November 2004

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why doesn't the media care?

one of the things that gets me the most is that americans all said they would never forget 911, then they relied on our media to help them understand it. we randomly heard reports about the 'independent' 9/11 commission, then we all assumed that was that. Now the media has not mentioned 9/11 at all in months (except to justify something) and the american people have compeltely forgot about it.

the 'independent' commission was not very independent, but asside from that, over 400 questions were asked by the family steering comittee.. this comittee faught for months against the bush administraiton to get an investigation opened, and then after it was highly underfunded it changed its purpose from answering these ~400 questions to analyzing how to improve our intelligence agencies. they did not anser even 25% of the 400 questions, in fact they directly ignored almost all of the questions asked, and no one cares.

A 9/11 'conspiracy' finally reaches the mainstream

well, it looks like the millions of dollars spent recently to try and show the general public a glimpse at the questions of 9/11 finally hit the mainstream..

the person who is discrediting the ads compares those that question the official story on 9/11 to neo-nazis who dont beleive the hollocaust happened.. it aligns questioning the government and its involvement with dishonoring the people that died that day (even though alot of them are involved in many 911 truth movements).. it says that all of the questions are easily answered, and that all of the claims are simply stupid.. all i can say is that i hope they revisit this topic again and give someone with the opposite opinion a chance to share their views..

short and simple

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9/11 links of the day

the 9/11 movement is starting to wake up alot of ppl.. ive mentioned recently how amazed i am about the hip-hop community preaching about our government, and i really think it is becoming widespread.. i came accross a rapper somehow related to mos def named 'immortal technique'.. he is the one who did the 'bin laden' track on green lantern's most recent album, mos def just did the hook.. i have found another track by this guy and i am really blown away at how blatant he is talking about government corruption.. reminds me of old rage against the machine, but focused on 9/11..

so, without further ado.. here are the links of today:

The Bin Laden surprise and other new news

All I can say is wow. I was quite surprised to see bin Laden still alive, but i really do have quite a few questions about what he said. bin laden did admit to 9/11, but it is kind of surprising that he referenced the 19 (not 20) highjackers, and that he made no reference to the plane that hit the pentagon, or the goal of the plane that crashed in PA. overall i dont think this video changes much of anything, if this really was UBL i would think he could've said quite a few better things with his airtime.

this doesn't really affect the theory of gov't involvement in 9/11.. i do beleive highjacked planes hit the towers.. our gov't allowed the attacks to happen without interuption, and then our gov't demolished WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7. the buildings didn't collapse on their own, especially WTC7.. we just assume they fell because of the planes, not because the physical evidence shows it.