October 2005

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9/11 JAVA

We are no longer alone!!! The truth is here, we are no longer on the fringe, we all have succeeded in getting these facts out in the open. This is mainstream people!!! Congratulations, we have come this far, but there is much further to go...


SITTING snugly at the corner of prosperity and lunacy, Brooklyn's Vox Pop cafe serves up piping-hot conspiracy theories about the 9/11 terror attacks, along with the coffee and scones.

The strikes on the World Trade Center? They were an "inside job" — either carried out by the United States government or allowed to occur so we might plunge into war. Or, it was the mother of all insurance scams. Take your pick.

Study: Dust from 9/11 collapse causing long-term health problems for NYC firefighters

Maybe now the firefighters will speak up. Thanks to Jon at www.yourbbsucks.com for this.


MONTCLAIR, N.J. -- The dust and debris that billowed into the air when the World Trade Center towers collapsed after the 9/11 terror attacks has had long-reaching detrimental health effects, most notably on firefighters, experts said.

Bin Laden planning another 9/11 on US: ex-CIA official

More propaganda I suppose:


Washington : Former CIA official Michael Scheuer, who headed the “bin Laden unit” in the intelligence agency, has said that though the Saudi-born fugitive was keeping a low profile, he was still powerful, and would remain in hiding until he staged another lethal attack on the US like 9/11.

“As soon as he hits us in the US again, we’ll see how important he is in the Islamic world. We mistake quiet for defeat or irrelevance.......and all quiet is disquiet,” The News quoted Scheuer, who retired in one year ago, as saying.

EPA Advisors: Katrina Response Shows Failure To Address 9/11 Concerns


At a meeting on Sept. 28, members of EPA's Science Advisory Board told EPA Deputy Administrator Marcus Peacock and Chief Science Advisor Dr. William Farland that the agency's response to Hurricane Katrina indicates that the recommendations made by the agency's inspector general (IG) following 9/11 have not been implemented, despite EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson's contention that the agency has learned its lessons.

SAB members said EPA has not developed methods to evaluate acute exposure hazards following a chemical or biological emergency, despite recommendations following 9/11 that the agency improve its ability to assess such risks.

Truth emerging on terror, Iraq


For two days in a row, The Times Argus has published some fascinating information.

1) Last Saturday the letter by Robert Riversong was riveting. Finally, your readers get to discover, through this letter, that it is the United States and the Brits who are deliberately prolonging the war. The war on Iraq has been a great success for those who began it, because their goal has been accomplished: to get the perpetual contracts to rebuild the devastation they wrought.

Scott McClellan Reminds us of the War on Terror

White House Press Secretary discusses the upcoming speach by President Bush about the "nature of the enemy, a sophisticated and determined enemy, they are killers that have a hateful and murderous ideology that is based on evil beliefs and goals. They have a clear strategy that seeks to exploit religion to serve their violent and repressive vision."

Sounds like an autobiography...


C.I.A. Chief Refuses to Seek Discipline for 9/11 Officials

Notice below that they don't want to single out individuals for disciplinary action because it might send the wrong message to the junior officers. I guess teaching the junior officers about accountability is the wrong message.



Getting full story of 9/11 attacks

This is an interesting article in the fact that it more or less supports the official theory, but then recommends David Ray Griffen's books and seminars without telling the reader that David Ray Griffen essentially blows the official theory out of the water. Some unsuspecting readers of this article may pick up a book by DRG and be in for quite a surprise.


It's amazing to think — nearly four years after 9/11 and one year after the National 9/11 Commission Report — that not a single American official has been held accountable for the tremendous intelligence failures that might have prevented the attacks.

Clearing the Baffles for 911

By Wayne Madsen


The one individual who stands tall among those intelligence and law enforcement officers who was aggressively pursuing the criminal network that would carry out 911 was FBI counter-terrorism top man John O’Neill. Ever since the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, O’Neill’s pursuit of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda had been dogged. After further terrorist attacks at the Khobar Towers barracks in Dharan, Saudi Arabia; the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania; and the USS Cole in Aden harbor, O’Neill’s biggest problem was not Al Qaeda, it was resistance from top officials inside the U.S. government.

The Big Wedding: 911, The Whistleblowers and the Cover-Up

Part One with investigative journalist, author and publisher, Sander Hicks.


Download the audio here:

Special thanks to Partridge for this.