October 2005

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Armageddon Ready?

Here's an interesting article by Jimmy Walter of reopen911.org fame. For those of you who don't know, Jimmy Walter is responsible for distributing millions of free DVDs as well as for airing 30 second commercials in New York questioning 9/11.


Religious fanatics control the Whitehouse, Secretariat of State, House of Representatives, Senate, key military positions, Justice Department, and “god knows” how many other key positions in our government. Our Secretary of State's response to the disaster in our south was:

FDNY Chaplain Doubts Official Story

Take a look at the letters to the editor at the end of this article, spectacular!!!


Skepticism of the official account of 9/11 reached a high level of exposure on Friday, Sept. 30th. New York Newsday ran an article by Carol Eisenbrenner describing an interview with a Muslim chaplain that had just been hired by the FDNY. See the following excerpts with commentary.

"In a telephone interview Thursday, Habib, 30, a native of Guyana who studied Islam in Saudi Arabia, said he questioned whether 19 hijackers were responsible for the Sept. 11 terror attacks, and suggested a broader conspiracy may have brought down the Twin Towers and killed more than 2,700 people.

Miers Briefed Bush on Famous Bin Laden Memo

But Newspapers Handle the AP Photo Quite Differently


NEW YORK On its front page Tuesday, The New York Times published a photo of new U.S. Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers going over a briefing paper with President George W. Bush at his Crawford ranch “in August 2001,” the caption reads.

USA Today and the Boston Globe carried the photo labeled simply “2001,” but many other newspapers ran the picture in print or on the Web with a more precise date: Aug. 6, 2001.

Newsday Shields Long Island Readers From 9/11 Skeptics

A little controversy here, what does everyone think? There is a call to action at the bottom of this article at 911truth.org for those who are interested:


Our previous story on the Intikab Habib case was premature.

We reported early Saturday morning that New York Newsday published an article about people who reject the US government's account of the September 11 events.

David Griffin to Give Explosive Presentation in New York on 10/15/05

For all the New Yorkers out there, can't miss this one.  More info
will be forthcoming.


David Griffin will be speaking on "9/11 and the Destruction of the WTC: The Awful Truth" at the Anthology Film Forum, 23 2nd Avenue, NYC, 1-3 PM, Saturday, October 15. He will discuss the recently-released archives of the recorded responses of police, firefighters, and other New York citizens on 9/11/01, and how the information in those archives adds further confirmation to the already overwhelming evidence that

Imam's peers sympathize

Good old Newday, keeping this story alive. Freedom of speech is mentioned in this article, about time.


Some local Muslims say chaplain had right to share 9/11 opinion, but should have been careful not to offend

Though Imam Intikab Habib expressed anguish and regret for comments he made about 9/11 that resulted in his stepping down Friday before being sworn in as chaplain of the Fire Department, some members of the local Muslim community reacted with slightly less dismal emotions.

Welcome to Denmark, Mr Giuliani

Nice to see Rudy gets this treatment where ever he goes in this world. Never forget that he is largely responsible for the illegal destruction of WTC evidence.



9/11: An Inside Job in the White House?

Seems that the whole world is discussing the possibility of 9/11 being a Government Black Ops exercise. Except the United States of course, where bringing up such topics results in being forced to resign. Now its Egypt:


Host: "The U.S. naively asks: 'Why do they hate us in the Middle East?'"

Muhammad Khalaf: "There is nothing naive about it. This is the kind of thing they say as a pretext. The truth is that they understand, we understand, the American people understands, and the whole world understands that there is a comprehensive plan, and that 9/11 is just one of many small details of this plan, which is no longer concealed from anybody. "