May 2007

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New Video Compilation: 9/11 The Explosive Reality

[UPDATE: This video is no longer available on YouTube, and the user profile poliounsaturated no longer exists. Hopefully this is still available via torrent]

This is truly an extraordinary compilation of news footage, much of which I've never seen before (and I've seen a LOT), that details beyond a doubt what happened that day in New York, with lots of previously unseen clips from the Pentagon, Shanksville, and suspicious statements by government officials.

A YouTube user named poliunsaturated has posted 9 parts, plus a trailer, as of this writing, but part 9 ends rather suddenly, so there may be more to come. It is also downloadable as a 1 GB AVI file torrent if you just do a google search on 9/11 The Explosive Reality.

There is no narration, just sub-titles and the odd full screen text, but someone has gone to an awful lot of work here combing through hours upon hours of news archives, and the way the clips tell the story is quite compelling.

Check it out!

Local Mirror:

Link to all 9 parts:

San Jose/South Bay California is Organizing! Join us!

The San Jose/South Bay Area has a new group and a healthy bunch of activists waiting for you!

This covers areas including, San Jose, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Campbell, Cupertino, Mountainview, Los Gatos, and all surrounding cities for anyone interested.

We are currently taking action on the 11th of every month and other dates as well. Some of you may recognize us from and

911 truth into newspapers via "respected person"?

Which tactic could succeed getting 911 truth fully into mainstream-press and result in proper investigations by courts, newspapers & TV?

David Ray Griffin has spent lots of time pondering this and he says that it will come about if respected individuals, from Canada or Europe, are being reported by the press as voicing their MIHOP opinion.

He advised Canadians to entice a handful of respected figures to come out in favour of 911 MIHOP.

How I understand his plan:

Once a (very) few respected persons have said "MIHOP" ... the media will be compelled to report "his/her excellency XYZ claims MIHOP" The implied message BUT WE WERE CENSORING THIS THOUGHT SINCE 2001 can then only be overcome with vigorous investigative journalism.

I think it is a good plan to invest time and effort.

  1. First, we need to brainstorm WHO (in Canada and Europe, not USA***) is eligble for "respected person".
  2. Secondly these people need to be contacted (and hopefully they follow the same path of enlighenment than DRG)
  3. Thirdly we need to push the news

Fire Effects on Steel Structures – Detailed Technical Engineering Studies and Data

Fire Effects on Steel Structures – Technical Engineering Studies and Data

After researching the collapse of the WTC towers, the 911 researchers lack data in steel structure test burns. Some researchers claim that metal is not damaged in fires which will be shown to be untrue. Much speculation is created about the temperature obtained in the steel. If you search deeper outside of the 911 truth movement, you will find that there are many structural engineering groups who have researched the effects of fires on steel structures. This was done thru researching previous building fires, computer simulations and test building fires.

The test structure fires are what we need to focus on. There is enough data here to create a good hypothesis on the failure modes of the towers. The data is extremely complex and much more than I can handle. I would encourage other engineers to look over this data and post their results. We also need to email the structural and fire engineers who performed this research for more information pertaining to the WTC buildings. Here are the main points which I found in my research.

Research Papers/ Sites :

911 Vaccine: An Idea To Re-Create, in Detail, the World Trade Demolition Plan

911 Vaccination

“A vaccine is an antigenic preparation used to establish immunity to a disease.
“The immune system recognizes vaccine agents as foreign, destroys them, and 'remembers' them. When the virulent version of an agent comes along, the immune system is thus prepared to respond, by (1) neutralizing the target agent before it can enter cells, and (2) by recognizing and destroying infected cells before that agent can multiply to vast numbers.” –Wikipedia

Weekend Open Thread

It's about time we had an open thread, have at it!

NY Post: Sheen Rethinks Nutty 9/11 Film

Source: New York Post

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May 27, 2007 -- SUPPORT for the loopy 9/11 documentary "Loose Change" - which argues that the World Trade Center terror attack was part of a secret U.S. government conspiracy - is quickly losing steam.

A source tells us Charlie Sheen "is having second thoughts" about being involved in an updated version of the flick, which has a huge following on YouTube. As Page Six reported in March, Sheen had agreed to narrate the ridiculous flick, presumably to give it some needed Hollywood sizzle.

The conspiracy documentary got a further boost earlier this month when Virgin Atlantic announced it would offer the current, narration-free version as an in-flight movie choice. But just days later, it scrapped the idea. "After Virgin announced it, bloggers went nuts and there was so much negative feedback that [the airline] a few days later nixed it," the source said.

Wayne Madsen Report - Enron, Citinbank, Saudia Arabia, and 9/11

WTC7 housed the Securities and Exchange Commission, which was investigating Enron. Late 2001 was the time of “the height of the investigation into Enron, so the majority of Enron’s SEC filings were likely destroyed when World Trade Center 7 came down.” [Barry Zwicker, The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw]

How convenient for WTC7 to be totally destroyed and Cliff Baxter, former Enron Vice Chairman, to kill himself. Blame it on the bossa nova, er, I mean al-Qaeda. It's obvious that the financing of 9/11 is one of those intentionally underexamined points in the OTC, where more truth than fiction could be easily shaken out. What say you Sibel?

Madsen: Citibank/Citigroup back channel “Account 98″ financing of Al Qaeda 9/11 terrorists, nearly exposed by Enron’s dead Cliff Baxter. Neat package, eh?

WTC Remains

This is a link to photos and videos of the WTC remains held in Hangar 17 at JFK airport:.

Mainstream media finally acknowledges Operation Northwoods

From an article by David Roupe

U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba
U.S. Military Drafted Plans to Terrorize U.S. Cities to Provoke War With Cuba

by David Ruppe

Global Research, May 26, 2007
ABC News

Global Research Editor's Note

The mainstream media is now acknowledging "Operation Northwoods", a (declassified) secret plan to kill innocent civilians: The objective was to "create a useful wave of indignation", blame Fidel Castro for the civilian deaths, with a view to building a pretext to invade Cuba.

This sounds familiar does it not? Northwoods was a dress rehearsal of 9/11. A mass casuality producing event involving citizens is used to galvanize public support for waging war on Afghanistan in 2001.

While 911 researchers have extensively analysed the logic of Operation Northwoods, its links to 9/11 and its role in the construction of the "Global War on Terrorism" the mainstream media has largely remained silent.

Michel Chossudovsky, 26 May 2007