January 2006

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The Bush Family Coup

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Son revisits the sins of the father on America

The 9-11 attacks provided the rationale for what amounts to a Bush family coup against the Constitution.

From the outset, President George Bush used 9-11 to reorganize the federal government and increase its reach far beyond any existing law to delve into the lives of innocent, ordinary people. The new powers allowed the government to arrest them at will and to subject them to endless incarceration without judicial review. Some people were sent abroad to be tortured for crimes they had nothing to do with. Who knows how many people have been tortured in American jails? When government employees within the intelligence community sought to protest, the government fired them and made sure they could never get another job in their areas of expertise. This extraordinary program of spying on Americans, much of which was carried out in fishing expeditions under the Patriot Act, has the makings of a consistent and long-range policy to wreck constitutional government.

A Gestapo Administration

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Caught in gratuitous and illegal spying on American citizens, the Bush administration has defended its illegal activity and set the Justice (sic) Department on the trail of the person or persons who informed the New York Times of Bush’s violation of law. Note the astounding paradox: The Bush administration is caught red-handed in blatant illegality and responds by trying to arrest the patriot who exposed the administration’s illegal behavior

Best of 9/11 Truth Media, 2005

Notably absent is any blogger entry, but interesting nonetheless. A 911blogger regular is mentioned in this list, see if you can pick him out:


Best 9/11 Truth Report
300 People RALLIED For 9/11 TRUTH in NYC
Report by Nick Levis,
Photos by Stefania Zamparelli

Most Symbolic Alternative Media Speech
Peter Phillips of Project Censored speaks about media and 9/11 censorship at the National Press Club. 9-22-05 at the DC ETC.

Leading 9/11 Truth Women
• Jenna Orkin or video

If the Families Don't Believe the Government, What Does that Tell You?


As for 9/11: Why do hundreds of family members who lost sons, brothers, fathers, husbands, sisters, cousins, wives – why do they not believe the government's version of 9/11? Are all these people wackos? Part of a “left” or “right” wing conspiracy?

There is far, far more to 9/11 and the justification of the illegal invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq than the average American can even imagine. As much as I know took me 18 months after 9/11 to get out of denial. There were too many unanswered questions and once I began the hard research, I got sick to my soul. While I have read every book out there on 9/11, in my humble opinion the only two books every American should read about 9/11 are Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert and The Terror Timeline by Paul Thompson.

Loose Change 2nd Edition on Seatle Public Access and the Web

Happy Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary!

Do you live in the Seattle/King County/Washington area? Or do you have an internet connection? (ha! gotcha!)

Loose Change 2nd Edition will be playing on local public access cable channel 77 / 29 in Seattle / King County Washington and world-wide on the internet at http://www.scantv.org

Monday Jan 2, 2006, 9 PM: Part 1, ~40 minutes
Monday Jan 9, 2006, 9 PM: Part 2, ~60 minutes (overlap)

A Nice Rant on the Bush Administration's Use of 9/11

9/11 -- The Gift That Keeps on Giving
Nice to see our friends over at the Bulldog Manifesto feeling the frustration that comes with 9/11 and this administration. Sorry for the language, but that's the reality of frustration.

So what if the Bush administration wants to conduct illegal wiretaps, they are fighting the terrorists!

So what if the Bush administration wants to attack a country that has never attacked us and was not a threat to us, they are fighting the terrorists!

So what if the Bush administration wants to take away all my liberties, they are fighting the terrorists!