August 2005

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Alex Jones to be on Coast to Coast AM August 2nd to Discuss 9/11

I just noticed that Alex Jones will be on Coast to Coast tomorrow night. The show typically starts at 1AM EST, but Alex will not be on until the 2nd hour.

You can find out more details on or's FOIA Deadline Passes

Some of you probably are aware that the owner of had filed a Freedom of Information Act(FOIA) request for the videos of Flight 77 which were quickly confiscated on 9/11. These videos are known to exist and have been confiscated from the onsite gas station as well as a nearby hotel. Oddly enough the 9/11 Commission says that it saw no need to subpoena these videos. The deadline for the next action in this case was 7/31, however since that fell on a weekend they have until midnight tonight to issue a response to his lawyer.

In any event, I will keep checking his site in hopes that at least something new will come down the pipes tonight. Feel free to check out the previously posted legal documents if you haven't already.

FlashBack: Sibel Edmonds Issues Public Letter to 9/11 Commission Head Thomas Kean

I just noticed that Sibel Edmonds has posted a letter she recently sent to Thomas Kean of the 9/11 Commission. You may recall that Sibel Edmonds was interviewed by the commission for several hours, but her testimony was nowhere to be found in the final report (that seems to be pretty standard for their report actually).

August 1, 2004: Sibel Edmonds' Letter to Chairman Thomas Kean (PDF)

Unfortunately, I find your report seriously flawed in its failure to address serious intelligence issues that I am aware of, which have been confirmed, and which as a witness to the commission, I made you aware of. Thus, I must assume that other serious issues that I am not aware of were in the same manner omitted from your report. These omissions cast doubt on the validity of your report and therefore on its conclusions and recommendations. Considering what is at stake, our national security, we are entitled to demand answers to unanswered questions, and to ask for clarification of issues that were ignored and/or omitted from the report. I, Sibel Edmonds, a concerned American Citizen, a former FBI translator, a whistleblower, a witness for a United States Congressional investigation, a witness and a plaintiff for the Department of Justice Inspector General investigation, and a witness for your own 9/11 Commission investigation, request your answers to, and your public acknowledgement of, the following questions and issues: Post Story on 9/11, Reichstag Similarities

Just noticed that has posted a story entitled The Reichstag Fire, 9/11, and Anthrax on their front page. Be sure to check it out, thank them for spreading the word, and add some good comments.

The Reichstag Fire, 9/11, and Anthrax

9/11 was an extremely pivotal event in the establishment of a Neoconservative America. It started one morning when four (4) planes were hijacked..... And from all accounts, it was an open and shut case. Although there was no 'half-naked person cowering behind the wreckage,' like the Reichstag's Van der Lubbe, there was, within a few days following the hijackings, amazingly detailed dossiers on each of the hijackers. Luckily, each of the hijackers left copies of the Koran, box cutters, and aircraft piloting manuals in the trunk of their rental cars parked at the airport. But even more amazing, on September 12, Senator Orrin Hatch said "the US was monitoring bin Laden supporters and overheard them discussing the attack." (Somehow, this little tidbit has always been lost in the shuffle. I wonder 'why'?). Posts Clip of Nafeez Ahmed From Lafayette Park

The folks at posted a 3 minute clip of Nafeez Ahmed's speech at Lafayette Park during their D.C. Truth Emergency Convergence.

You can find the video on their front page.

Open Thread

Have at it.

Upcoming NIST Public Comments Deadline

I noticed that the owner of posted a comment about the deadline for submitting comments on the NIST report. The deadline of August 5th is rapidly approaching so if you have anything to submit get to it!

Also, it may be worth going through if you haven't recently. I have noticed their version number has been updated several times over the last week, so I am assuming they have updated some of their stuff.

Bush should be impeached

Bush should be impeached - Herald Bulletin

A few days before 9/11, Bush received an urgent memo from George Tenet. It stated that there was an imminent danger of a terrorist attack in the U.S. by hijacking airplanes. Bush said, since it did not give a specific day, time or location, there was nothing he could do. So, he took a vacation. You notice he was out of Washington on 9/11. Than, after 9/11, he did not want an investigation of the fact. I wonder why? Then, after the 9/11 Commission whitewashed him, he was all