I am writing you directly because today is the start of the fundraising drive for the 10th Anniversary Campaign, and we need your support to make this campaign the size that it needs to be to generate overwhelming public demand for a new 9/11 investigation.

Many of you have supported Remember Building 7 for the past year because you understand that Building 7 is the key to raising public awareness about 9/11. Today a mere 14% of New Yorkers know the name of Building 7, 3 out 4 have never seen footage of it, and 1 in 3 don’t even know a third building collapsed on 9/11. When most New Yorkers and millions of others in cities across the U.S. are finally exposed to footage of Building 7 on TV – as this campaign will do – some serious questions will start to be asked, even in the mainstream media. When those questions become too difficult to ignore, calls for a new investigation will multiply exponentially.

Please go to and donate generously. Our movement has grown by leaps and bounds in the ten years it has existed. We must now stand together and realize the full potential of our numbers worldwide, from the most dedicated activists, to those who are informed but have never taken action. We will never have a better opportunity than now.

Thank you for supporting our efforts.


Bob McIlvaine
Father of Robert McIlvaine

French Doc Featuring Remember Building 7 to Air September 4


M6, one of France’s largest TV channels, will air a documentary on September 4th that follows the stories of several 9/11 family and first responder groups, including the Remember Building 7 campaign.

(click graphic to watch trailer)

This is only the first of at least a dozen stories that foreign news organizations will be doing on the Remember Building 7 campaign around the 10th Anniversary. With this unprecedented level of media coverage bringing our message to tens of millions of people, combined with the 10th Anniversary Campaign, the Toronto Hearings and the release of 9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out, the 10th Anniversary promises to be a breakthrough moment in the pursuit of a new 9/11 investigation.


Please support all three efforts at once by going to and making your pledge to donate between September 1 and 11. So far we have reached almost 600 pledges – please help us reach 1,000 by next Thursday September 1 when we begin accepting donations.



10th Anniversary Campaign TV Ad

Watch the new TV ad campaign by Remember Builing 7

More info on the 10th anniversary campaign at



10th Anniversary Campaign - Make the Pledge Today!


What Will You Be Doing on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11?

Support the 9/11 Families and First Responders As They Call for a New Investigation in the Largest 9/11 Campaign Ever

PHASE 1: Join Thousands of Others In Making Your Pledge to Donate

PHASE 2: Make Your Tax-Deductible Donation Between Labor Day and September 11th and Help the Campaign to Reach $1 Million in 1 Week

PHASE 3: The Campaign Hits Major US Cities October 2011

Visit for all the details



The 10th Anniversary Campaign will use the unprecedented level of attention and burning desire for truth felt across the world to mobilize thousands of people to donate a total of $1 million between Labor Day and September 11th. Remember Building 7 will use that money for an historic nationwide ad campaign in the month of October showing the American people the unmistakable footage of Building 7's demolition and forcing the mainstream media to finally discuss Building 7.


The campaign will be a three-pronged blitz of TV, print, and out-of-home advertising. New York City subways will be flooded with poster ads while TV ads saturate every major cable channel. Print ads will appear in several national publications and in local newspapers in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas.

New TV Ad and Poster Ads

Visit to See the New TV Ad and Poster Ads

The New Building 7 Ad is Here

Dear Friends,

The new Building 7 ad is here, and with your support, it will be saturating the NYC airwaves one month from now.

Since December we have raised over $75,000. We now need only $25,000 more to launch the second round of TV spots, which will reach another one million viewers and bring us even greater media exposure—the kind of exposure that will ignite widespread discussion of Building 7 and generate enough public pressure to bring about a new investigation.

New TV Ad

Please watch the new ad, and please donate generously. Many of you have donated two or three times already; we ask you to donate just one more time to push us across the finish line.

BuildingWhat? New TV Spot To Be Unveiled at Hartford Event on March 26

The BuildingWhat? campaign is thrilled to announce that two weeks from now on Saturday March 26 we will be holding an event in West Hartford, CT to unveil our new TV spot and kick off a marathon six-month effort to create widespread awareness of the collapse of Building 7. With your support and the support of thousands of others, the TV spot will air in late April and be seen by millions of viewers in the New York Metropolitan Area, setting the stage for an even larger ad campaign during the week of the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.

Investigate Building 7

Investigate Building 7: A Call to Reexamine the Most Important Event of Our Time will run from 9:30am to 9:30pm on Saturday March 26 at the University of Hartford’s Millard Auditorium.  This historic event will feature the most articulate voices in the growing movement to bring about a new 9/11 investigation.  Experts who have studied the events of 9/11 extensively will introduce irrefutable evidence demonstrating the need for a new investigation, and they will be calling upon New York City elected officials and the media to reexamine the most important event of our time, starting with the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.

A ticket for this full-day event is only $20.  We are counting on you to fill this beautiful 400-seat auditorium because major international news media will be filming the event, and we are also likely to draw coverage from domestic news media including live television coverage.

For more information and to buy tickets online through the University of Hartford’s box office, please go to  Tickets will be available at the door, but seating capacity is limited, so we strongly urge you to buy your tickets online now.

For those of you who are too far away to attend, we will be releasing the TV spot online as the event commences.  For those of you who can come, we look forward to seeing you there!


The BuildingWhat? Team

New TV Ads On the Way! + An Important Action Alert

“The day we see the truth and cease to speak is the day we begin to die.”
 -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear Friends,

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to Mark Stepnoski for generously offering $10,000 to match all donations made to the BuildingWhat? campaign during the last three days of 2010.  Supporters across the country and around the world rose to the occasion, giving nearly $30,000 on top of Mark’s $10,000 to bring the campaign to $67,000.  Thank you all for your generous support and your belief in our strategy.

In the next few weeks we will be releasing a series of brand new TV ads.  Without giving anything away, we are confident in saying these new ads will generate much publicity and create a groundswell of public demand for a new Building 7 investigation leading up to the 10th Anniversary.


To help pave the way towards that day, we have an important action item that will take you only two minutes to complete.  Please help us send 500 emails to the Speaker of the New York City Council to inform her that 2010 was only the beginning of our campaign, and our calls for the empanelment an independent commission to investigate Building 7 will grow as the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 approaches.

Once you send your email you will be asked to click a button to record your participation.  This button is on the webpage and transparently displays the total number of letters sent, so we are counting on you to show our numbers.  You do not need to be a resident of New York City—we encourage people everywhere to contact Speaker Quinn.  Press the button below to take action now.


Thank you for speaking up on this day of honor for Martin Luther King Jr.


The BuildingWhat? Team


NFL Great to Match Your BuildingWhat? Donations Through December 31

The BuildingWhat? campaign is pleased to announce beginning today, December 29, through December 31, NFL great Mark Stepnoski will match, up to $10,000, all donations made to the next TV ad campaign.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters across the globe, the BuildingWhat? campaign has raised almost $30,000 since the launch of the new fundraising drive on December 5. We are thrilled and grateful that two-time Superbowl champion Mark Stepnoski has so generously stepped forward to spur us toward the $50,000-milestone. Between now and the end of the year, Mark will match every dollar you donate; and just a reminder, every dollar you do give in 2010 will be fully tax-deductible when you file your taxes in the coming months!

To kick off the mini-fundraising drive, Mark will be appearing on the Alex Jones Show at 2pm Eastern on Wednesday, December 29. Please tune in to hear Mark talk about why he is supporting the campaign for a new Building 7 investigation. He will be joined by engineer and AE911Truth member Tony Szamboti, who recently appeared on Geraldo At Large and has been spearheading the effort in New York City to bring about a new investigation.

For more information on the next round of TV spots, click here. To donate, simply click below:

Donate Now

We wish you the best in the New Year and thank you in advance for helping make 2011 what promises to be a breakthrough year!


The BuildingWhat? Team


9-11 Pentagon Episode: Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura

 Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura | Dec. 21, 2010

In this powerful episode, Jesse Ventura leads an investigation that will bring him to visit the Pentagon, meet with a 9-11 commissioner, pilots, a Pentagon whistleblower and other witnesses and will show that the very section of the building that was destroyed was where the evidence of the loss of 2.3 trillion dollars by the same Pentagon was sitting. The 2.3 trillion dollars of tax payers money was lost forever.

The idea that a missile or explosives—not a hijacked jetliner—damaged the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 seems the most unlikely of 9-11 theories. That is, until you look at all the factors, which include eyewitness testimony, crime scene video, expert analysis and the question why, with 85 cameras trained on the building, have only five frames of crash footage have ever been released? Jesse Ventura leads a serious investigation into a tangled web of clues that some say are too sacred to even touch.

Why have the 9-11 Pentagon tapes been scealed and why did the U.S. government never release any credible footage clearly showing that an airplane actually hit the Pentagon? We call on the Obama administration to release the 9-11 Pentagon tapes now.