June 2006

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Jim Fetzer Makes Front Cover of "City Pages"

The Minneapolis/St. Paul "City Pages" magazine has published a long Cover Story on Jim Fetzer called "The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much". The article covers a lot of ground, and includes hyperlinks to ST911, Loose Change, Assassination Science, In Plane Sight and Fetzer's appearance on FOX NEWS. It is also biographical and covers public feuds Fetzer has had with Tink Thompson and Thomas Bieter.

In other news, tomorrow Fetzer interviews Dr. Judy Wood, who has degrees and education in various types of Engineering, including Civil Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Materials Engineering Science, and Mechanical Engineering.

Timeline Pamphlet Covering Election Fraud, Iraq, 9/11, and Al-Qaeda

Open letter to whom it may concern!

The PDF linked above covers several important topics of the day, and was put together by one of our German viewers, SittingBull.

L.A. 9/11 Conference Lays Case For Gov Involvement In 9/11

L.A. 9/11 Conference Lays Case For Gov Involvement In 9/11 - stoplying.ca

Alex Jones's conference in LA was a raging, and life altering success. From the debut of Alex's new "off the charts" film TERROR STORM to initiate this historical conference, to the last words with a JFK quality speech from Dr. Robert Bowman. This conference was non-stop packed with information, inspiration, and clear leadership within the 911-truth movement. As a Canadian it was inspiring to meet many other canuk's who traveled the distance to find out the truth first hand. Equally represented from an international perspective were Australia, Japan, and England. Like wise men and women of times gone past, souls traveled great distances to hear, see, and feel the truth that is the quintessential story of our time. The original research that was presented at this conference with regards to 911 was cutting edge, and will ripple across the planet. It was an honor and humbling experience to be a part of history, and a privilege to know the total truth of the pivotal event of our collective culture.

Mid Week Open Thread

Open thread, have at it.

Dr. Jim Fetzer on Alan Colmes Radio Show - Open Thread

Jim Fetzer will be the guest on the Alan Colmes Radio Program [tonight] - st911.org

I have to apologize for not having this up earlier, but according to slaqqer the Fetzer segment of the show will start about 11PM CST (12PM EST). You can find the streaming link above, feel free to comment on the show in this thread.

Note: The recording of this interview can now be found here and here.

Springer Wants Evidence.

Got this from one of the million or so news lists I'm on:

June 27th, 2006...

Hello everyone,

A little while ago I was listening to Air America as I drove. Jerry Springer was doing a show... when a caller asked him why he doesn't do a show about 9/11 being an "Inside Job".

Jerry responded by saying and this is almost verbatim: "if I could see some evidence, I would devote a full three hours to it." ...

I think we can overwhelm him with evidence.

DVDs (not streaming) should be mailed to him. I don't have a physical address but someone can find it.

Plus many of us have ready made email packets of websites, articles, streaming video links...

Charlie Sheen Introduces Alex Jones at 9/11 L.A. Conference

Charlie Sheen at the 9/11 L.A. Conference - prisonplanet.com

Actor and activist Charlie Sheen appeared this past weekend at the American Scholars Symposium: 9/11 & The Neo-Con Agenda event in downtown Los Angeles to introduce a presentation by filmmaker and radio personality Alex Jones.

We hope this is just the first of many video clips from last weekends 9/11 conference in L.A. - we will be sure to post things as they come our way.

Tuesday Grab Bag

ABC Sets 9/11 Miniseries for Fifth Anniversary
Six-hour telefilm will air over two nights

ABC's "The Path to 9/11" miniseries will premiere as a two-night event coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

9/11 Health Registry Weighed

Police Union Considers Tracking Health Effects Of Attack On Surviving Officers

"We understand that science takes time, but these officers don't have time," said PBA spokesman Al O'Leary. "Some have already died, and those who are alive today need to know what kinds of symptoms they should be watching for."

Terror Expert: London Bomber Working for MI5

A terror expert has stated that the mastermind of the London bombing was probably an informant for the British MI5.

In case you missed it, one of the leading terrorism experts, a former prosecutor for the Justice Department, previously said that the London bombing "mastermind" was a British intelligence agent (or read the transcript here); see confirming story here.

Santa Cruz 9/11 Truth Network Presents DARK SECRETS: INSIDE THE BOHEMIAN GROVE

The Santa Cruz 9/11 Truth Network Invites you to see Alex Jones'


Veterans Memorial Building
840 Front Street, Santa Cruz
Wednesday, June 28
7:30 PM