March 2006

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Student Member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth Shot Dead

Sad news, young kid, just starting out. Lets hope they catch the culprits.

From the Scholar's web site:

Michael Zebuhr (SM)

Bioengineering, Clemson University

Here's the story:

(WCCO) Minneapolis A man shot in the head in the Uptown area of Minneapolis on Saturday night died late Sunday night at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Author of Recent 9/11 Article in New York Magazine On Air America

Just got word that Mark Jacobson, who recently wrote The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll article in New York Magazine, will be on Air America in the morning.

Here is the email:

Mark Jacobson, author of the NY Magazine article, will be on Air America Friday morning at 8:30am. [..] Eastern standard time, I assume.

Thanks Angie and Nico for the heads up.

Update: You can download the MP3 of the show here Asks 'Is It Safe Yet?'

Is It Safe Yet? Hits Prime Time on CNN -

.. The time is now for skeptics of the Official Story to speak plainly, without fear, without embarrassment. We can no longer be dismissed. There are too many of us, and the truth is too strong. That's why you need to know it's safe to tell your friends, your family, your neighbors what you really believe about September 11th. It's safe to lend them books with titles like "The New Pearl Harbor" and "Crossing the Rubicon," or videos like "The Great Conspiracy."

Hannity & Colmes Cover Sheen's 9/11 Comments - Video Download

Rather than waste any large amount of time ranting about Hannity, I'll just refer you to my lengthy rant earlier today on 9/11 media coverage.

If you have some comments in response to this clip please post them in the comments, and maybe we will pick a few later tonight to add to this post.

Showbiz Tonight Follows Up Sheen Coverage With Alex Jones - Video Download

Alex Jones is so fast with his points, he got a lot out there in the short time allotted. Be sure to notice the poll 'Do you agree there is a government cover-up of 9/11?' - it was 65% yes to 35% no.

If you missed last night's episode you can get up to speed here.

Making Sense of Charlie Sheen's 9/11 Media Coverage

There was an abundance of coverage today on Charlie Sheen's recent comments regarding 9/11. This story not only had legs, it ran all over the media today. The coverage today is an insight of what those that question 9/11 are up against.

Scouring the media response on Sheen's comments today it was more than obvious that a good bit of the coverage was dishonest and outright hypocritical, and I felt the need to point it out before it got too out of control.

Coverage of Recent Eliot Spitzer 9/11 Protest

Spitzer On the Spot -

9/11 Truth activists have been showing up in Eliot Spitzer's path lately. On Sunday, March 11th, three activists attended a swanky public reception for Eliot Spitzer and supporters of his candidacy for governor. Sander Hicks, author of The Big Wedding and candidate for NY Governor on the Green ticket, stood up and popped the question "Mr. Spitzer, why have you not opened an independent investigation into the events of September 11, 2001?" Many clueless Dems in the crowd got very agitated, but Sander persisted. Spitzer got off the hook by saying Sander should respect the crowd's wishes and told him to call his office. He did and as of today calls were never returned.

Media Response to CNN Story

Pretty good response so far regarding this video:

22MB RealMedia

Update, Vote in this CNN Poll, do you agree with Charlie Sheen:

A few negative responses too. If anyone sees any articles in printed media, let us know:

National Conservative Weekly:
Hollywood Actor Charlie Sheen Calls 9/11 'Conspiracy Theory'

9/11 Skeptics Receive Fair Shake on Showbiz Tonight - Video Download

CNN Showbiz Tonight Covers Charlie Sheen and 9/11 Skepticism
(27mb WMV)
(22mb Real Media)

Tonight marks the first instance where those that question 9/11 were given a fair shake at voicing their opinions. While little can be said in just 10 minutes of coverage, it was at the very least a reasonable discussion and an important milestone for the 9/11 truth community.'s media coordinator Mike Berger did a great job with the short time he was allotted while the host A.J. Hammer allowed for a good live discussion and avoided the all-to-familiar Bill O'Reilly style of 'news'.

Further Information on Tonight's CNN Headline News 9/11 Story

Dam Break for "9/11 Truth?" - Webster Tarpley and Charlie Sheen hit the Mainstream

It will be a first for America's mainstream media tonight. CNN Headline News will air an interview with "9/11 Truth" author Webster Griffin Tarpley on Showbiz Tonight (7-8 p.m., replay at 11).

Tarpley will comment on Sheen's remarks and size up the various schools of "9/11 conspiracy" thought on CNN. The new edition of Tarpley's "Synthetic Terror" points out the different viewpoints on 9/11, which range from the Bush administration version, to the "bungling negligence" theory partly espoused by the 9/11 commission, to the "Let It Happen on Purpose" or LIHOP theory, a compromise popular among liberal intellectuals like Michael Moore.