July 2006

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9/11 Synchronicity Episode 2

Check it out here:


This episode features an interview with Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas.

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Support a resolution calling for a 9/11 special prosecutor.

Check this out, an extremely easy and quick way to send your message to your local paper and politicians. Don't forget to mention the C-Span coverage:

It will submit your personal message on the issue above to your local daily newspaper as a Letter to the Editor as determined by your address, as well as to both of your senators and your house representative if you like all at once. You can even select exactly who you want your message to go to.

Also, Nominate Kevin Barrett for BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award:

C-SPAN will re-air 8/1/2006

C-SPAN has scheduled the LA panel for re-broadcast;

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

September 11th Terrorist Attacks
6:10 pm EDT

Again, KEEP AN EYE ON THE SCHEDULE, let us know if it changes!

Call CSpan Monday Morning

Les Jamieson of NY911Truth.org urges us to call into Cspan to discuss the Alex Jones symposium:

call . . . in to C-SPAN starting Mon. morning to talk it up about the Jones event. Here are the numbers.

202-737-0002 Democrats
202-737-0001 Bush supporters
202-628-0205 others

Now's our time for a big media and legislative push, folks. Please take an hour or so starting Monday to seize this opportunity."

If you can't actually get on CSpan, at least thank them for showing the roundtable and encourage them to do more to cover 9/11.

Jamieson also says "email C-SPAN's morni

One More Push - C-SPAN 2:15 pm Eastern

Tarpley renews his request for people to call in to your local big media; Talk Radio station, etc., and slip in the broadcast information for today's C-SPAN broadcast, (as of this post - still accurate);

Listen for a few minutes to get the general drift of the alienated drivel, formulate a plausible cover for the call screener, and make sure to say "Watch C-SPAN Sunday at 2:15 Eastern [or the equivalent] to see the government Big Lie about 9/11 destroyed" as early as you can in the course of your comments...

Bill Hare at

CSPAN Coverage of LA Conference Panel - Open Thread

The panel is about to air at 8PM EST, and will re-air tonight at 11PM EST and tomorrow at 2:15PM EST.

Here is an open thread to discuss, as I don't think many of us have seen this panel yet.

Note: You can purchase a copy of this broadcast from CSPAN here by searching for show '193155'.

Note: Don't miss the rerun Sunday at 2:15 PM EST (CSPAN Schedule), we will have a copy available as well within the next 24 horus.

Tarpley's Challenge

On Tarpley's show today, 7/29/2006, he challenges all 9/11 activists to pick up the phone and call the biggest talk radio show in your town and alert the listeners to the C-SPAN broadcast tonight at 8pm EDT, 11pm EDT and tomorrow at 2:15pm EDT (C-SPAN main channel).

He also featured a major 9/11 political candidate running in NYC.

Carl Person for NY State Attorney General

He's full-on MIHOP and he needs help gathering signatures in NY. Can you help? The NY State AG is a very powerful office.

Support 911Blogger's BlogAds

DZ has put together brilliant BlogAds about 9/11 in the past. But his new one takes the cake. Look, for example, at the BlogAd entitled "9/11 and the NeoCon Agenda on CSPAN" currently on the left side of Raw Story.

For those who don't know, Raw Story is ranked as the world's 3,713th most popular website by Alexa, and is read by alot of smart people. DZ's also got 'em up at two other sites.

Please keep on supporting DZ's current and future BlogAd campaigns. They do a heck of alot of good. DZ does

The Serious Side To The 9/11 Truth Movement

The Serious Side To The 9/11 Truth Movement - yourbbsucks.com

When most people read or hear about the 9/11 Truth Movement from their usual source of information, be it a magazine, newspaper, or television, they hear that it is comprised of "nuts, conspiracy theorists, kool-aid drinking tin foil hat wearers." Of course, there have been some exceptions to that rule, albeit VERY miniscule exceptions in the scheme of things.

Recently, a national Zogby poll was released that stated 45% of America wants a new investigation into 9/11. 42% believe that this new investigation should include investigating whether or not members of our Government were complicit in the attacks.