November 2005

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National security whistleblowers boycott upcoming hearing

Gold9472: Please contact Rep. Shay's office and encourage him to follow the recommendations put forward by the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition and Sibel Edmonds. Encourage him to hold hearings regarding the 9/11 Commission's omissions including Able Danger. Capitol Hill switchboard: 202-224-3121 or Shay's office: 202-225-5541

Groups representing national security whistleblowers are urging a boycott of an upcoming congressional hearing, saying their concerns and experiences will not be adequately represented by the witnesses who are scheduled to testify.

BYU Issues Statement About Steven Jones's WTC Research Paper

Fulton College Response to Professor Steven Jones's Statements Regarding Collapse of World Trade Center

Brigham Young University has a policy of academic freedom that supports the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge and ideas. Through the academic process, ideas should be advanced, challenged, and debated by peer-review in credible venues. We believe in the integrity of the academic review process and that, when it is followed properly, peer-review is valuable for evaluating the validity of ideas and conclusions.

The University is aware that Professor Steven Jones's hypotheses and interpretations of evidence regarding the collapse of World Trade Center buildings are being questioned by a number of scholars and practitioners, including many of BYU's own faculty members. Professor Jones's department and college administrators are not convinced that his analyses and hypotheses have been submitted to relevant scientific venues that would ensure rigorous technical peer review. The structural engineering faculty in the Fulton College of Engineering and Technology do not support the hypotheses of Professor Jones.

Philip Zelikow - Executive Director of the 9/11 Whitewash

Philip Zelikow: The Bush Administration Investigates the Bush Administration -
(Part 1 of 4)

9/11 Commission Executive Director Philip Zelikow has deep, lasting ties to several members of both the Bush I and Bush II Administrations. Any one of these connections could have been deemed sufficient to eliminate Zelikow from consideration on the basis of non-independence. Consider:

Growing Trend Of New 9/11 Themed Movies

Here comes the propaganda!!! It isn't all bad though, check out the comments at the end of this article, very promising.

It's been more than four years since terrorists crashed Flight 93 in rural Pennsylvania as part of the Sept. 11 attacks, killing 40 crew members and passengers. And some movie producers are hoping that audiences are now ready to watch what happened on that plane.

Outside London this month, British writer-director Paul Greengrass began shooting a Flight 93 movie, produced by Universal Pictures and London-based Working Title Films. In Los Angeles, American filmmaker Peter Markle is finishing up his movie, produced by Fox Television Studios for the A&E cable network.

The Pillars of Justice Are Crumbling

Court Turns Down Case of F.B.I. Translator

The Supreme Court declined today to consider the case of a former F.B.I. translator who contends she was fired after accusing the bureau of ineptitude in the handling of intelligence related to terrorism.
The justices refused without comment to take the case of Sibel Edmonds, who was a contract linguist for the Federal Bureau of Investigation for about six months, translating material in Turkish, Persian and Azerbaijani, before she was dismissed on April 2, 2002.

Introduction to 9/11 for Those Who Still Believe the Official Story

Here is a great article with a load of supporting material for breaking them in slowly. Sometimes you have to knock down the government's credibility before you can get people to see the truth. Follow the link for the entire article with links to the supporting documentation. Thanks to George Washington for another great article:

The administration's claim that terrorists crashing planes into buildings was not foreseeable is flatly disproven by the following evidence:

How our governments use terrorism to control us

They wouldn't do that, would they? Lots of good stuff in this article

The sponsorship of terrorism by western governments, targeting their own populations, has been a taboo subject. Although major scandals have received cursory coverage in the media, the subject has been allowed to immediately disappear without discussion or investigation. Therefore the appearance this year of two major studies of this subject is a welcome breakthrough, and provides essential reading for anyone struggling to understand the events of September 11, 2001 and the post September 11 world.

An Interview with 9/11 Truth Activist Carol Brouillet

An Interview with 9/11 Truth Activist Carol Brouillet -

A co-founder of both the International Media Project, Making Contact alternative media group and the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance, Carol Brouillet is one of the most energetic, creative and politically productive West Coast-based anti-war activists.
Carol Brouillet: In the wake of the passage of the PATRIOT Act, I thought it was important to exercise our First Amendment Rights, before they were gone, forever. I was inspired by a woman from Colombia who did a "Listening Project" there to defuse violence. I set up tables, chairs, banners, have free food, free literature, and educational materials on the tables. But mainly I try to get people to respond to 3 questions which haven't changed in 4 years: "What do you think/feel about the events of September 11th and the U.S. government's response? How could we defuse terrorism? How could we create a safer/better world for our children and all children?" I write down their responses, and usually by the time they have answered those questions, I have some idea of how receptive they will be to the information, ideas that I would like to share with them. Sometimes people come to help me, as listeners, or just to engage in discussions with people attracted to the table. Sometimes, I launch rallies or marches from my spot in Lytton Plaza. I do recruit volunteers who have helped me immeasurably to table at anti-war rallies, organize other events. Just to create a weekly time and place for serious discussion on the political issues that we find most important, I believe is my own idea of "public service."

Site Updates - New Video Section!

I spent this evening running through and fixing up a few things.

New 9/11 Related Videos Section
I created a new video section for all the video clips that we have posted here since started. It is organized chronologically in groups. The list is very lengthy so I back-dated it to be off of the front page and next to the 9/11 Related Music topic. Be sure to check it out, and check out the new clip added tonight called '9/11 Family Members Call for Zelikow to Resign, March 2003'. Please check out this new addition and send in some feedback or other mix-tape type clips that should be added.