August 2006

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9/11: Press For Truth Clip: Kissinger Vs. The 9/11 Families

Preview of Press for Truth available here:


After fighting the White House for a year, the 9/11 families learned in November 2002 they would finally get their independent investigation. President Bush's first act was to name former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to chair the 9/11 Commission.

The families would soon confront Kissinger about some disturbing skeletons they had discovered in his closet.

Here is a REAL Airplane Crash @ 500MPH (Video Link)

Here's a video of a controlled crash to demonstrate how fragile planes really are: South Tower super slow-mo for comparison:



Picture of North Tower (formerly mislabled as South Tower) "plane" impact. Notice the right wing tip? Aluminum through structural steel???





South Tower:


Hit Piece on Tarpley and Malloy

(This hit piece is self-explanatory; from a mock media watchdog site called, (the irony!), "Accuracy in Media". To read this article properly, please tilt your head to the right. To retort: Phone: (202) 364-4401 Fax: (202) 364-4098 E-mail: - Posting here for your awareness and for archiving purposes, NOT AS AN ENDORSEMENT.)

Here is Tarpley on Malloy in case you missed it;

White Rose Society archive download:
Thursday, August 3rd, 2006 - 19.3 MB

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Air America Network in Turmoil

By Cliff Kincaid | August 31, 2006

Liberal Air America radio host Mike Malloy had his show abruptly "terminated" on Wednesday, allegedly for financial reasons. The network is failing but there could be another factor behind the Malloy debacle. There is still fallout from Malloy's recent decision to turn over two-and-a-half hours of his three hour show to a former associate of ex-con Lyndon LaRouche, a perennial candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination who campaigns against what he views as British and Zionist control of the U.S. political system. The LaRouche organization is frequently labeled as a cult.

Educate Military Families on No Iraq-9/11 Connection GWB Quote

We should take advantage of this. How about a campaign to inform military bases, families, etc that Bush has admitted NO connection between Iraq and 9/11?

Nafeez Ahmed: US Army Contemplates Redrawing Middle East Map to Stave-off Looming Global Meltdown

US Army Contemplates Redrawing Middle East Map to Stave-off Looming Global Meltdown

by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

In a little-noted article printed in early August in the Armed Forces Journal, a monthly magazine for officers and leaders in the United States military community, early retired Major Ralph Peters sets out the latest ideas in current US strategic thinking. And they are extremely disturbing.

Ethnically Cleansing the Entire Middle East

Maj. Peters, formerly assigned to the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence where he was responsible for future warfare, candidly outlines how the map of the Middle East should be fundamentally re-drawn, in a new imperial endeavour designed to correct past errors. "Without such major boundary revisions, we shall never see a more peaceful Middle East," he observes, but then adds wryly: "Oh, and one other dirty little secret from 5,000 years of history: Ethnic cleansing works."

Thus, acknowledging that the sweeping reconfiguration of borders he proposes would necessarily involve massive ethnic cleansing and accompanying bloodshed on perhaps a genocidal scale, he insists that unless it is implemented, "we may take it as an article of faith that a portion of the bloodshed in the region will continue to be our own." Among his proposals are the need to establish "an independent Kurdish state" to guarantee the long-denied right to Kurdish self-determination. But behind the humanitarian sentiments, Maj. Peters declares that: "A Free Kurdistan, stretching from Diyarbakir through Tabriz, would be the most pro-Western state between Bulgaria and Japan."

Save Mike Malloy video!!

Here's a copy of the email I sent to AAR:

To whom it may concern,

This e-mail is submitted in support of Mike Malloy.

I was stunned to learn that Mike has been fired from AAR. As a listener, it's really important to me that you know how disappointed I am with
your decision.

I believe you will come to regret letting Mike go. He is the only AAR radio host that has demonstrated true courage and righteous outrage over what has taken place in our country. I place the events of 9/11 at the very top of that list.

Not even Randi Rhodes has shown the level of true patriotism we need now, in order to expose the depth of corruption, to which the Bush administration has sunk.

Your termination of Mike Malloy has the effect of condoning the actions of this corrupt administration in as much as it is apparent that you are censoring the views expressed by Mike.

True progressives are not blind to the fact that this action qualifies AAR as being nothing more than a left-wing gatekeeper.

The fact that you would take this action so close to the mid-term elections only intensifies the utter contempt I now hold for AAR and it's affiliate stations.

To say that you should feel shame is not only an understatement, but an obvious waste of text. Your organization clearly has no shame.


Some of you may have seen the news regarding the families and the anniversary. They are going to call for a new investigation into the attacks of 9/11.

Chris Bell, and several others posted 1000's of email addresses here. And phone numbers as well.

Thanks to them.

There are also several other available lists...

The families are doing their part, and we have to do EVERYTHING within our power to back them up.


If you can be there to support the families that day, please do.


9/11/2006: Family Members To Call For A New 9/11 Investigation

For Immediate Release:
September 1, 2006
Kyle F. Hence


On 5th Anniversary of the Attacks, Victims' Relatives to Challenge Credibility of 9/11 Report -- Say Case Merits New Investigation

Producers of 9/11: PRESS FOR TRUTH to Reveal Details of National Campaign

Monday, September 11th
11AM -- 12:15PM

National Press Club
Zenger Room
529 14th Street NW 13th floor
(corner of 14th and 'F' Street)
Washington, DC

9/11 families and speakers TBA will join producers of a recently-released feature-length documentary "9/11: Press for Truth" at a press conference at 11AM on September 11th at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.. Participants will cite a growing body of evidence calling into question the credibility of the 9/11 Report and demand a new investigation into the attacks of September 11th.

Producers of 9/11 Press for Truth to be released on September 5th and broadcast on international television over the anniversary will report on the reception to the film following screenings in NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, Oakland, and over 20 other cities nationally over the 9/11 memorial weekend. Paul Thompson, author of The Terror Timeline (Harper-Collins), 9/11 family members and special guests will be in attendance to make brief statements and answer questions from the press. C-SPAN and other media outlets are invited to participate.

Dr. David Ray Griffin on Hannity & Colmes Tomorrow Night

According to Scholars for 9/11 Truth Dr. David Ray Griffin will be appearing on the Hannity & Colmes show tomorrow night - September 1st.

1 September 2006
Interview: David Ray Griffin will be the guest
discussing 9/11 on "Hannity & Colmes"
6-7:00 PM/PT (9-10:00 PM/ET) FOX TV

Be sure to check it out!

President Bush to visit all 3 sites on 5th anniversary of 9-11

President Bush to visit all three sites on 9/11 anniversary

Published: Thursday August 31, 2006

Although specific details haven't yet been released, the White House announced today that President Bush would be visiting "all three sites" on the fifth anniversary of 9/11.

During a press gaggle held aboard Air Force One on Thursday afternoon, Deputy White House spokesperson Dana Perino announced the news when asked by a reporter for a "preview" of the president's planned events for the day.

"No, we have not announced all of those details yet," said Perino.

"The one thing I can say is that the President will visit all three sites on the anniversary," Perino continued.

Perino also said that there may be "additional travel" but that she wasn't "able to reveal that yet."