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I am sending you a transcript of a call I made to Michael Medved’s national radio talk show on 7-3-08. I tried to
discuss a 9/11 Truth topic: the phoniness of the claims
that Barbara Olson called her husband Ted Olson from
Flight 77.

Michael gave me the usual runaround: switching from the
topic at hand to related issues, asking for speculation,
asking for motivations of Olson. Finally, when I asked
if I could get back to the topic and provide more information,
he said “No” and cut me off the air.

In the same hour, two callers complained about these tactics
of Michael, concentrating on his cutting me off. Some of
their remarks are in this transcript.

In responding to them, Michael made the outrageous
statement that he does not do what he so clearly did a
few minutes before. Hutzpah of the highest order!

Why am I sending this around?
1. It is amusing, particularly the “NOTES” I inserted.
2. To encourage 9/11 Truthers to call in to talk radio
shows and to inform them about what tactics they will encounter.
3. To inform them about ways to overcome those
tactics. The best and easiest is to call the host on what
he is doing.


Michael Medved has a national radio talk show. You can confront him on 9/11 on his monthly "Conspiracy Theory" day---at the time of the full moon. Or on his "Disagreement Day" every Thursday.
For "DD" you must cite something he has said. Noon to 3 PM Los Angeles time. Call (800) 955-1776.

He is a tricky person to debate. He will switch you to another related topic, ask you a question you could only speculate about in order to keep you from citing evidence
backing your point. He typically cuts off your phone and finishes the call, giving the audience the impression that you are baffled and speechless. For tips about calling in to talk shows, google
an article I wrote called "Something For Nothing." If you google my name, Zan Overall, you will get to it. It is on and

Here is a letter I wrote him. He has said he believes Ted Olson's story about getting calls from his wife.

Dear Michael-

I am sending you another copy of David Ray Griffin’s
article on the Ted Olson question. As usual DRG did a
beautiful, scholarly and thorough job destroying the myth
that you promote so assiduously.


This article was the cover story in a LA Times Opinion section.
How can an intelligent person cite the Afghanistan video?
A friend of mine suggested Coll is a CIA asset.
Google his name and check out the organization he started.
In discussing OBL with people who accuse him of doing 9/11,
I say "Don't you know you should not speak ill of the dead?"
.............Here is my letter to the editor. (I am of an age where
I fit the British cliche of an old gentleman "writing a letter to the
(Regarding “Target: Bin Laden” by Steve Coll
in the Opinion section of the LA Times for 4/13/08)

In this article I am told that prospects are brightening
for capturing Osama Bin Laden. In reality, catching
OBL is as unlikely as Oceania capturing Emmanuel
Goldstein, the eternal bogey man in the novel “1984.”
Oceania needed Goldstein to focus the populace’s
hatred on an external enemy. In the same way, our
government needs OBL to do the same thing.

Anyone informed about OBL knows that he is undoubtedly
deceased. The communiqués allegedly emanating from

Some ammunition for use with radio talk show hosts or anyone who buys the official 9/11 fairy tale.

1: The most recent alleged communication from Osama Bin Laden has gotten some play on the radio,
with the hosts always raising the fear level regarding that monster OBL.

When you get on the air, say something like: "I hear you saying that Osama Bin Laden is threatening
us again. You also said some very unkind things about him. Don't you know that you should never
speak ill of the dead." Then you can get into the reasons for believing he is dead and now merely a
bogey man to scare the adult children here in the United States. It doesn't work so well in Europe.

2: Another ploy re OBL is to say that, amazing as it is, you have encountered people who don't believe
in the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy but who still believe in Osama Bin Laden.

3: There is a TV video series about John Adams. There is a quote from him when he was a defense
lawyer which we could use in making the 9/11 Truth case. He said, "Facts are stubborn things."

4: Here is another good quotation to use with people who say "I can't believe our government would
kill thousands of their fellow American citizens." (I used to love to diagram sentences when I was in


For truthers wanting to talk 9/11 Truth on talk radio
in spite of the emphasis on the election:
I was listening to KABC on Tuesday, 1-29-08, the
national Mark Levin show with Curtis Sliwa subbing for the
so-called "Great One." The talk was all about the election.

Curtis is a New York talk show host and leader of the red beret-
wearing "Street Angels" or some such group that confronted violence
on the streets of NY unarmed. A complete right wing Koolade drinker.

I told the screener I wanted to discuss the election from an entirely
different angle than Curtis and the callers. I said that the candidates
disagree about many things but the problem is that the one thing they
do agree on----the official story about 9/11-----is a dangerous fraud.
I said Curtis, the candidates and the callers are living in a dream world.
Their world is based on the notion that Muslim terrorists committed
9/11 and now we have to fight an everlasting war against them.
I said that the science shows that the WTC buildings came down as
controlled demolitions, that Muslim terrorists could not have gained
access to the buildings so they are innocent. Our government had

Growing Discussion Among 9/11 Truthers of Israeli Involvement in 9/11

In a recent newsletter the Anti Defamation League wrote an article called
"9/11 Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories Still Abound." It listed various
people and groups who have linked Israel with 9/11.

This "anti-semitic" slur is being directed at the 9/11 Truth Movement in general.
Note that the ADL does not have to disprove the notion that Israel or Jews were
involved in executing 9/11. Their members are so brainwashed and the American
public is so brainwashed that all they have to do is recite the accusations against
Israel and their audience assumes they are false and anti-semitic.

I'll speak for myself. I am anti-ANYBODY guilty of participation in the 9/11 plot,
Jew or Gentile. I am not "anti-Jew" in any all encompassing way. Some of my
greatest heroes are Jews. I'll name a few: Benjamin Freedman who blew the
whistle on his erstwhile fellow Zionists and their cold-blooded "plot" to get the
U.S. into WW I----to benefit the upcoming state of Israel; Norman Finkelstein who
wrote "The Holocaust Industry" and writes brilliantly of Israeli abuse of Palestinians;
Finkelstein has suffered for his advocacy, being denied academic tenure. I also


I am glad to see this topic coming out of the shadows. I am going to the "No More Wars For Israel Conference" this weekend
in Orange County. Will post about it as it concerns 9/11. Still not too late to go. Google the name of the conference.
All the specifics will be sent out on Friday. Cloak and dagger.

Am reading an excellent book called "Stranger Than Fiction" by Albert D. Pastore Ph.D.
Subtitle "An Independent Investigation of the True Culprits Behind 9/11."
Follows the Zionist trail to 9/11.

In his introduction he compares those buying the official "story" to lemmings. This quote is choice on p. 4.
"The power to fit in with one's social peers can be irresistible. To a human lemming, the logic behind an opinion
doesn't count as much as the power and popularity behind it."

My special area of activism is talk radio. Many of the KRLA (Los Angeles) talk show hosts(some of them national)
will be at the Alex Theatre in Glendale on Sunday, Oct. 21. We will be picketing it for the education of the
lemmings, including the professional lemmings. I talked on the air about it with Dennis Miller today.


Eric Anderson posted a transcript of a call I made to Michael Medved's national
radio talk show last Thursday the 12th of July, during MM's weekly "Disagreement

Earlier in the show, MM had called people "nutbergers" who hold the WTC buildings
came down as controlled demolitions. I disagreed with that and challenged him to
have as a guest Richard Gage of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
MM was having none of that but we talked for some five minutes and I believe I
made some good points.

I hope some of you who read this will call Michael and dlsagree with him. You need
to refer to a specific statement he has made. In my conversation he said that the
top of Building 7 tipped over. He must have been referring to the South Tower but
I didn't catch it. He buys the official story completely. Don't expect to convert him.
Just use a civil conversation with him to inform and intrigue his large audience.

He is on the air from noon till 3PM Pacific Daylight Time. In Los Angeles he is on
KRLA, 870 AM. His Thursday "Disagreement Day" segment is on any one of the
three hours. Listen in or call in at the beginning of the show and ask the hour.