New info on Karl Schwarz's upcoming article and 2 links

Well, the rumor mill has it that Karl Schwarz is writing a part 7 to his 'Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble' series, and that in it he proves definitively that the plane which hit the south tower was a 737, not a 767, which in turn proves the government has been lying.

Reading this writeup about Karl Schwarz and his new article just adds to the anticipation for this article's release.. keep your fingers crossed that his research and report live up to the hype!

here is the link and a quote to whet your appetite:

Former RNC Insider and Bush Strategist Says He Has 9/11 'Smoking Gun,' Proving Government Complicity

Not even our officials know what happened on 9/11

Gingrich to retract 9/11 statement
Gingrich agrees to retract statement about terrorists coming from Canada

bah.. does anyone really know anything about 9/11 out there? i mean, do a search on 'pre 9/11', 'post 9/11', 'since 9/11', etc. etc. we all hear 9/11 everyday, its the most popular phrase in the media ever, but noone knows anything about the events and the questions that remain to be answered..

at least gingrich appologized to canada, that really matters.. bah.

Bin Laden and his privacy?

FBI Protects Osama's "Right to Privacy" in Document Release

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that fights government corruption, announced today that it has obtained documents through the Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI") has invoked privacy right protections on behalf of al Qaeda terror leader Osama bin Laden.

Random links for this Thursday afternoon

ACLU Challenges Government’s Use of Secrecy to Avoid Accountability in National Security Whistleblower Case
here is a follow up article from today about Sibel Edmonds' case which is being held in private.

"The Justice Department’s own Inspector General has now concluded publicly that the FBI fired Edmonds for reporting agency misconduct," said Ann Beeson, Associate Legal Director of the ACLU, who argued on behalf of Edmonds today. "Clearly the FBI is using secrecy not to protect national security but to avoid accountability for its own mistakes."

Special Feature: 9/11 Related Videos

this topic will serve as a point to find 9/11 related videos and downloads..

at this point is impossible for me to try to cover every single 9/11 related video..

this will be a continual process, and will take quite a while to hash out.. this is just a begining point. please suggest other titles, please suggest alternate download links, and comments.

NOTE: Some of the material in some of these videos is contested information, and as such should only serve as a starting point of research. The owner of this site does not advocate all of the material contained in these videos but rather provides them for those intrested in the subject matter contained in them.

Video: The Daily Show on the '9/11 Commission'

i know i havent posted a special feature on 9/11 videos yet.. sorry about that.. but until i have that ready to go, here is an oldie but goodie from my archive.. includes rumsfeld, powell, richard clarke and more, enjoy!

Not pissed about this administrations handling of 9/11 yet?

You will be after reading these articles.

Yahoo! News - Words of Truth

An article covering recent statements by Kristin Breitweiser whose husband died on 9/11 and her outright disgust with the Bush administration's handling of 9/11. This article will piss you off to no end as you read of her struggles to find 9/11 truth and the road blocks and set backs because of this administration.

Isn't it true that instead of fixing airline security, port security, mass transportation, local response, and securing loose nukes and biological components, we spent billions on starting a war with Iraq---a nation that had nothing to do with 9/11? And, instead of capturing Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, we captured Saddam Hussein in Iraq with no weapons of mass destruction? Isn't it true that because of our invasion of Iraq terrorist recruitment for Al Qaeda has soared, making us even less safe than we were before the Iraq war? Remember that we were supposed to go to war in Iraq to eliminate a real threat. Isn't it true that now because of our foreign policy in Iraq, we have only created a real threat to the world's security and ours? Isn't it true that instead of successfully prosecuting Al Qaeda terrorists and bringing them to justice, all we hear about is torturing 'enemy combatants' and detaining them indefinitely--a concept far removed from the American ideal of justice? Isn't it true that instead of opening up government to restore trust and faith, we created the Patriot Act? And, isn't it true that instead of pursuing alternative energy resources to decrease our dependency on foreign oil, we invaded oil-rich countries and passed no alternative energy legislation in the meantime? weighs in with a new write-up has a new writeup called 9/11 - ALL THE PROOF YOU NEED! - A 9/11 CHECKMATE.. it discusses how the 9/11 truth movement has uncovered everything needed to expose the lies and coverup of 9/11, and how focusing the effort on what we know and informing the masses through these specific points should be our focus. gets much respect from me, its good to see yet another website trying to penetrate the lies of our government and media surrounding 9/11..

New news article on 9/11 suspicions from CA

The Union - 9/11 suspicions growing

looks like someone is actually paying attention to the whats going on.. it isnt too hard to realize alot of people are questioning the government about 9/11.. i mean it's not like they would lie to us about anything.. duh.

I will just quote the whole thing since its short:

Millions of Americans have ventured to look skeptically at the official story of 9/11 and are now justifiably suspicious of complicity at the highest levels of government. Parts of the official story that we are told about 9/11 appear to be a hoax.

Article on David Ray Griffin's recent appearance in Madison

w00t! an article is out about David Ray Griffin's recent speach in Madison.. i will quote some of the good stuff..

Theologian calls for response to 9/11

Griffin, whose book, "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11," came out a year ago, drew an enthusiastic standing ovation from the majority of the 400 or so people who packed his lecture Monday night at Bascom Hall.
His comments Monday night were directed at religious people, who he said need to respond to Sept. 11 - and the American empire that has ensued - based on the moral principles of their religious traditions.