April 2007

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Loizeaux and Romero selling the 9/11 myth

Just found this piece of video in the 9/11 archive.

NBC, 08:40 pm, september 12

XVID: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XMXF3QYX
archive.org: http://www.archive.org/details/nbc200109122004-2046 (@ 36 min.)

Marc Loizeaux and Van Romero explaining the collapse of the Twin Towers. Just one day earlier Romero stated: "My opinion is, based on the videotapes, that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse,". It took only one day for Romero to completely change his mind and blame the explosion of the jet fuel.

Lionel Loves Rosie!

Lionel - March 31, 2007 - Hour 1
Rosie O’Donnell is under fire for daring to question the incredible story of the official account of 9/11 – this fantastic meltdown via jet fuel – and the Foxies are calling forher to be fired. Unreal. Yet nobody’s read word one about anything.
[17 minute clip] [2 Meg]

Lionel - April 2, 2007 - Hour 1
A mélange of topics. The MSM fails to mention the GOP when it repeats the White House’s excoriation of Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria. Republicans did it, but that’s not mentioned. God bless Rosie O’Donnell. Trump’s officially lost his mind.
[5 minute clip] [700K]

Orginal audio at:

Go, Rosie, Go


I like Rosie O’Donnell, I admit it. While Fox News and Bill O’Reilly are claiming she is helping the terrorists and needs to fired from her position on The View, I’m saying Go, Rosie, Go. What is wrong with a person asking questions? When did asking questions turn into a crime? It’s seems a lot of American’s love to hate Rosie, especially upper class white males, but many of us enjoy seeing her stir the pot of propaganda that is so prevalent these days. I know, she’s heavy, gay and perhaps not what many consider to be socially attractive, but does that mean her questions, thoughts and opinions have no value?

It’s interesting to me that when Rosie and Donald Trump were having their media driven nasty argument, I couldn’t turn on the television without hearing about it, the newspapers soaked up the ridiculous stories and everyone chose a side. It seems we didn’t recognize that it was all about advertisement and ratings, not a serious debate, but now that Rosie has sunk her teeth into a real issue, the silence by most of the mainstream media is nearly deafening.

DVD REVIEW: Conspiracy-filled film lacks depth

Source: http://media.www.thedailyaztec.com/media/storage/paper741/news/2007/04/03/Tempo/Dvd-Review.ConspiracyFilled.Film.Lacks.Dep...

DVD REVIEW: Conspiracy-filled film lacks depth

By: Fernando Ramos, Staff Writer

Posted: 4/3/07

For the past couple of years, there has been a particularly odious form of politicking going around. You may have seen it, heard about it on the news or at least been told about its virtues from your roommate. Yes, the propaganda I am talking about is 2005's infamous Internet-video phenomenon "Loose Change."

Originally conceived by college student Dylan Avery as a fictional "what-if" thriller about someone discovering a conspiracy about the 9/11 attacks, Avery began to believe the research he was doing showed that the U.S. government was, and continues to be, actively involved in covering up the truth behind 9/11.

What can bend 6 inch steel w/o buckling or cracking?

Something got this 8 ton I-beam very very hot very very quickly.
Old video that needs to be recirculated:

9/11 Truth UAlbany meets Dennis Kucinich

On 3/25 9/11 Truth UAlbany got a chance to speak to keynote speaker congressman Dennis Kucinich and ask him a few questions about 9/11 at the 25th Anniversary Dinner of Peace Action in Albany NY.

411 on 911 - Rally and March for 9/11 Truth and Impeachment

On Wednesday, April 11, 2007, protesters will rally at 1:00 p.m. at Lytton Plaza in downtown Palo Alto to demand 9/11 Truth and the impeachment of Bush/Cheney. Speakers will include Janette MacKinlay—a survivor of the 9/11 attacks; David Kubiak—International Campaign Advisor of 911Truth.org; Gabriel Day—organizer of the “9/11- Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming the Future” conference; Ed Rippy—of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance; and Riva Enteen—of the National Lawyers Guild. Music will be provided by “Annie and the Vets.” The march will begin at 2:00 p.m. and will conclude at Congresswoman Anna Eshoo’s office at 698 Emerson Street.

WTC Families For Proper Burial on Alex Jones today


"Alex welcomes to the program the co-founder of WTC Families For Proper Burial, Diane Horning, to discuss the terrible treatment of the remains of 9/11 victims and her own ongoing struggle to give her son, a 9/11 victim, a proper burial."


Infowars Live Feed: (Network 1)

Freerepublic & Hotair Attacks Rosie, Asks Sign Petition To Fire Rosie




"By adding my name to this petition I wish to show you, Disney-ABC, that I am refusing to watch The View until Rosie O’Donnell is relieved of her position. She is a one-sided, anti-American individual who abuses her public platform to advance a radical message. She is not a pundit, she is not qualified for political debate, nor does she present her arguments in a factual manner. I believe she is a danger to the morale of this country and emboldens those who seek to destroy us."


Ohio Events Picking up Speed

Freeway Blog Columbus Ohio

Columbus, Springfield set to make 2007 a big year for 9/11 Truth in Ohio.

Among the highlights:
"Support our Troops: Truth film festival": May 19 or 20

Proposed Schedule:
11:00 Who Killed John O'Neill
1:00 America: Freedom to Fascism
3:00 Out Foxed
4:30 Beyond Treason
6:00 Sir No Sir
7:45 Improbable Collapse

Same Day: Both should be do-able!
Springfield 911 Truth - Women of Faith confrence:
Passing out 9/11 victims families information from www.patriotsquestion911.com as well as David Ray Griffin's DVD and Steven Jones' lecture at UVSC
Kevin Barrett and Kevin Ryan: April 28th