April 2007

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DIGG.com and BUZZFLASH.net Covering Up for Mass Serial Killers

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DIGG.com and BUZZFLASH.net Covering Up for Mass Serial Killers:


"This story got put on DIGG and received over 1000 "diggs," but only a couple dozen "buries" and it lasted on the front page and in the news section for all of 10 minutes or so. Real democratic, right? I'd call it censorship but I'm sure the Digg people would just say that's how their system works based on scientific formulas or some crap.

"Over at BuzzFlash.net, a friend of mine posts articles on 9/11 that are legitimate and newsworthy, but yet are almost always deleted by the moderators.

A Cautionary Tale

This is a cautionary tale

Out of interest I checked my server logs to see how many downloads of Fromthe JakassesMouth.mp3 had occured. I use Analog a simple Log file parser that tells you among other things the IP Address of the computer that downloaded the file.

I found one IP that had the .gov (US Government) domain and so out of curiosity!, I googled the IP and found the Name of a person who had made a contribution to some discussion on some web site, The IP was right there against this name along with an e-mail contact that was to the same US Govt department that the original .gov IP pointed to.
So I had a name and a Govt. department, So I googled the name and found out quite a lot about this person including their nickname where they worked even their musical tastes and the fact that they use Government computers to to lots of stuff they're probably not supposed to.

Just thought you might like to know how easy it is to find out stuff about people on the internet.

Don't know a lot about protecting your ID when surfing I've heard of using proxies or TOR and privoxy
So any advice from anyone would be welcome I think.

TELL THE TRUTH - Mos Def - Immortal Technique - Eminem

I haven't seen this posted here yet. Strong language warning.

"Bin Laden didn't blow up the projects
it was you nigga
tell the truth nigga

bush knocked down the towers..."

Thx to Conspiracy Factualists

Manuel Valenzuela - "The Unearthing: An Awakening Has Arrived"

The Unearthing: An Awakening Has Arrived

"...Already American democracy and freedom are in their last throes, hemorrhaging from years of corporatist mutilation. Elections have become a sham, a farce. Freedoms are disappearing, becoming extinct. The enemy within wishes for nothing more than an authoritarian, fascist nation, the easier to make decisions, the easier to implement their vision, the easier to control the population. The enemy within detests democracy, and this we must understand. Democracy and freedom are enemies. Ask yourself who has been the organization destroying our democracy and freedoms, our civil rights and liberties? Who has enacted Patriot Acts One and Two, who has destroyed due process, right to an attorney, habeas corpus? Who has tried to silence truth, dissent, protest and free speech? Who has made torture legal, false imprisonment necessary, confessions by torture legal and evidence concocted through hearsay or torture legal? Who has made it legal to spy on American citizens, opening our email accounts, overhearing our phone conversations, looking into our lives? It has not been the dreaded Arab evildoers. It has been the Bush administration. It has been your own government.

The truth is apparent, it can no longer be denied. The 9/11 Truth Movement thrives because it has truth and a quest for justice on its side. It has the power of the naked eye, for WTC 7 video footage cannot lie. It has physics, science, witnesses and research into government action and inaction. It has technology, experts and whistleblowers. It has honor, integrity and momentum. Of course there will always be 30 percent of the population that will never be made to believe in the criminality of its right wing heroes, even if the button for the controlled demolitions is put in front of their face. These 30 percent are sheeple, individuals comprising the army of good Americans, the most ignorant and closed minded people around. The Movement will never convince them. The challenge is reaching the millions who do have free-thinking minds, those who can put common sense and science and reason together.

The challenge ahead will not be easy, but the powerful never make it easy. They never grant the masses anything of value. We have to fight for it ourselves. Every civil liberty and right and freedom gained in the last century was achieved through the Power of the People. This Movement will be no different. Those that are our masters concede nothing, they take everything. They will throw obstacles at us, they will threaten and ridicule us, try to destroy our reputations and integrity. They will use the full power of the corporatist media to try and divide us, to divert us, to deceive us, to manipulate us. United we stand strong, divided we will fall. Strength in numbers, strength in conviction, it is time to bring these criminals and murderers to justice.

For what is braver, questioning authority or following it? What is more convenient, thinking for oneself or believing only what television wants you to believe? Who is more a patriot, the person who challenges the blatant lies of leaders in times of trouble or the person who obediently believes everything he is told him by a government that has not once told the truth? What is a true patriot, those that read the Constitution and seek to bring a bad government into account or someone who stands next to the flag and blindly follows the known criminality of the Commander in Chief? It is those that dissent and protest and debate, because they love their freedoms and rights, while being called traitor and treasonous and terrorist that are the true patriots of America. There are millions of them across the land, fighting to expose the greatest crime ever committed upon the American people, fighting to restore what has been and continues to be lost..."


Lots of killer articles by Valenzuela here:

Thanks, Mssr.Jouet.

Rosie Has Become the Right's Latest Strawlib

Yet another Rosie blog on HuffPo, this time from Steve Young, a prolific HuffPo blogger.  If your fingers still flex after this past week, there is truth to be spread in the comment section and encouragement to be given to the author.

Rosie Has Become the Right's Latest Strawlib 

Kudos to these patriots. None of that vicious gay bashing you'll get from a Michael Savage. No, this is more important than just slamming sexuality. Even more important than how Anna Nicole's passing affected our lives. This was about a comedienne on ABC's "The View" who is trying take down America by challenging the particulars of 9/11. Ladies and gentleman, I warn you. This isn't Carrot Top. Not someone who starred in the classic "Chairman of the Board." This is someone who fielded her position all too well in "A League of Their Own."

down the pothole (of memory)

America needs to wake up and stop allowing the talking heads of neocon television to define their intellectual and emotional positions, with an ounce of critical thinking their blathering devolves into embarrasingly blatent and now desperate propaganda,the attacks on free speech are especially telling , they know they are failing in their role of keeping the masses in the dark, and their desperation shows .
Its happening slowly but american are beginning to see that every effort from our leaders is toward exploiting then hiding, erasing, forgetting that 911 is with us today as much as it was on the day it happened. thats what happens when you ignore a crime.when you deny resolution, it festers in the minds of its victims .

Fox And Friends Attack Rosie O Donnell

She questions 9/11 and the govt, and they twist it into that she hates america and helping the enemy crap


Bush Justifies The Iraq War With 9/11 Yet Again

Click Here (realplayer)

And so, on the one hand, I do fully understand the anguish people go through about this war. And it's not just Matthew (Dowd), there's a lot of our citizens who are concerned about this war. But I also hope that people will take a sober look at the consequences of failure in Iraq. My main job is to protect the people, and I firmly believe that if we were to leave before the job is done, the enemy would follow us here. And what makes Iraq different from previous struggles is that September the 11th showed that chaos in another part of the world, and/or safe haven for killers, for radicals, affects the security of the United States.

Iraq Had Nothing To Do With 9/11

The War Games of September 11th

Updated in light of Robin Hordon's revelations.


On the very morning of 9/11/01, five war games and terror drills were being conducted by several U.S. defense agencies, including one "live fly" exercise using REAL planes. Then-Acting Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Force General Richard B. Myers, admitted to 4 of the war games in congressional testimony -- see transcript here or video here (6 minutes and 12 seconds into the video).