April 2007

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What building was this? Could a 4th building have collapsed?

This is probably just a trick of the eye or something, but I couldn't help but notice what appears to be a 3rd building that was NOT WTC7 falling shortly after the first 2.

See the progression:

Does anyone know what building this was and if it was completely destroyed or not?

Sen. Clinton confronts McCain over blocked 9/11 funds

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton sought a $45 million amendment to the war spending bill for a 9/11 responders' health care program.

AOL News: Rosie Opens 9/11 Conspiracy 'View' Debate.

Rosie Opens 9/11 Conspiracy 'View' Debate
Bill O'Reilly Implies ABC Should Fire O'Donnell After Remarks


(March 31) - Rosie O'Donnell has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind, but her latest controversial topic of conversation on 'The View' brought up a taboo that most daytime talk shows would never go near – the possibility of a conspiracy on 9/11.

On Thursday’s show, during a discussion on the war on terror and the prospect of war in Iran, O’Donnell veered into the theory that World Trade Center 7, which fell hours after the Twin Towers, was possibly destroyed purposely by explosives.

April Fool's! Bushflash is not shut down by HS


I decided, last night, to take a bit of advice from ol' Molly, so recently departed. She would regularly speak before activist groups, and she would always admonish her audience to "have more fun."

In running this site, I hadn't had much fun in quite some time. I was tired of being sick at heart 24 hours a day about what's been going on, and, well- April Fool's Day was upon us, and I couldn't resist it. In times past, other websites such as Whitehouse.org put up right-wing hackery on April 1st, and didn't think any would actually take it seriously if I did the same...

In fact, far more than I expected did, indeed, take it quite seriously. I'm sorry if anyone was actually alarmed that something sinister had taken place (considering what we've all witnessed over the past six years, everyone's a tad gun shy,) but dang- it was fun.

It shan't happen again, if for no other reason that it took me a good hour to overwrite all 300 pages of the site (I do things in good ol' fashioned HTML.) Further, I fear a few links might have been screwed up- if you notice any broken or redundant links, let me know...

If you didn't visit during april 1st, you can see what greeted all of the visitors to the site, here:

BUMPER STICKERS SPREAD 9/11 TRUTH, links at end of article

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The curious tale of the 'other' WTC tower


Kevin Brooker, Calgary Herald

Published: Monday, March 26, 2007

Now that Rosie O'Donnell is trying to table it on The View, I guess we can talk about it here.

First, a news quiz: If, some time after the collapse of World Trade Center towers 1 and 2, a 47-storey office building in a major American city also came crashing to the ground, do you think you'd know about it?

Of course, you would.

Letter to James Meigs

As a preface, I must say I am absolutely itching to receive my copy of David Ray Griffin's new book in the mail. Popular Mechanics' role as an arm of propaganda is rearing its ugly head again. Now that Rosie has come forward, along comes Popular Mechanics to "rebut" her. Most of the media is buying in to the PM rebuttal. For example, in response to Rosie's "Bring on a structural engineer!", one news article says: "But what Rosie and the conspiracy theorists overlook is that Popular Mechanics Magazine contacted many experts and have done a thorough investigation that answers the theorists' questions."

On the Randi Rhodes (Air America) 9/11 forum, a poster by the name of "Ohio Girl" made the following comment:

"Oh gosh. This again!!! I think in the end, people will believe what they CHOOSE to believe. I read a very interesting article in popular mechanics that debunked several of the theories. I would expect Popular Mechanics to be pretty unbiased."