January 2007

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What Qualifies As Suspicious Behavior?

As you read through these postings, I want you to keep this thought in the back of your mind. If you were President of the United States, or any member of Government, and 2,973+ people were brutally murdered on American soil, would you want to thoroughly investigate how and why this happened, and cooperate with said investigation to the best of your ability so as to make sure it never happens again?

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December 21, 2001: Senators Introduce Bills to Create Independent 9/11 Commission
Two bipartisan pairs of senators introduce legislation to create independent 9/11 commissions. Senators Joe Lieberman (D) and John McCain (R) propose to create a 14-member, bipartisan commission with subpoena power. At the same time, Robert Torricelli (D) and Charles Grassley (R) propose to create a 12-member board of inquiry with subpoena power. White House spokeswoman Anne Womack is noncommittal about the proposals, saying, “We look forward to reviewing them. Right now, the president is focused on fighting the war on terrorism.” [New York Times, 12/21/2001]

January 24, 2002: Cheney and Bush Pressure Senator to Avoid 9/11 Inquiry
Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D) later claims that on this day, Vice President Cheney calls him and urges that no 9/11 inquiry be made. President Bush repeats the request on January 28, and Daschle is repeatedly pressured thereafter. Newsweek summarizes one of these conversations: “Bush administration officials might say they’re too busy running the war on terrorism to show up. Press the issue ... and you risk being accused of interfering with the mission.” [Newsweek, 2/4/2002] Cheney later disagrees: “Tom’s wrong. He has, in this case, let’s say a misinterpretation.” [Reuters, 5/27/2002]

May 23, 2002: Bush Opposes Special Inquiry into Terrorism Warnings
President Bush says he is opposed to establishing a special, independent commission to probe how the government dealt with terrorism warnings before 9/11. [CBS News, 5/23/2002] He later changes his stance in the face of overwhelming support for the idea (see September 20, 2002 ), and then sabotages an agreement that Congress had reached to establish the commission.

Pandora's Black Box - Chapter Two (new trailer)

We anticipate a Jan 12 release date for Pandora's Black Box - Chapter Two - Flight of American 77. But for now, here is a new preview of what is coming.. enjoy..

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A Call For Confession

Daniel Ellsberg has called on current administration figures to expose the planning and implementation of a nuclear attack on Iran, which Ellsberg says is immanent:

He asks in this paper that someone risk his or her own career to expose this, just as he himself did with the Pentagon papers back in the 1970s.

Similarly, many who know how the 9-11 attack was orchestrated must now feel horrified at their own role in it, whether active or passive. After seeing video of people jumping out of the Twin Towers, how can Mr. Silverstein digest his food, for example? How can Rudy Giuliani sleep at night? These people are human like the rest of us, and so they all have consciences.

The only way to heal their own consciences will be by confessing and telling all that they know. This will however be a difficult task, not least due to the question: Whom to tell? Will our Department of Justice, for example, act on the confession, or suppress it?

I hope such people consider carefully how and where to confess so that the action is effective. If they have documentation proving what they know, one hopes they can duplicate it several times and send it to trusted people who will know what to do with it.

"Project Censored" Story Can Be a Bridge to the Left"

As we all know, the alternative media has not been very receptive of
9/11 truth, which is puzzling considering how adament they are about
the lies of Iraq. Well, take a step farther back! I am hopeful, however,
that this latest Project Censored story will open some eyes. This
publication is held in high regard (and rightfully so) by the Left. We
need them to take note of what's going on.
In case you haven't seen yet, Story #18 of Project Censored '07
features BYU physics professor, Steven E. Jones, publicly debunking
the official WTC collapse. Among other things, he reports having
found residue of thermite and of sulfur in the wreckage. Scientifically
speaking, this is a "smoking gun." We should push this hard!

R.L. McGee

Did the Spires Turn to Dust?

The claim has been made that the steel cores of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center "turned to dust" on 9/11, and that indicates that some high-tech weapon (as opposed to explosives or something like nano-thermate) were used.

However, this video and this video show that the "spires" or remains of the core columns did not turn to dust. Instead, they collapsed into dust clouds caused, apparently, by the pulverization or crushing of tons of concrete when the buildings were destroyed. Note: to view the second clip you will need the free 3ivx codec which you can download here.

While there is, indeed, dust in front of the spires which obscures their views and the spires fall into a cloud of dust, the spires themselves do not appear to me to turn to dust. As someone else pointed out, the spire itself may even -- when it collapses -- throw off dust which it had previously accumulated when the towers collapsed around it. But that is a far cry from the spire itself "turning to dust". Use your finger to trace the movement of the spires and you will see what I mean.

Isn't that odd?

Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall said that "specifically on terrorist attacks, there was no sense of awareness" at the highest levels of the administration and "no discussion of the WTC."

Asked if the '93 bombing ever came up, Weinshall, who later became transportation commissioner, said, 'No. Isn't that odd?"

From Wayne Barret, "Grand Illusion", page 106ff


Now, what does this mean? We have Mr. Law & Order, who profited from the fear back than and now with his career and business,
and hell, he does not even adress the FBI WTC93 terror attack at any time in his term?

There are two possibilities: He is so incompetent that he just forgot to adress this issue (this little WTC bombing only killed 6 and injured about 1000 people)
Or: He was on this from the beginning, no need to adress the terror.

Whatever. It fits to the same pattern we could see everywhere when it comes to terror and its investigation before 2001.

Help needed in a spread campaign!

Sup guys, I’ve been trying to spread “Guernica Iraq” as far as I can, particularly to Progressive and Anti-War sites. If anyone can help out that would brilliant and much appreciated!

Reopen 911 Petition on Prime Ministers Website

There's a new e-petition on the UK Prime Minister's Website calling for a new investigation into 911

Sign here at:

(Hip-Hop) Diabolic: The Masterplan (Feat. AKIR)

I've been meaning to post this forever because it's been out for a while. Diabolic also did the tune "Truth", here's one of his latest called "The Masterplan";

Listen Here

"Bin laden was a scapegoat to send the boys to battle// Now they avoiding shrapnel for a bunch of Oil barrels// We nuttin more then cattle for the slaughter// Got a daughter// Can’t afforded to see her fall in this New World Order" - Diabolic: The Masterplan (Feat. AKIR)

The Eleventh = Action Day for Truth and Accountability

A discussion of this idea began in an unrelated thread, and as I've been meaning to blog it I felt like I'd better get busy. 2007 has to be the year that we move from visibility on the internet to visibility in the real world as a movement, as many of us have been doing individually and in our small local groups. Coordination of these events -- not in the sense of orders handed down from a non-existent top, but as grassroots groups sharing ideas -- is one way to amplify our message. The recent Tea Parties were an outstanding example of networking to promote an especially catchy meme. Monthly events on the eleventh could be much simpler and require less preparation -- freeway blogging around a central message, a sit-down at a common site (such as City Hall or network news headquarters) and so forth. There are advantages both to months when the eleventh falls on a weekday (workday commutes) and the weekend (when more time-consuming events might be possible.) (February, March, August, and November are the months when the eleventh is on a weekend this year.) What are your ideas for actions that groups around the country could take up with you?