July 2006

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Exploiting 9/11 for Political Gain.

How Common Ground of 9/11 Gave Way to Partisan Split

...While terrorism remains a constant threat, it has subsided in the minds of many voters as the principal issue that will determine their vote in November.

Still, a survey experiment commissioned by The Washington Post and conducted by Stanford University communications Prof. Shanto Iyengar showed that, even five years later, visual reminders of the attacks of Sept. 11 can -- modestly -- affect attitudes about Bush, the causes of terrorism and how to combat it.

The Bold Outlines Of a Plot

And government propaganda hits a new low:


Yes, that's right, a comic about the attacks is set for publication late next month.

The comic book is aimed at the "kids, teenagers and adults" unlikely to read the government's nearly 600-page version, says illustrator Ernie Colón. (Castlebridge Enterprises)

Richard Andrew Grove: Blowing The Whistle - Preview

I didn't even know about this movie, highlighting Grove's experiences that day, coming out September 11, 2006. Check out the trailer:

High Res version
Medium Res Version

Another Norway Paper Covers 9/11 Skepticism.

Article title: "The Third Tower"

Dagbladet, Norway’s 3rd largest paper has now covered 9/11 skepticism in a non-adverserial manner. This follows the monthly broadsheet, Le Monde Diplomatique, and Norways’s second largest paper, Aftenposten, a widely distributed tabloid-style paper.

Communicating 9/11

Mike Anti Neo-Con writes:

The thought struck me about how some people just won't listen or look to plain evidence on 9/11. Either they just don't think the Military could carry this off because we support the troops(a paradigm paralysis,so to speak)and that they just don't think We could kill our own. That is just crazy, or as you hear Sean Hannity say,"Sick and twisted".

Perhaps the bridge to this gap is more knowledge about the CIA and how they have operated in the past. I realize the "Operation Northwoods" is in Loose Change 2nd edition,but that is soon forgotten as the video goes along.

America Haters

Here's a new essay to send to anyone who calls you an "America hater" or "anti-American".

I've been accused -- along with all others who question the official 9/11 story -- as being "America Haters" or "Anti-American". Is it true? Is it unAmerican to question the story that 19 hijackers outsmarted the American military and made fools of the world's top building engineers?

Well, that depends. Specifically, it depends on what being American means. If being American means upholding the Constitution, believing in our democratic republic, and striving to meet the ideals of our founding fathers, then those who question the official story are some of the most patriotic Americans around. Everyone I know in the 9/11 truth movement loves liberty, freedom and justice, respects the Constitution, and values truth.

Colorado Woman Loses 9/11 Case.

Local woman explains conspiracy views of 9/11

Judith Pfeif, known by many for her stance against The Durango Herald in a June small-claims court case, spoke of ulterior motives, high-level corruption and government conspiracy behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in an interview this week.

The Durango woman sued the Herald for $7,500 to pay for what she says were efforts to expose inside-job theories about the cause of the Sept. 11 attacks. In June, 6th Judicial District Court Magistrate Douglas S. Walker ruled for the defendant, citing constitutional and case law upholding freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

In defense of the conspiratorial world view

In defense of the conspiratorial world view
by Jay Esbe - OpEd News

...A lot of effort goes into "debunking" conspiracy theories, and certainly there are many which are absurd, and poorly defended. But the tendency to find conspiracies to explain events, is anything but rooted in ignorance.

One of the things which separates man from the rest of the Animal kingdom, is his intellectual capacity to recognize patterns. A human being sees a square peg and a square hole, and knows they go together. A monkey presumably has trouble unless taught.

7/7: Interrogating British Security Policies

Last week, on July 12th, "the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities hosted the first Parliamentary public meeting calling for an independent public inquiry into the London bombings. The meeting took place in the House of Lords, and was chaired by Lord Rea. We were most fortunate to benefit from the participation of a number of 7/7 survivors, including Rachel North, who delivered a moving address that opened the meeting, Holly Finch and John Tulloch." (quotation from Nafeez Ahmed's blog)

Nafeez Ahmed gave a statement at the meeting, here is an excerpt;

Steve Jones on Tarpley - TODAY

Sorry about the short notice.

I noticed in the comments bin that Prof. Steve Jones is reported to be a guest on Webster Tarpley's "World Crisis Radio". He's supposed to be on at 5pm Central.

You can listen to a live stream here.

Either way, Tarpley puts on one of the most interesting shows in Radio.

EDIT: RBN is usually very fast with their archive updates, look for today's show here.