March 2007

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Lionel Does Another 9/11 Show

Rosie O�Donnell is under fire for daring to question the incredible story of the official account of 9/11 � this fantastic meltdown via jet fuel � and the Foxies are calling for her to be fired. Unreal. Yet nobody�s read word one about anything.

There has been virtually nothing enunciated that has turned out to be true from the administration. Nada. So why do people believe the official explanation of anything given by this administration? Why must Rosie be fired for expressing an idea?

Again, callers will hear what they want to hear. They will swear that Rosie is suggesting a governmental conspiracy and cover-up when she�s done nothing of the sort. She�s merely stating facts that WE interpret. But Fox wants her to shut up.

Calling all Boston Truthers - Confront Amy Goodman on 4/16

Double-billing with Howard Zinn, who is a lukewarm supporter of 9/11 Truth. What better opportunity to expose Goodman's hypocrisy?

Let's not let Amy Goodman pose as a patriot!

April 16, 2007
Boston, MA

Award-winning journalist Amy Goodman, host of the daily, grassroots, global, radio/TV news hour Democracy Now!, is on a national speaking tour to mark DN!'s 10th anniversary and launch her second book with journalist David Goodman, Static: Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders, and the People Who Fight Back.
WHEN:PATRIOTS' DAY - Mon., Apr. 16th, 7:00 PM
WHERE:Faneuil Hall, Boston

an evening with Howard Zinn and Amy Goodman

celebrating the publication of Howard Zinn's new book, "A Power Governments Cannot Suppress" and benefit for audience-supported Democracy Now!, a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program airing on over 500 stations in North America.

Co-sponsored by Democracy Now! and City Lights Books

TICKETS: $10.00 General Admission
or call 888-999-3877, press 2

"Who Made Decisions, If Any, That Resulted Unnecessarily In A Lot Of People Getting Sick?"

It was the White House through Condoleezza Rice's office. As a result, they are guilty of murder in the second degree. "Killing caused by dangerous conduct and the offender's obvious lack of concern for human life." - Jon

Hillary plots 9/11 attack on Rudy


Tony Allen-Mills, New York

The first face-to-face confrontation of the 2008 presidential race is looming over a US Senate inquiry into health problems suffered by workers at New York’s ground zero after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Inside Edition and Popular Mechanics Attacks Rosie

Rosie O'Donnell has triggered a firestorm after spreading yet another theory about 9/11.

Rosie is claiming that World Trade Center 7 was deliberately demolished.

On Thursday's "The View," Rosie said, "It defies physics for the WTC 7, which collapsed in on itself -it's impossible for a building to fall the way it fell without explosives being involved."

Rosie issued a challenge to "Look at the films," and "get a demolition expert."

What Rosie and other conspiracy theorists don't say is that building 7, since rebuilt, suffered a 10-story gash from huge columns which fell from the twin towers. It was also weakened byfires that burned for 10 hours.

James Meigs, editor in chief of "Popular Mechanics," led a team of experts who wrote a book debunking 9/11 conspiracy theories.

The Psychology of Propaganda in the Media

We are bombarded on a daily basis with persuasive arguments. Understanding how to assess these arguments is critical to insure that the population is well informed on important issues. Two routes of persuasion have been identified, central and peripheral(Petty and Caccioppo, 1986).

An example of the central route would be of a chess master recommending a move to someone. They base the move off of logic which assesses all of the pieces on the board. The central route is based off of facts.

An example of a peripheral route would be when Bill O'Reilly throws around words such as anti-patriotic when he attacks someone like Rosie O'Donnell. The peripheral route relies upon influencing individuals emotions through cue words, attractiveness of the person proposing the argument(the only thing Michelle Malkin has going for her), or citing quantity over quality ( "50 experts said so!" vs. "1 expert" where the 1 expert is using quality arguments and the 50 are using weak arguments.).

The Truth from O'Rielly!

Here's a tune made using this post on 911 Blogger

O'Rielly Poser and Bo

Don't confuse 'em with facts Bo!


Rosie O and 9-11 finally on HuffPo

The walls of MSM protecting the official narrative of 9-11 are cracking from the pressure of the truth.

The Huffington Post finally put the 9-11 conspiracy on its website. As one of the alleged left gatekeepers, the HuffPo's reluctance to carry this topic is finally caving in thanks to Rosie O'Donnels courageous stand on TV and Bill O'Reilly's mad attacks. Better late than never.

Hurray for Rosie

Being a Southern 'Bible-Belter" Republican, was
a hard pill for me to swallow corcerning 9-11. However, it really
does NOT take a genius to see holes in the official story that are
quite literally HUGE enough to fly those planes through. I used to
be a fan of O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc. Frankly I now view
them at best as "purfumed whores" at worst "accessories to the
crime itself"

A couple of days ago when Rosie came out on 9-11 the two stories
I was seeing on TV were Rosie getting crucified and Carl Rove
rapping and dancing around like a complete buffoon! Since Bush
does not have the brain muscle for heavy lifting it's obivious to me
Rove is calling the shots that affect our daily lives. However, in
the mainstream his little "dance" was just so cute. I've never really
been a Rosie fan but I sure am now. We have her asking pertinent
questions on the same day and people calling for her to be fired.
I understand the political genius Danny Bonoduce even called for
Rosie to be hung. I ask: "What's wrong with this picture" ???

Army of "Vs" at White House

Army of "Vs" at White House

March 31-April 1, 2007 -- "Vs" stage protest at White House. About 60 protesters dressed up as the Guy Fawkes look-a-like "V," from the movie by the same name, staged a protest at the White House yesterday. In an encouraging sign, a group of elementary school children visiting the White House on a school trip were much more interested in "V" than in the White House or its occupant. The children busied themselves taking photos of the "Vs" and shaking their hands: a clear sign that the Rove/Fox propaganda machine has little effect on those who will be left holding the tab for the recklessness of the "Baby Boomer" generation....

The protest was sponsored by

John Gibson and Michelle Malkin Whip Up Frenzy Over Rosie O'Donnell and ABC

Thanks, WISDOM.

John Gibson and Michelle Malkin Whip Up Frenzy Over Rosie O'Donnell and ABC

Reported by Deborah - March 30, 2007

Bill O'Reilly started a campaign last night to have Rosie O'Donnell fired from The View, ABC, for expressing her opinions on Iran and 9/11. This morning at 6 AM, Donald Trump was already quoting O'Reilly almost verbatim on The Imus Show demanding that ABC fire O'Donnell. So of course, John Gibson continued the fire Rosie campaign today with noxious Michelle Malkin who added Barbara Walters to the FOX News list of the currently unclean who must be punished. 3/30/07

Malkin thought that ABC should be held accountable for O'Donnell's comments but claimed there were too many like minded people in ABC management to do anything about Rosie O'Donnell. Gibson speculated that ABC wants O'Donnell to say these things.