April 2006

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9/11 & the Media - Event in NYC

Short notice on this one, attend if you can:

You'll Never Trust the News Media Again!

Render Propaganda Useless! Reclaim reality! Become a member of the reality based community!Once you learn their tricks their power to manipulate you will be gone forever!

TvNewsLIES.org Presents:

The Corporate News Media - Americas Worst Enemy!

With Special Focus on the Events of September 11th

Date: April 30th (Tonight), 2006 – 6:30 PM (Doors open at 6)

Location NYC – St. Marks Church – 131 East 10th Street at 2nd Avenue – New York, NY
Contact NY911Truth.org: 212-714-4147 - info@ny911truth.org

Will Vietnam Veterans of America JOIN Veterans for 911 Truth?

VVA's goals are to promote and support the full range of issues important to Vietnam veterans, to create a new identity for this generation of veterans, and to change public perception of Vietnam veterans.

Vietnam Veterans of America,
Please consider the following statements true and urgent:

The Official story of September 11, 2001 is untrue. America is in great distress and peril!!!

SEE: Scholars for 911 Truth http://www.scholarsfor911truth.org/index.html

Need Help Lobbying 110th Congressional Candidates

Here's an activist who is putting together a campaign to inform all candidates for the upcoming elections of 9/11 Truth. He has created a new Yahoo group to organize the efforts:


Sounds like a good idea, get involved if you can:

Help me inform the 3,048 candidates for the 110th US Congress about the facts of 9/11. Primary elections will take place this summer, with Nov. 7 being Election Day. The FEC has provided me with mailing addresses for these people, but I would like more contact information about them. This is our future Government. We can affect them, our contact will help. If these people talk about 9/11 facts, the media may cover it. If these people don’t know the 9/11 facts, it’s our burden to inform them.

AOL Covers Recent USA Today 9/11 Article

Conspiracy Film Rewrites Sept. 11

Interestingly enough AOL ran the recent USA Today article on their welcome screen today. In other words, everyone who logged onto AOL today would have seen this article listed - or at least for as long as it was on their welcome screen.

They added a poll to their copy of the article, visit the link above to voice your opinion.

Weekend Grab Bag

United 93 Production Budget: $18,000,000

911 Commission Budget: $15,000,000

Anyone see any problems here? Very inexpensive for a movie, but was it enough for the investigation into the most horrific event in U.S. History?

Getting At The Truth About `The Da Vinci Code,' Judas Gospel (hit piece on Griffin)


Flight 93 Marketed Towards Conservatives Via Blogads

United Flight 93 - mydd.com

I am the manager of the Liberal Blog Advertising Network, which has 86 member blogs that combine for 17.78 million page views per week. It is the second largest advertising network at Blogads. From what I can tell, not a single blog in that network features the Untied 93 advertisement that apparently was purchased on all 103 members of the Conservative Blog Advertising Network. That network was 4.37 million page views per week, just under 25% of our traffic.

Why did the marketers of United Flight 93 decide to only advertise on conservative political blogs? The Liberal Blog Advertising Network is four times as large, and is even a 20-30% better deal per page view (or CPM, to use the relevant industry term). Do they think that attack is only relevant to red America? Do they think that only Republicans were attacked on 9/11? Do they think that only conservatives remember that day? Do they think that the only people who took action on United Flight 93 had voted for George Bush one year earlier?

CNN Cover's 9/11 Skeptics and Misrepresents 911Truth.org

CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer briefly covered 9/11 'conspiracy theory' websites this evening including references to Loose Change Second Edition, Reopen911.org, and 911truth.org. Unfortunately they managed to mischaracterize 911truth.org.

Stating '..they want the government to release pentagon surveillance videos saying they think a cruise missile hit the pentagon instead of a plane', CNN misrepresented 911truth.org. In fact, 911truth.org has never advocated such a position regarding the Pentagon, and I am not quite sure where they came across the idea actually, asside from confusing them for another website or 9/11 organization.

Bill Kristol Blushes After Confronted on PNAC Agenda - Video Download

Bill Kristol, member of PNAC and editor of The Weekly Standard, was on the Colbert Report last night. This was only the second time I have ever seen the Project For A New American Century (PNAC) mentioned on TV (here was the first).

For those who are unfamiliar, here are some lovely quotes from their document Rebuilding Americas Defenses:

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer Covers Loose Change Tonight

This should be interesting - loosechange911.com

Ok, this deserves it's own post.

CNN, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, 7 PM tonight.

I believe we have a 45 second "Internet Spotlight" segment, or something to that effect. Jackie the producer chatted with me for a half hour, and just called to ask permission to show clips of the movie.

So we shall see. I asked her straight up if it was a hit piece (meanwhile voicing my disdain for the USA Today article's "debunking" efforts), and she said, "Oh no, I'm a reporter, first and foremost."

The Lingering Questions of Flight 93

Many questions linger - phillynews.com

But while Greengrass tackled everything known about the flight - which the government believes was purposely crashed by its four al Qaeda hijackers because of the uprising by passengers who'd learned of the World Trade Center crashes - there were things the movie could not address.

Those are the unknowns of Flight 93.

Today, few but the most radical skeptics about 9/11 would question the events at the core of "United 93," the struggle with heroic passengers that was captured on the cockpit voice recording played in a Virginia courtroom earlier this month.