July 2006

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New Flyer, download and distribute

Our movement has gained a lot of credibility over the last year, the following flyer focuses on this fact. Download it in PDF format here:

A version in HTML format is also available for quick viewing without starting up a PDF viewer. This version is not suitable for printing, but is good to get a quick look at the contents of the flyer. View HTML format here:

Rep. Nass Refusing to Debate Kevin Barrett

Rep. Steve Nass: It would be silly to debate Barrett on his 9/11 fiction

A concerted e-mail campaign is calling on state Rep. Steve Nass to debate University of Wisconsin-Madison lecturer Kevin Barrett about the 9/11 attacks. Barrett asserts the U.S. government was behind the attacks; Nass has called on the UW to fire Barrett because of his views. Nass' office, as well as this newspaper and other media outlets, have been inundated with e-mails from all over the country demanding a debate between the two men. On Wednesday, Nass' office sent this response:

Faith, Truth, and 9/11

David Ray Griffin's new book synthesizes his role as a Theologian and spokesman for alternative views of the events of 9/11. This will be soon be followed by a volume co-edited by Kevin Barrett, including contributions by well-known Christians like John Cobb and Griffin, Muslims like Yasmin Mogahed and Faiz Khan, as well as longtime Jewish activists and writers like Roger Gottlieb and Rabbi Michael Lerner.

The following essay by William E. Douglas, Jr., (Christian), is an appeal to members of all 3 faiths to look very closely at the events of 9/11. In the essay, Mr. Douglas suggests that these 3 faiths are being cynically set against each other via False Flag attacks and COINTEL operations that exploit racism and xenophobia to amplify division and distract from the pursuit of the truth;

Advance Review of "World Trade Center"

This was posted at SF's indybay.org and sent to us by the ever-vigilant fhb;

...As a 9/11 Truth activist I was going to take a decidedly different approach in reviewing the film than other sources. Instead of analyzing the acting, the plot or by speculating on how well it would do at the box office, I instead was going to look at the film for clues that Oliver Stone was aware of problems with the official story and, hopefully, enlighten the viewing audience in his cinematic narrative. Was the Oliver Stone that politically transformed a generation by exposing us to an alternative understanding of the way the world works, like he did in ‘JFK’, still out there? Would he mention Building 7, the explosions heard by rescue personnel going off within the building and other strange anomalies? This is what I had my eyes and ears out for...

What Would It Take?

I'm trying (yet again) to write something that will reach people resistant to the idea that 9/11 is an inside job.

If you've got a couple of minutes, please read this and tell me (1) if you think it will reach newbies and (2) how to improve it.

The finished essay (after your input) we'll replace this post. Thanks for your help!

Open Thread

Got new ads starting tomorrow for the upcoming CSPAN showing thanks to a number of generous donations today - thank you so much to everyone who contributed! The ads should start running on rawstory, bartcop, and bushflash tomorrow with any luck.

Open thread, have at it!

Thanks to Dem Bruce Lee Styles and others for their ad suggestions and graphics work!

Dr. David Ray Griffin and Kevin Barrett Respond to Recent NYTimes OpEd

The following two responses have been issued from Dr. Griffin and Kevin Barrett in response to the NYTimes OpEd from last Sunday.

David Griffin Replies to NY Times "Conspiracy Theories 101"

If universities were to enforce this restrictive interpretation, it would mean that biology professors could not explain their reasons for accepting evolutionary theory rather than “creation science”; physics professors could not profess their belief in (or against) the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum theory; and so on.

'Rebuild' Album Mentions Unanswered Questions of 9/11

I just got sent a copy of an album by JR Guerra entitled 'Rebuild' released earlier this year. The album was created to honor the memory of 9/11 victims, their families, and Guerra's sister who passed away just weeks before 9/11.

The album also serves as a distress call to all American patriots. With a primary focus on the desire to rebuild the towers as they originally were, the album also delves into the frustrations derived from the 9/11 coverup, including questioning the towers' collapses and government involvement.

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A cadre of Missourians stand at the vanguard of the 9/11 "truth movement."

A pretty good article, the VonKliest interview they are discussing can be found here.

"[Support] seems to be progressing almost logarithmically," says Steve Cassilly, a Webster Groves activist who believes George W. Bush, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were complicit in the attacks. Cassilly, the younger brother of City Museum co-founder Bob Cassilly, supports his cause by pulling a giant wooden float on his bicycle through parades. The float directs people to 911truth.org and to Cassilly's own Web site, 911busters.com.