article in the latimes about 9/11

here is an article in the LA Times about the newly released FAA warnings.. I love how the media is constantly berating the FAA for not following up on the warnings when the warnings obviously would have come from some other intelligence agency, not the FAA.

there is some aditional commentary here:

here is the commentary:

Increasing numbers now believe that based on mounting credible evidence it goes beyond the criminal negligence suggested here by Robert Scheer. Evidence from whistleblowers and others ignored by the Commission now demands that Americans and the world at least seriously consider the possibility of willful criminal complicity by individuals with vested interests within the U.S. government or by U.S. government contractors who stood to gain immensely (and did) from the attack. Instead of these individuals being investigated or held responsible they have been let off the hook or in many cases given promotions and rewards for their 'incompetence' or 'criminal negligence'.

new madrid fire image

this image goes without words:

more pics from last night

madrid skyscraper on fire

there is a 32 story skyscraper in madrid on fire. a few of the top floors collapsed onto the lower floors, but the building is still standing.

this building appears to have no 'core'.. hopefully this building will stand and no further destruction will occur. luckily noone was in the building.

compare this building to WTC7 which fully collapsed:


a quick comment on the FAA warnings

while the media is covering the 50+ warnings ignored by the FAA prior to 9/11 they are still missing the larger point.. that despite these massive warnings they failed to follow standard operating procedure in notifying NORAD to respond to planes that deviated from their plotted course.

in the year prior to 9/11 67 flights deviated from course and were intercepted by fighter jets within 10-15 minutes. on 9/11, even after the first tower was struck, the FAA and NORAD failed to follow the S.O.P. they had followed perfectly well the entire year.. what the media has done is blatantly ignored this discussion, and have confused the average person about what it takes to intercept versus what it takes to shoot-down an errant plane.. these planes should have been intercepted, without question.. the media and talking heads of the FAA and NORAD will confuse you about getting clearance for shooting down the planes when the real question is about interception, something that is a routine action both before and after 9/11.

new popular mechanics article on 9/11

it was about 5-6 months ago that i was looking at a magazine rack when i noticed the latest copy of popular mechanic.. it caught my eye because the cover had a massive nuke going off and seemed like an awefully scary cover.. while i dont remember the title on the cover, i do remember thinking it had to have been made with the idea of scaring the bejeezus out of its readers.. i flipped through the magazine and could find nothing about the article which dominated the cover.. i thought it was odd and put it back on the rack..

popular mechanics is about to release an article claiming to debunk all of the 9/11 conspiracies.. while i would love for new information or research to prove the 'conspiracy theories' wrong, i highly doubt this article will be more than fluff and diversion.. in any event, the great guys at have gone ahead and responded to this article.. im hoping the PHDs at will take some time to comment on this article too..

new karl schwarz article

karl schwarz has done it again with part 5 of 'Pop goes the Bush Mythology Bubble'.. his new article is focused on what he has found in researching the large plane parts found at the pentagon.. these parts have never fit in properly with the designs of a 757, but until now most of this was speculation based on 757 schematics.. with his new article he has shown the planes these parts were used in, and i applaud him on his efforts, as he has succeeded in places others have failed.

check out his article:

jimmy walter still on the move

Jimmy Walter was the guy who ran the commercials in NY showing the questions which remain surrounding WTC7 and the pentagon.. he spent around $2 million dollars to run his advertisements.. most of those outside of NY didnt see these ads, although they did make a blip on the show Countdown with Keith Oberman..

well, he is still hard at work.. he is sending out 100,000 free copies of a dvd he has released related to 9/11 to businesses and residences surrounding the WTC.. he is also giving away this dvd for FREE, so if you want something to watch about 9/11 check it out.. just scroll to the bottom and search for 'free':

barbara boxer looking for help

barbara boxer is looking for some signitures in support of her asking rice the tough questions during her confirmation.. seeing as how she is the only one who hasnt laid down to the administration, i would ask you take a quick second to sign her petition.. after all, withiout other senators like her noone might have the nerve to stand up and demand answers.

sibel edmonds has a new website?

looks like she has got some backers on both sides of the senate floor:

"...we fear that the designation of information as classified in some cases [brought forth by Sibel Edmonds] serves to protect the executive branch against embarrassing revelations and full accountability... Releasing declassified versions of these reports, or at least portions or summaries, would serve the public’s interest, increase transparency, promote effectiveness and efficiency at the FBI, and facilitate Congressional oversight."

- U.S. Senators Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) and Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) in a Letter to Attorney General John Ashcroft

new article on 'Conspiracy Theorists'

America's latest "conspiracy nuts" are better known as the 9-11 truth movement. The news media are doing their usual job of slandering them with their usual childish name calling, but for more than three years, they have refused to show you the documented fact, scientific data, expert testimony, photographic evidence, or the credible eyewitness accounts that prove U.S. government complicity in the events of September, 11, 2001. If this were just a "crazy conspiracy theory," I don't think people in our government would have worked so hard to destroy, hide, and lie about the evidence. The White House tried to derail every investigation into the matter. If we had an honest government, we wouldn't have conspiracy theories. We would have honest investigations, and fair trials, but these things are disappearing from America.