April 2006

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Rick Siegel From '9/11 Eyewitness' on 'National Intel Report' Now

911 Eyewitness on RBNLive Satellite Radio

911 Eyewitness to appear on Republic Broadcasting Network (rbnlive.com) Wednesday, April 12 from 4pm to 6pm CST (22:00 to 24:00GMT) Call-in Number: 800-313-9443

Rick Siegel, eyewitness to the tragic implosions in New York City on September 11, 2001 whose “Zapruder” type video brought one of the most prominent smoking guns to the 911 evidence will join John Stadtmiller, one of America’s radio trailblazers to discuss the film, the evidence within and the state of the union. This is Mr. Siegel’s first radio or TV appearance since that fateful day.

The Fraud of 9/11: Unfinished Business

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In the 1990’s with the collapse of the USSR, America is left as the singular superpower. It has a swaggering military redundancy with no apparent enemies to deter and a huge and tempting power vacuum to be filled.

A cabal of Washington based neoconservatives quickly seize the opportunity to correct this situation. Thus, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) comes into being. As a blueprint for global domination it advocates serial, simultaneous and pre-emptive warfare as necessary to achieve this goal. In other terms, the ultimate objective is to achieve “Global Battlespace Dominance,” more euphemistically known as “Full Spectrum Dominance.”

Midweek Grab Bag

Screening of Steven Jones lecture in DC, presented by DC 9/11 Truth Committee:

What: Screening of lecture by Prof. Stephen Jones of Brigham Young University of evidence of controlled demolition of World Trade Center Towers and Building 7.
Where: Sangha, 7014 Westmoreland Avenue, Takoma Park, MD.
When: April 17, 8pm

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VKMag one of the biggest* dutch weblogs is now in its second week of "9/11 Month". The articles posted are very good and the discussions are too going very well. This will make many more people aware. The admins of the 'zapruder' channel are truthers themselves! Everyone is invited, but dutch is the language used.

An Interview with Barry Zwicker and Webster Tarpley


Summary: Interview with Barry Zwicker, independent documentary producer and former Director of the International Citizens Inquiry into 9/11 and Webster Tarpley author of "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA"

Mr. Bush, We Know What You Did That Summer! September 11th, 2001


An Open Letter to: Mr. George W. Bush, Mr. Richard Cheney, Members of PNAC and your supporting cast:

Guess what? WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID THAT SUMMER - that long ago time of innocence before the events of September 11th, 2001. We know what you did, and the game is over - even though you don’t yet know it.. The work of the independent 9/11 researchers is paying off. The evidence is steamrolling through the information super highway and is now creeping into the clogged arteries of the mainstream media. We may not know every detail and we may not agree on your individual motives, but two facts are now irrefutable: the official story of what happened on September 11th is not true and you were involved.

Taking It to the Streets--A.M.E.N.


I am sitting home watching cnn international and witnessing the illegal immigrant marches being staged across our country. Impressive.

What I find ironic is that these men, women, and children are not even American citizens, and yet they have galvanized, mobilized, and organized their sentiments to create quite a movement. Even more impressive is that these protestors are here illegally and risk the real threat of being herded up, detained, and deported while participating in such mass protests.

Open Thread

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University at Buffalo Newspaper Covers Recent Loose Change 2 Screening

‘Loose Change’ tries to make sense of 9/11 - The Spectrum

In the five years since Sept. 11, both opponents and supporters of the War on Terror have produced countless conspiracy theories, and "Loose Change" picks up where neo-liberal Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" left off.

The UB Progressive Alliance sponsored a showing of the documentary on Friday afternoon at Knox Hall, and students gathered to screen the movie and then discuss points with film director Dylan Avery, producer Korey Rowe and Jason Bermas, the project's graphic director and webmaster.

Upcoming 'Unanswered Questions About 9/11' Showing in Grand Rapids

Film a one-sided look at 9/11 - The Grand Rapids Press

In many ways, films such as "Truth and Politics: Unanswered Questions About 9/11" are intriguing but also frustrating. This film, to be shown at 7 p.m. Monday at Wealthy Theater, 1130 Wealthy St. SE, presents information about the destruction of the two World Trade Center Towers and Building No. 7 that collapsed later that day along with the attack on the Pentagon.

The premise of the film is that things didn't happen the way authorities claim. It is suggested the collapse of the buildings is more in keeping with controlled demolition than destruction by fire. Also there is a theory presented that the Pentagon was hit by a missile rather than an airliner.

Aspen Daily News Letter to the Editor

Neo-Nazi state being created - Aspen Daily News (Letter to the Editor)

Citizens For 9/11 Truth has shown nine powerful videos about the events of September 11, 2001, the most important event in recent world history.

The first video drew about 30 viewers. After that the attendance ranged from 6 to 14. I am thankful for those who did show up. They are helping to spread the word. However, considering the seriousness of the topic, I am quite concerned that the apathy shown by the citizenry of this valley bodes ill for our collective future.