June 2006

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Jesse Questions Why 9/11 Attacks Originated From Boston

Flying a Plane Into the World Trade Center? Why Not Fly Out of LaGuardia? - tvnewslies.org

Here is a new, and so far unasked question about the badly debunked official explanation of the events of September 11th 2001. If you spend years planning a spectacular attack the World Trade Center in New York City, and you are a less than adequate pilot, and you wanted to ensure the attack would be completed without giving the U.S. air defense apparatus the chance to follow their normal procedures and intercept your plane, why would you choose to fly out of Boston?

New Opinion Editorial on 9/11 on Aljazeerah.info

9/11 and the Fictional War on Terrorism - aljazeerah.info

In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks on the United States I raised serious doubts in regards to who was responsible. It would appear that we are finally closing in on the truth. Many aspects of the attacks do not add up according to The Bush Administrations evaluation of events which transpired in Washington and New York and leave a great many questions unanswered and unaddressed. Several independent sources have challenged the government line presenting convincing arguments which challenge the official explanation. Many of these have been dismissed out of hand as crazy conspiracy theories by “left wing crazies”; however individuals and bodies of high repute and renown are coming forward making their suspicions public. My initial analysis was that the Bush Neo-Conservatives led by Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld long planned for a massive external threat to the American “homeland” in order to pursue an agenda of pre-emptive military strikes against Middle Eastern States and regime change. Their objective being the control of Middle Eastern oil reserves and regime change in Islamic States through the use of military supremacy. The truth is catching up with the perpetrators of what amounts to the greatest political conspiracy of our times.

What's The Truth - Final Edition

A message from Dem Bruce Lee Styles:

First off I want to say a massive huge mega thanks to everyone who’s helped spread “What’s The Truth?: How Indeed Did the Twin Towers Collapse?”, that alone was worth putting the thing together. I’m just so pleased people even felt it made the grade enough to be recommended out to others. A couple of guys have asked for a high-res version of the film so it can be burnt to DVD and played full screen. So there’s now a high quality 900mb version available, I haven’t been able to test it on a big TV screen yet (because I don’t have a DVD burner), but I have tested it full screen on a 12 x 9 inch PC flat screen monitor, and it looks fine. But if anyone who does have access to a DVD burner wants to have a go and test it out on a big TV screen. And post back the results of how it went in the comments section below for this thread that would be greatly appreciated.

DVD's of Keynote Speeches from '9/11 Revealing The Truth' Conference in Chicago Now Available

9/11 Revealing The Truth / Reclaiming Our Future Website

I just noticed that the website for the recent Chicago conference has been updated. You can find images, video, and more from the conference available in the newly created forum, and you can also purchase the DVD's of the keynote speeches on the website here.

Keep an eye on the forums and website over there as they will serve as a sort of hub for the video material that is continually poppi

What Does A Thinking, Ethical Person Do with the Nightmare Facts of 9/11?


by Dr. Joe Hawkins - stoplying.ca
June 13, 2006

Today, I sit here at home listening to a recent interview between Dr. Fetzer and Dr. Griffin. Two "seasoned" 911 truth veterans. The fact that I am listening to this conversation, that it even exists, is evidence that an impending Fascist state is eminent. There have been dramatic inroads for the 911-truth movement in America, Canada and around the world. It would seem the dam is starting to crack. These are all good things and the battle for basic truth and the salvation of humanity hangs in the balance between self-evident facts and the brain washed masses.

9/11 Revisited Screening at So. Oregon University

Premiere Screening of "September 11 Revisted - Were Explosives Used To Bring Down The Buildings?" at So. Oregon University, Ashland, Oregon - Press Release

You can stay on top of the upcoming screenings for 9/11 Revisited via the 9/11 Revisited blog here, and via our Upcoming Events panel on the right.

Gypsy & Chuck Take to the Streets

Last month we posted a link to this video of a lady named Gypsy out on the west coast getting in the faces of 9/11 Commissioners. Here are a few more clips of Gypsy and her friends taking 9/11 to the streets.

Watch DataRS @ Work
Get The Word Out 911
DataRS At Work labeling DVDs

Gypsy and Chuck have founded a new yahoo group entitled Get the Word Out 9/11. Here are the goals of this new (and hopefully growing) group of activists:

What does a thinking, ethical person do with the nightmare facts of 911?

What does a thinking, ethical person do with the nightmare facts of 911? - stoplying.ca

So, what is a thinking person to do with the nightmare facts of 911? Share the truth; share the truth with everyone you know, in every medium you know (dvds, articles, web sites etc.), and everywhere you know. Put them in mail boxes, put them under doors, put them on street corners, put them on your boss's desk, on your teacher's desk or put a thousand copies on the desk of your local politician. The only way society will heal, truly heal, is to get the truth out. A disease never heals when the person ignores it or is in denial of it. Rather it is fundamental to a healthy psychology to embrace reality, not embrace the illusion. While I recognize that denial does have temporary health benefits as one seeks to face the truth, ultimately one must face it. Or the denial turns into cancer, heart disease or some other horrible pathology.

Ripe for the Picking

Paul Craig Roberts says that a third of the American people still believe that Iraq was connected with 9/11.

911Truth.org's national poll shows that 42% of all Americans question the conclusion of the 9/11 Commission.

So what does it all mean?

Well, maybe it means that we should focus most of our energies on reaching the one-third who are so brainwashed that they believe that Saddam and Bin Laden got together and planned the 9/11 attacks. Roberts points out that these same people also are apt to believe that we found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

9/11: Press for Truth Picked up by MercuryMedia

MercuryMedia Takes On 9/11 Doc - worldscreen.com

MercuryMedia is continuing its acquisitions drive, picking up the rights to the 48-minute special 9/11: Press For Truth from New York-based DTT Documentaries.

The film tells the story of four 9/11 widows known as “The Jersey Girls” who fought for the official investigation into the attacks. The women have been in the news again recently following controversial remarks about them by right-wing commentator Anne Coulter.

“This is a great 9/11 documentary,” said Jason McGeown, the marketing and acquisitions Manager at Mercury. “There are lots of questions to be answered by the American government and this film raises them in a responsible and level-headed manner. Not only is this a valuable addition to the catalogue, it also increases the 9/11 programming that we can offer broadcasters. With Loose Change 2 now the most downloaded film in history, accumulating 6 million online views, and CTVC’s Victim 0001, which focuses on Father Mychal Judge, the NY Fire Department Chaplain who died in the attacks, we can give the networks some real choice for the fifth anniversary of the 2001 tragedy.”