July 2006

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Glenn Beck Tries to Justify WW3 with 9/11

The propaganda to push us into war against Iran and Syria is hitting super thick today, and un-surprisingly 9/11 is still the justification. Hopefully someone with a bit of inside information will step up to the plate to prevent this global catastrophe in the making.

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New Video 'Twin Towers Story' on YouTube.com

A new short 7 ½ minute video on the WTC is up on youtube. Check it out and spread it around.

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Kevin Barrett Stops By Alex Jones and Non-Random Thoughts Radio Shows

Alex Jones - July 13, 2006 - nw0.info
(local mirror)
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Non-Random Thoughts - July 13, 2006 - rbnlive.com
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Truthmove.org Sets Up 9/11/2006 Event Page

Ground Zero - 9/11/06 - truthmove.org

This September 11th will be the fifth anniversay of the event. Let us all take this opportunity to reflect upon how each of us has been impacted, how our country has been transformed, and how much the world has changed in response.

This last year has been the most successful yet for the promotion of 9/11 truth. New factual revelations, documentary projects, mainstream coverage, and a popular swell of internet discussion, have brought our concern to an ever wider audience. To many it feels as if the bubble is about to burst.

NJ Congressman Wants Liars About Air Quality Held Responsible

Pol wants feds who 'cleared air' charged - NY Daily News

Public officials who "cleared the air" in lower Manhattan after 9/11 - assuring New Yorkers that the air was not toxic - should be hauled into court and prosecuted, a New Jersey congressman charged yesterday.

"We know from all the records that [the Environmental Protection Agency] kept on telling us, members of Congress, that everything was just wonderful, yet we now understand what our first responders are going through," said Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-N.J).

Call CSpan

A Scholar for 9/11 Truth just posted this message:

I just called C-SPAN to inquire as to when they might air Dr. Jones' panel discussion.

The lady who answered the phone (202) 737-3220 said she did not know when it would air, but that "a panel" would definitely be aired sometime.

She urged me to keep checking scheduling for their shows at C-SPAN.org.

Please call and insist that it be aired in its entirety."

The panel included Webster Tarpley, Jim Fetzer, Steve Jones and Robert Bowman, with Alex Jones moderating. One of the panelists said "I feel the panel covered t

Major Escalation of War in Middle East

This is not 9/11-related, but you should know that war has started between Israel and Lebanon.

Let's redouble our efforts to spread 9/11 truth. Revealing the secret history of false flag operations is the one thing which has the power to stop an escalation in madness in the U.S. and abroad. See this article for one possible analysis of what is happening.

Hey you -- yeah you, famous person: there is no more time to wait and see.

Front Page of Netscape: Bruce Willis and 9/11

Bruce Willis' switch to a 9/11 truther is front page on Netscape.

Please vote NOW to support 9/11 truth (you need to sign up for a free Netscape account). Once you have an account, here is the link for the actual vote.

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A Note from Professor Steve Jones

Because some of you have asked what Professor Jones is up to, I am posting a recent email message which he sent to several people. Rest assured, Professor Jones is working hard to research what happened on 9/11.

Though it's very late, I'd like to share a few thoughts before I retire.

1. Evidently there are some who go to considerable lenghts to promote the notion that there can never be "proof" of an inside job on 9/11 -- whether that happened or not as an inside job. So, we might as well abandon the effort, and let it go.

Others (I have read) have pointed out this argument was used effectively to stymie further investigation of the JFK assassination. I wonder how many "9/11 truthers" are buying into such a discouraging philosophy?

Mid Week Open Thread

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