January 2007

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Remo Conscious Video 'We Know' Released

This new music video by Remo Conscious focuses on 9/11, and features a cameo by the creators of Loose Change.

DIGG IT: http://www.digg.com/music/Remo_Conscious_Video_We_Know_Released
Google Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4769254515398985354

Thanks Dylan for the heads up!

Hats - Video Inside

Click Here (10MB MOV)

Does everyone remember those individuals wearing FDNY and NYPD hats in honor of the fallen heroes of 9/11? Where are those people now? The other heroes of 9/11 are now sick and dying, and need their support more than ever. That's the premise of this little film. The music is "Where do we go from here" from a live performance of Chicago back in 1972 at Carnegie Hall.

New 9/11 Truth Music Video

The group is Remo Conscious, the title of the song is "We Know". True hip-hop heads (like moi) will find the rap kinda weak, but the video is hype! Check the cameo from the Loose Change guys.

The Video

Digital Style Designs Best of 9/11 Truth Media, 2006

Best of 9/11 Truth MEDIA 2006

Digital Style Designs announces the publishing of its
second annual "Best of 9/11 Truth Media 2006" with
additional media catagories, such as most courageous,
resources, Science of 9-11, and mention of various
mega media coverage.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous 2007!
Jan Hoyer


MUJCA News: Happy Truth Year 2007!

From Kevin Barrett,


Dear Friends of MUJCA:

The Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth has a vision for
our future. We want a sustainable world of peace and justice through
truth—not a future of war, fascism, and environmental devastation.
Amazingly, we are succeeding.

Just a few years ago, the 9/11 truth movement was stalled, the Iraq war
and the Constitution-shredding Patriot Act enjoyed broad public
support, and most people of faith just didn’t get it. Then a miracle
happened. In April 2005, MUJCA brought 9/11 truth icon David Griffin to
the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Despite months of hard promotional
work, we thought we’d be lucky to get fifty people to attend. Suddenly,
just a week before the event, C-Span announced they would be
broadcasting Dr. Griffin’s talk on national television, and local media
picked up the story. When I walked into the largest lecture hall on the
U.W.-Madison campus and saw it jam-packed with over 450 people and
C-Span cameras, I knew that truth and justice were on the march.

In 2006, MUJCA joined with 911truth.org, the oldest and largest 911
activist group, to sponsor the biggest and best 911 activist conference
to date, 9/11 Revealing The Truth / Reclaiming Our Future. Breakthrough
media coverage of that conference, and the LA Scholars’ conference that
followed, propelled 9/11 truth into popular consciousness worldwide. In
the wake of these successes, I became the target of a vilification
campaign by truth-phobic politicians and pundits like Steve Nass, Sean
Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. That campaign backfired, giving 9/11
skeptics even more publicity and helping turn public opinion against
the war and in favor of 9/11 truth. Today, a clear majority of
Americans opposes the war, and only 16% believe the US government is
telling the truth about 9/11. Polls suggest that religious people, in
particular, are waking up fast. In the five-and-one-half years that
have passed since that day of infamy, we have never been in a better
position to take back our future than we are today.

Bush Gang Swore Saddam Was Behind 9/11 In Lawsuit

While everybody is getting their jollies watching the animal Saddam swing from a rope (so medieval, so backwards) let's not forget the great lie from the present low-life occupant in the White House which has caused the death of 3000 of our brave soldiers, countless wounded and maimed, and the hundreds of thousands of innocents slaughtered. By the way, go f*ck yourself Bush gang, enemies of the USA.

Bush Gang Swore Saddam Was Behind 9/11 In Lawsuit
Friday, 18 November 2005, 10:38 am
Opinion: Evelyn Pringle

Bush Gang Swore Saddam Was Behind 9/11 In Lawsuit
By Evelyn Pringle

Much to the dismay of President Bush, Americans can remember all on their own, without any coaching from Democrats, that in the run up to war in Iraq, it was top official from the administration who were making the claim that Saddam was in cahoots with bin Laden and that he was secretly involved to 9/11.
The fact that the administration's disinformation campaign was entirely successful is evidenced by an October 2004, Harris Poll, taken three weeks before the last presidential election, which reported that 62% of all voters, and 84% of those planning to vote for Bush, still believed that Saddam had ''strong links" to Al Qaeda, and that 41% of all voters, and 52% of Bush backers, believed that Saddam had ''helped plan and support the hijackers" who had attacked the country on 9/11.