January 2006

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The Nazi Destruction Of America


As awesomely powerful and dangerous as the regime of George W. Bush is and has become, it stills wobbles on shaky ground and can be swallowed up in political quicksand with lightning speed. And don't for a moment think that the Bushovites don't know it. The United States of America is now a full-blown Nazi police state!

To bring it down, all that is needed are a few words of refreshing honesty from its staunchest big media supporters: Drudge, Limbaugh, Hannity, and the like.
In fact, the strongest rampart of Bush's Nazi imperial America is indeed 9-11; it and it alone are the strongest link in the chain of events that bind Americans to the new

Weekend Grab Bag

New 9/11 Website for your perusal


This page shows pretty clear evidence of multiple explosions going off in WTC1, just before and after WTC2 was hit:

Public opinion of 9/11 commission report shifting

Thanks to Johnny who submitted this link to the 9/11 Commission Report on Amazon. Read the comments section, very encouraging:


9/11 Cop's Lung Death


Edit: Looks like NYNewsday.com is covering this story: http://www.nynewsday.com


January 7, 2006 -- A police detective has died from lung disease, which the NYPD believes he contracted while working at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks.

The tragedy makes James Zadroga, 34, the first rescue worker to die from illness attributed to the Ground Zero rubble, a police spokesperson said yesterday.

The Army of Good Americans


Festering in our midst like a toxic cloud of pollution the army of good Americans exists, living and working among us, inhabiting our neighborhoods and cities, co-existing peacefully with us, though perceiving an utterly different conception of reality than the rest of us. Their numbers, though dwindling more every day with the almost weekly revelations of corporatist lies built upon corporatist lies and government deceptions meshed with corporate criminality, remain high, thanks to those unable to escape the clouds of 9/11 and the manipulative propaganda of the corporatist media. The Kool-Aid drinking brigades remain strong, still ardent supporters of frivolous, fictitious and diminishing deceptions, still hypnotized to the dim-witted, slurred speech of their great Commander in Chief, still spewing the talking points they hear emanating from the corporatist media and still clinging to the ingrained and unenlightened selfishness that permeates their existence.

Letter to Implosion World

A user submitted letter they recently sent to Implosion World regarding the collapses. The letter can be read in its entirety here. (I didn't want to post it here because it was a little too long for this forum):


Here's their reply, please notice that not only do they "welcome" dialog on this topic, they actually "appreciate" it, so I'm sure all of us can really make their day:

Subject: Re: Your Website

Thank you for your letter. We welcome and appreciate all reasoned dialog on this subject. Here are our generalized comments:

The Penn Jillette Show Is On The Air

Here's someone that needs a serious truth spanking, let him have it:

Penn's new daily one hour radio show is now live and on the air every weekday at 11am PST / 2pm EST. The show is heard in:

New York - WFNY 92.3
San Diego - KPLN 103.7
Baltimore - WHFS 105.7
San Francisco - KIFR 106.9
Chicago - WCKG 105.9
Detroit - WKRK 97.1
Washington DC - WJFK 106.7
Las Vegas - Spike Radio 1140 AM

If Penn's show is not broadcast in your area, go to www.cbsradio.com, click on STREAMING and select Washington DC/WJFK and you'll hear the show live!
For more information click here for the show's official homepage: http://www.cbsradio.com/freefm/pers_penn_jillette.php

Lobby for Treason Prosecution

I was reading this "Call to Conscience for the U.S. Congress" written by a DC anti-war activist and member of The National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance (http://www.iraqpledge.org/call_to_conscience.htm ) and something suddenly dawned on me. While there has been a growing outcry by the anti-war community for citizens to lobby Congress in an effort to end the war in Iraq, there has been no corresponding large-scale effort on the part of the 9/11 community to impact upon the conscience of Congress with regard to what actually took place on September 11.

Limbaugh Lies About Pre-9/11 Intelligence to Justify Wire Taps

Limbaugh repeated Moussaoui myth to wrongly criticize FISA judges - mediamatters.og

LIMBAUGH: He was and that -- that is an excellent point because it was all -- that was raised by the Minneapolis FBI office, I think, after 9-11; [former FBI agent] Coleen Rowley was her name. But they had the guy's laptop and they wanted to get into it, wanted to connect the dots. Judge wouldn't let them do it. You know, that -- that actually -- it -- it -- great point. Why aren't -- why aren't some of these judges investigated and held to account for their secret decisions? Everybody else is out there getting mad at the president for what he's doing in secret, the NSA for doing what it's doing in secret, but how about these judges?

Aljazeera Asks Questions About Israeli Intelligence Ties to 9/11

Israeli links to 9/11?

On the day of the September 11, 2001 attacks, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked how they could affect Israeli-U.S. relations. His quick reply was: "It's very good..... Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)".
In fact, a Mossad surveillance team made quite a public spectacle of themselves on the day of the attacks. Five of the Israelis were arrested after "angry witnesses had seen the five at a waterfront park in New Jersey apparently laughing and clowning, and photographing themselves in front of the burning towers." One witness told police at the time that the men "were like happy, you know .. They didn't look shocked to me."

Malicious nonsense posing as proof

You know what is hilarious about this article, the author makes this statement:

He gives the impression of impeccable logic, painstaking scrutiny of photos and footage and of inescapable conclusions. But he asks no experts for explanation of the many "anomalies" he presents...

But then he dismisses the entire documentary without discussing any of the topics at all, or asking any experts for their opinions, he dismisses it based solely on the timeslot that it was aired!!! Hows that for journalism?

Thanks to Edward for submitting this: