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Support Professor Steven Jones

Today would be a good day to send an email of support to Professor Jones. I was listening to Friday's broadcast of the Alex Jones show and AJ said that he had just spoken to Professor Jones and that he was very upset, disheartened about what was happening at BYU. Please send a message of thanks to this courageous and kind man who has been the target of a very ugly co-ordinated attack.

UPDATE: Professor Jones' email address has been PULLED by BYU. This wonderful man can't even receive the support of all of us who are indebted to his work. If you know of a working address for the Professor, please post it.

UPDATE: Here's his other email (thanks Swmorgan77)

LET the physics department at BYU know Professor Jones has your support:




What are you doing today?

I was wonderin' what y'all are gonna get up to today.

I'm gonna head out with a bullhorn, a boombox, a sign, some flyers and cards, a stack of deception dollars and a stack of dvds... and hopefully meet up with some friends and do outreach in two different cities. After all that, I'll probably head over to the Grand Lake in Oakland for the premiere of the new David Ray Griffin video.

What are you doing today?

9/11 Truth Rally & March in SF on 9/9

5th Annual 9/11 Truth Rally and March

Saturday September 9th, 2006

Rally 10:00 am in San Francisco at the Panhandle (between Oak and Fell at Ashbury)

10:30 am March up Ashbury to Haight Street through Golden Gate Park to Speedway Meadow and the Power to the Peaceful free concert and social justice festival

sponsored by the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance

be there