April 2006

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Former Bush Economist to Present 9/11 Inside Job Evidence

Check out this newscast from storytoday.tv, thanks to Cathy for the heads up:


Dr Morgan Reynolds, will speak out on September 11th being an Inside Job at the University of Wisconsin Madison State Historical Society on May 6. Will also present evidence that top Bush official orchestrated the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center.

They also describe the fabrication of Al Qaeda and lots of other interesting stuff.

Open Letter to Thomas Eagar on Molten Metal at WTC

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Where's the part about them running away and hiding from you???

Edit: Maybe this is why Christopher Bollyn can't get any response from MIT:
MIT research heavily dependent on defense department funding


To: Thomas W. Eagar
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Letter to the Editor: 9/11 conspiracy making sense

Update: It appears they 'Pulled' this letter to the editor, luckily the Scholars had a copy of it. To see it in its entirety, click here: http://www.scholarsfor911truth.org/LetterConspiracy.html
Thanks to Judy for letting me know.


Well, it appears treasonous activity is being traced to the highest levels of our government. Information is now available on the Internet, and continues to mount up, that would indicate the attacks on the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11 were staged by high-ranking members of our current administration as a pretext for invading Iraq, and starting the war we now find ourselves mired in, with Halliburton being the primary covert instigator and major corporate beneficiary, in willing partnership with top government officials directing our military as its arms and legs.

Welcome to the Truth


If you have just awoken to the fact that 9/11 was an inside job, a warm and hearty welcome.

We will not hold it against you that credible people have been pointing this out for years with clear evidence, and yet you have ridiculed us.

We will not hold it against you that we have tried to speak, but you have gagged us.

But -- now that you DO know -- if you do not use all of your strength, creativity and passion to help prevent more false flag terror attacks, further assaults on our freedoms, and further unjustified wars -- we will not forgive you.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth Issue Press Release on Moussaoui Trial

Scholars Call Moussaoui Trial a "Charade;" See Constitutional Rights on Trial; Describe Accused as Patsy

Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 22, 2006 -- The trial holding Zacarias Moussaoui responsible for the horrors of 9/11 has all the marks of a political charade, according to Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a society of experts devoted to exposing falsehoods and establishing truths about the events of that day. "Even the most basic elements of due process have been violated," according to James H. Fetzer, its founder and co-chair, "by failing to prove that the accused had anything to do with 9/11. What we are seeing here tends to substantiate Charlie Sheen's allegations."

Dr Hawkins Tightens Mr. Ternett's Loose Screw

Check out the newspaper clipping of a Loose Change hit piece at the following link, as well as the entire response:


Lets start with your first sentence. "conspiracy theories.................from the far left and peace movement". As if to imply only people who vote for the NDP, and are against nuclear weapons could promote something crazy like a conspiracy, let alone promote such a thing as a theory. I was wondering Mr. Ternette, did you ever wonder if there was ever any conspiracy in the history of mankind?

A Talk by Barry Zwicker


Summary: Talk by Barry Zwicker, independent documentary producer and former Director of the International Citizens Inquiry Into 9/11 given April 1, 2006 at the University of Washington HUB Auditorium as part of the forum "Facing the Truth about 9/11".

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They Wouldn't Do That


The following essay deals with dark subjects. However, it is only by exposing and working through the darkness that we can break through into the light.

Psychologists tell us that many people's view of the government is a projection of their view of their parents. In other words, whatever they believe about their parents, they also believe about the government. The personal is the political in more ways than one.

Try to step into the shoes of the average American. He or she assumes that the government wants to protect its citizens, just as his or her parents tried to protect their family (or at least he or she believed they did). So for this average American, believing that the government could do something cruel would be extremely difficult.

Former German Minister Says Building 7 Used To Run 9/11 Attack

Click here to listen to Von Bülow's interview.


Former Helmut Schmidt cabinet member, 25-year German Parliamentarian and global intelligence expert Andreas Von Bülow says that the 9/11 attack was run by the highest levels of the US intelligence apparatus using WTC Building 7 as a command bunker which was later demolished in order to destroy the crime scene.

Speaking to The Alex Jones Show on the GCN Radio Network, Von Bülow said that "the official story is so wrong, it must be an inside job."

Daily Open Thread

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