July 2006

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Pakistan and 9/11

Jon Gold made a new flyer on Pakistan and 9/11:

1. The Pakistani ISI has been funded by the United States and Saudi Arabia for years.

2. Weeks before 9/11, Senator Bob Graham, Senator Porter Goss, and Senator John Kyl fly to Pakistan.

3. Weeks before 9/11, Omar Sheikh, under the direction of Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad, wire transfers $100,000 to Mohammad Atta.

4. On the morning of 9/11, Senator Bob Graham, Senator Porter Goss, and Senator John Kyl have breakfast in Washington D.C. with Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad, the head of the Pakistani ISI. The same man who ordered the wire transfer of $100,000 to Mohammad Atta.

While I Was Out Grab Bag

I have been out of town left and right this month, but luckily the other team members of this blog have been awesome at keeping it running smoothly.

Here are a couple links sent directly to me and not yet posted. Please in the future send all news submissions to the 'submit news' link on the left panel, even if you have direct contact with one of us - you never know when we might head out of town.

NY911Truth.org's 5th Anniversary Details

Where is the rage? Where is the outrage?

Where's the rage? Probably in Internet chatrooms, as honest 9/11 Truthers attack each other over differences of opinion. This article discusses government propaganda and the controlled media, but it also discusses 9/11 in its "official" capacity. Feel free to direct some of your anger to the editor of this article here: editor@onlinejournal.com


We are all part of an American society that continues to silently watch as our government pursues a foreign policy that threatens the very future of our democracy.

Les Jamieson To Be On WBAI 99.5 FM This Thursday From 3-6PM

On this Thursday, 7/20, Les Jamieson will be on WBAI (99.5 FM) from 3 - 6 PM to do a special radio show on this topic (9/11).

Les will interview family members Ellen Mariani, Bob McIlvaine, Donna Marsh O'Connor, and retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern. Please spread the word.

This Radio Station is in New York. If you're in the area please record it and send it our way. Thanks to Jon for sending this in.

Officials from Across the Political Spectrum Question 9/11

I made a chart summarizing the high level officials who have questioned 9/11, and showing -- in a graphic format -- that this is not a partisan issue.

I do not necessarily vouch for the credibility of all of these folks. You be the judge.

Bill O'Reilly Death Threat Against Kevin Barrett

Bill O'Leilly, er I mean O'Reilly, said that he would like to see 9/11 activist Kevin Barrett murdered and thrown into Boston Harbor.

Here's Kevin's response:

Rupert Murdoch
Bull-Goose Loonie & Fascist Billionaire Extraordinaire
Fox News

Dear Mr. Murdoch,

It has come to my attention that one of your announcers, Bill O’Reilly, has stated on national television that he would like to see me murdered and thrown into Boston Harbor.

Since I get so many email death threats I can’t keep track of them (among the 10% of my 9/11-related emails that are negative) this is a pretty inflammatory thing to say. If anything were to happen to me, Fox News would find itself facing the mother of all lawsuits, and my family might very well end up in control of the Murdoch fortune. You

9/11 Truth Movie Night in Austin

The Austin Citizens for 9/11 Truth group is sponsoring a free event on Wednesday, August 2nd.

This event features a lecture by Davidson Loehr, author of the acclaimed book "America, Fascism + God", and a showing of the 2006 documentary "What's the Truth?" at the First Unitarian Universalist Church at 7pm, discussion to follow. 4700 Grover. 452-6168.

The focus of this evening is both to explore the events of 9/11 and to put the resulting drastic changes in American life since that day in context.

We would like to extend an invitation to everyone (and their guests) to attend this event.

Now Playing on Free Speech TV

Sorry for the late notice, should still be able to catch a few shows though. Dish Network carries Free Speech TV and possibly Direct TV as well. Check it out if you can:

Behind Every Terrorist -There is a Bush

“A documentary of a benefit show for the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11 featuring music, comedy, spoken word, and confessions.”


6 AM
10 AM
2 PM
4 PM
9 PM

Thanks to Dan for this submission.

Condoleezza Rice Continues To Make The Iraq - 9/11 Connection

And anyone that believes her, please turn off American Idol long enough to raise your hand:


Video: WMV | MOV

STEPHANOPOULOS: But before the war in Iraq many argued that going into Iraq would stir up a hornet’s nest. The administration strongly disagreed and here’s what Vice President Cheney had to say in August 2002.

Canadian Action Party Leader Interviewed by Alex Jones

The Canadian Action Party is the only party in Canada to question the events of 9/11.

Party leader Connie Fogal discusses topics such as the North American Union and the impending police state. This interview also features a short conversation with Kevin Barrett. Check it out here:


By the way, here is the article Connie and Alex are discussing: