July 2006

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Controversial Instructor Speaks About His 9/11 Views, UW Course

Lots of good quotes from Kevin here, check out the whole article by following the link, a video is also available. Finally, don't forget to have your say in the Talkback section for this article.


The NYTimes publishes OpEd on Barrett

Conspiracy Theories 101 (registration required)

...Mr. Barrett’s critics argue that academic freedom has limits and should not be invoked to justify the dissemination of lies and fantasies. Mr. Barrett’s supporters (most of whom are not partisans of his conspiracy theory) insist that it is the very point of an academic institution to entertain all points of view, however unpopular. (This was the position taken by the university’s provost, Patrick Farrell, when he ruled on July 10 that Mr. Barrett would be retained: “We cannot allow political pressure from critics of unpopular ideas to inhibit the free exchange of ideas.”)...

Kevin Barrett was on Tarpley's show yesterday...

You can download the interview here.

Barrett's interview is in the 2nd hour for Sat. July, 22nd, 2006. He talks about his current persecution as well as contributions to the upcoming book: 9/11 and American Empire: Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out. This is a sister volume to Griffin and Scott's upcoming 9/11 & American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out.

Morgan Reynolds Rocks Dallas

The Air America Dallas Yahoo! group, 911_truth_DFW, and the Dallas 9/11 Questions Meetup Group screened LC2E and September 11 Revisited to just over 300 enthusiastic attendants last night. LC2E was screened first, and then Morgan Reynolds of ST911 and Physics911 gave a presentation that touched on a host of 9/11 anomalies and described what following the path of legal recourse for the crimes of 9/11 might look like.

Where's the Remote Control?

Here's my take on the possibility that the 9/11 planes were remote controlled. What do you think?

Some writers have claimed that the 9/11 hijacked airplanes were flown by remote control. So far, nothing has convinced me that the airplanes were controlled remotely.

However, as demonstrated below, the technology did in fact exist to control commercial airplanes by remote control as of September 11, 2001:

"Most modern aircraft have some form of autopilot that could be re-programmed to ignore commands from a hijacker and instead take direction from the ground". See also this article, in which the former head of British Airways "suggested . . . that aircraft could be commandeered from the ground and controlled remotely in the event of a hijack."

Jon Gold Questions Scott Ritter And Ray McGovern On 9/11


Video: Click Here

Former Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter and ex CIA Analyst Ray McGovern were the speakers of the event. Both had compelling things to say. Scott Ritter is obviously passionate about what he believes, and I believe him to be a good man. I think he's wrong to say there's no "hard facts" regarding 9/11. When he said that, I wanted to say, "Have you looked into it?" However, I kept my cool.

9/11 SYNCHRONICITY: Coincidence... or Premeditated

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Our Guest is: Michael Wolsey, host of

Michael Wolsey Interviews Dr. David Ray Griffin on 2nd Anniversary of 9/11 Commission Report

Visibility 9-11 - July 22nd, 2006

On this, the second anniversary of the 9/11 Commission report, Visibility 9-11 welcomes professor emeritus at the Claremont School of Theology Dr. David Ray Griffin. Dr. Griffin is the author of over two dozen books which include The New Pearl Harbor; Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11 and The 9/11 Commission Report; Omissions and Distortions.

False Flag News.com

Consider "The 9/11 War Games", and now check out this site;


Still in its infancy, and informed by the writings of Webster Tarpley, this is a very interesting concept site.

Freeway Blog Gets Press

A freeway blog in Richmond, Virginia, has gotten coverage by the local press.

A sign with controversial remarks about 9-11 is causing a stir in a south Richmond neighborhood.

The sign appears along a heavily traveled section of Jahnke Road and says 9-11 was an inside job. Thousands of people drive past it and see that message and neighbors, too, and they're talking about it.

"I actually just feel that it's in very bad taste. There were a lot of people affected by 9-11," says one person.

"You still kinda think about it even after you get home. You're turning things in your mind as far as what makes somebody put a sign like that in their front yard."