July 2007

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The US Social Forum 2007 held in Atlanta, GA last weekend has approved a resolution by 911 TRUTH calling for a new investigation into 911, and a resolution by 911 TRUTH and impeachment groups calling for the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney.

The resolutions were enthusiastically approved with resounding applause by a crowded auditorium with thousands in attendance.

Thanks to Atlanta911truth.org, dc911truth.org, 911truth.org, and especially 911TruthLA.net for some great work here!

The resolution for a new investigation of 911 can be found at: https://www.ussf2007.org/en/node/17292#comment-1461

The Atlanta911truth.org group has only been around since February, and allready is contributing
great things to the 911 truth movement!

If you don't have a 911 truth group in your area yet, start one up now and get it rolling, Ask the Atlanta
group for help if you need it. All you need is a computer and some good old fashioned getup-n-go!

Also remember to visit 911truthsquads.org and form your own truth squads, it's fun and is really great for the movement to speak truth to power.

Together, we are unstopable!

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook - Jon Elmer - 9/11

It would be interesting to hear the radio show this guy is talking about to hear what he has to say about 9/11 truth. Interestingly, so far, there are zero diggs on this story.

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook - Jon Elmer - 9/11

Monday, 02 July 2007

This Week on Gorilla Radio

by C. L. Cook

This week: Canadian freelance journalist, photographer, and author, Jon Elmer and Israel's Trojan Horse in Palestine.

And, comments from last week's Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference: the unbelievers still not believing.

Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Monday, 5-6pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, 104.3 cable, and on the internet at: http://cfuv.uvic.ca . He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, www.pacificfreepress.com . And, you can check out the GR blog at: http://GorillaRadioBlog.blogspot.com

[And, check out the podcast link in the top right margin for past GR broadcasts.]

Journal of 9/11 Studies Letter: Correspondence from James Bennett to Laurie Manwell with Responses

Journal of 9/11 Studies Letter:

Correspondence from James Bennett to Laurie Manwell with Responses

(06/17/07 to 06/17/07):

James Bennett [of “screw loose change”]:

I was reading your paper published at the Journal of 9/11 Studies, and I was wondering why you misrepresented the Angus-Reid poll on page 16:

“An Angus-Reid poll comparing responses from 2002 and 2006 found similar results, and that in 2006, only 16% of Americans believed that the government is telling the truth about the events of 9/11[16].”

If you go to the poll, which you footnote, you find that that question does not even ask people whether they believe "the government is lying about the events of 9/11":

Hunt for 9/11 remains to go on indefinitely

Source: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/nationworld/bal-te.nat05jul05,0,1475307.story?coll=bal-attack-headlines

Hunt for 9/11 remains to go on indefinitely

Associated Press

July 5, 2007

NEW YORK -- When the hunt for human remains at the World Trade Center site was renewed last fall, city officials envisioned a yearlong search.

The investigation, which started after the unexpected discovery of bones in an abandoned manhole, so far has unearthed hundreds of human bones missed in the cleanup immediately after the Sept. 11 attacks.

With more remains being recovered daily, Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler said Tuesday that the goal of ending the search by this fall "is no longer attainable."

"Our experience over the last nine months and the ongoing rebuilding of the World Trade Center site and surrounding area suggest that search operations will continue in one form or another for the foreseeable future," Skyler said in a memo to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

Since October, the search has yielded 677 human bones in and around Ground Zero; an added 785 have been found in the past two years in a vacant skyscraper damaged on Sept. 11, 2001.

ZEITGEIST The Movie - DVD for downloading

The official release of the three part movie Zeitgeist is out on Google video. I downloaded the high resolution AVI file and converted it to DVD. I also put together some images to use for DVD label and cover.

dc911Truth in the 4th of July Parade

The dc911truth "float" was in the Takoma Park Fourth of July Parade!

The Truthmobile was greeted with wild applause and "thumbs-up" and other signs of approval from cheering crowds gathered all along the parade route. dc911truth.org members walked along side the float and handed out flyers, deception dollars and DVDs. The route of the parade, a mile long "U" shaped path, took us down the main streets of Takoma Park, Maryland, just into Washington, DC and then back to the Takoma Park City Hall. As the float passed the reviewing stand, loud speakers proclaimed that "dc911truth.org is a grassroots organization of citizens, activists, and researchers seeking to raise public awareness of the historical context of U.S. false flag terrorism, culminating in the events of September 11."

There can be little question, 911truth has gone main-stream. The public is ready and eager to celebrate the truth.

Nafeez Ahmed: "Whose Bombs?"

EDIT: Article updated 8:25 pm Central Time. (In this new piece, Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed analyzes the latest foiled "terrorist" events in the UK, and uncovers a familiar series of anomalies. -r.)

Whose Bombs?

© Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

How to understand the attempted but largely failed terrorist plots uncovered since last Friday? Police officers on June 29 dismantled two car bombs made from gas canisters, gasoline and nails, parked in central London’s major theatre and shopping districts. A day later, two men rammed a Jeep Cherokee, filled with flammable material, into a terminal entrance at Glasgow airport. The series of attempted attacks follows hot on the heels of an attempted al-Qaeda attack in the United States earlier in June.

The chronology requires further probing, and indeed, preliminary analysis raises some unresolved questions.

Prof Jones Accepts Validity Of Forensic Fusion Evidence Testing For Ed Ward, MD's WTC Micro Nuke Theory

Prof Jones Accepts Validity Of Forensic Fusion Evidence Testing For Ed Ward, MD's WTC Micro Nuke Theory
By Ed Ward, MD

The information is out there now. Prof Jones has lent his credentials to my basic neutron activation isotope ratio sample testing theory. We disagreed significantly on what should be tested. I will definitely rib/rip him with pointed humor when he states some credentialed BS since I'm not a "Muon Nuclear Physisict".

Jones efforts on thermate are commendable and legendary as breakthrough confirmation of 911 was an inside job. The world could see thermate and squibs on film so they weren't really a surprise with knowledge of basic demolition. Forensic evidence of thermate was a key turning point in the 911 movement. But even a legend must consider All of the evidence and first it must be consistent with basic physics for all of the evidence.

Prof Jones is also a fellow supporter of Presidential Candidate Representative Ron Paul, MD, and the Constitution so I respect him for all those attributes.

A Special Evening with September 11 Hero William Rodriguez

How often do you get a chance to meet a Real American Hero?

A Special Evening with
September 11 Hero William Rodriguez.
The"Last Man Out"
of World Trade Center Tower #1
Recounts His Chilling and Provocative Story

The evening of August 9th, 2007
at the Lakewood Theater
>(1825 Abrams Parkway, Dallas, TX )

Doors will open for seating at 6:30 p.m.

William will take the stage at 7:30 p.m.
William will speak for about an hour and a half
followed by an autograph session

For information e-mail Dallas@9-11Hero.com
or call Joe Stokes at 214-324-9495

(Donations Encouraged)

Creative Tabling 101 (or 201)

I suggest that people be creative when creating things for tabling, whether it is for informational items like flyers and the like, or signs, or other things to grab people's attention, like this idea. (below; you would think this would be self-evident, but I've seen so many tabling tables that even I just want to walk by even though I'm interested in the subject) This stuff is SO much easier now than it was before we had computers.

And it doesn't take a lot of effort, or talent, or ability to make stuff look pretty nice and even professional. (think about using some color instead of all black and white, and consider laminating things that are there for people to look at and not take (or one of what they can take) so they don't get bent and crumpled and stay nice-looking)