July 2007

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Thoughts on July 4 Philly 9/11 Truth Conference

Part 1 of 3

What's goin on, just got back from the 9/11 Truth "Emergency" conference in Philly. It was a good time overall, with several shining moments in between. Here are some thoughts/observations:

On Philly:
-What better place to celebrate the Declaration of Independence? I love this city for many reasons, and now for a few more. I was amazed at the seemingly daylong protests in front of Independence Hall from a variety of different activist groups. Props to the Coalition to Free Mumia Abu Jamal, the Black Panthers, Free Tibet, and the 9/11 Truther/Ron Paul supporters who were laying it down.

- Cops, cops, cops... everywhere. Okay, okay, yeah it was probably just because of the thousands of people roaming the streets for the Indepence Day festivities, but it was a tad excessive. It should be obvious to everyone that they are trying to build a prison, in the words of System of a Down with all the cops, security, marshalls, and homeland security agents visible from all angles. And I thought Albany was bad.. anyone from Philly wanna comment on the police presence during a normal day?

- Cheesesteaks: :P i recommend the ones from the street vendor.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters Says "No" to War with Iran and "Yes" to Paying Attention to Brzenzski's Warning

After Congresswoman Maxine Waters delivered a fiery speech at the impeachment rally this 4th of July in Los Angeles (which, with much thanks due to Peter Thottam of www.911truthla.net and www.bcimpeach.com, was a great success), I followed up with her and attempted to get her to go deeper on the way to her car. I asked her to respond to Zbigniew Brzenzski's warning to Congress in February that war with Iran would be provoked through an attack in the Middle East or in the U.S. blamed on Iran, subsequently hurtling the U.S. into a "defensive" attack. With the anniversary of the London 7/7 bombings coming up this weekend, I also asked her to go on record as a public official who decries the use of false-flag terror events such as 9-11, 3-11 and 7-7 as a horrific form of statecraft. Although she spun away from directly answering these questions, she spoke firmly about pursuing diplomacy with Iran and the consequences of starting something that would quickly spin out of control. I followed up as we got to her car by asking her, "And Brzenzski, we need to pay attention to his warning right?" and she said "Yes we do." Then I handed her the WeAreC.H.A.N.G.E. pamphlet.

Permanent Markers, Sidewalk Chalk, and Fun.

In regards to 9/11 Truth our childhood passion and fascination with Permanent Markers and Sidewalk Chalk is best not to give up.

I'd like to see a 9/11 slogan and resource in every public restroom, including Port-a-Potties, across the country.
Along every bikepath or public walkway (preferably under a bridge or another rain protected area)

A slogan & resource that I've seen and liked is:

9/11 = an inside job
Look into it
Google "WTC7"

That should make for a fun summer of a little childhood fun with some risk involved. Enjoy the activism :)

I've also seen some well placed stickers out there, but I haven't found a source for buying good 9/11 related stickers in bulk.
If you know of any please include them in the comment section. Thanks..

What's Going on at 911Blogger?

A lot of people are upset with the change to moderated comments at 911Blogger. While it wasn't my decision, I fully support it.

Here's why.

DZ and the other moderators long considered switching the comments off altogether. One of the reasons is that some people are causing disruption and infighting instead of actually contributing anything (such as information, activist ideas, etc.)

Another reason is that the moderators have felt that there is a real danger that hate speech by posters might be attributed to the site, which could end up shutting down the site (see Reprehensor's comment below).

So, while DZ ran the site, he periodically considered discontinuing comments. And when DZ retired from the site, we again considered yanking the comments altogether (FWIW: I've always argued for keeping comments). However, we are trying a less draconian measure: moderating comments.

FIREWORKS - another form of Controlled Demolition.

The 2007 Macy's Fourth of July FIREWORKS display just goes to show how advanced humans have become with the technology dealing with explosives.

It's a shame that the staged 9/11 events that were used to steal our Constitutional rights via the Patriot Act and other pre-written legislation are similar to the technology that was used to time the fiery displays in the sky to the music.
What an accomplishment. The people who plan the fireworks display each year deserve the praise.

However, the people who planned and planted the explosives in the three buildings for 9/11 deserve to be in jail, despite the nice careful work and lack of damage to the surrounding buildings. I don't understand how they can think that they were being Patriotic. Most of them were breaking their oaths and are traitors.

The lack of damage to the other buildings near the buildings that were located on property other than the Port Authority of NY & NJ is an indication of how precise the work was that brought down the three (3) buildings with the assistance of Controlled Demolition.

Two Kinds of Collapse

There’s THEIR kind of collapse and there’s OUR kind of collapse.

In the past, I have argued that we should completely stop using the word “collapse” when referring to the destruction of the WTC Towers.

My main points have been that 1) the word “collapse”, as a global descriptor, does not properly convey the explosive character of many of the dynamic features of the destruction and that 2) the government and media have exploited this fact in their relentless use of the word as a way to minimize citizen awareness of the explosive features.

Both of these factors work against us in our efforts to get the truth out, and in fact suggest that whenever we use the word “collapse” in this context, we are, to some degree, unwittingly endorsing government/media propaganda — in spite of whatever else we may be saying.

"Put Options", 9-11 and Issuing Warnings

Paul Zarembka is a Professor of Economics, and is the contributing editor to Elsevier's "Research in Political Economy" series, notable for Volume 23 - "THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF 9-11-2001", in which Zarembka examines evidence of insider trading in regard to AA and United airlines. This short piece examines the use of "put options" as a signifier of a speculated terrorist event, and offers some valuable context. -r.


I was just exposed to another article reporting "put option" data on specific stocks, the data being used to suggest that something major may be on the horizon. The particular focus in this instance was on the Sears Tower in Chicago, acquired in 2004 by Larry Silverstein.

I would like to call attention to difficulties with these data, without suggesting that it is impossible to be on target with a warning, only that it is very difficult.

A "put option" is a contract to be able to sell a stock at specific price in the future in anticipation that one could then buy the same stock for much less (or sell what you already own) and make some good money. The contract price is market determined. You can buy the put option from a "market maker". After owning the put option, you could also sell the option before it expires (unload your position); this is important to recognize, as we shall see.

Journal of 9/11 Studies Letter: Steven Jones Replies to James Fetzer

Steven Jones Replies to James Fetzer

Steven Jones Replies to James Fetzer

June 4, 2007 (with more recent Addendum in this letter below)

[Dr. Jones writes] On June 2, 2007, James Fetzer wrote to me as posted publicly at http://www.911blogger.com/, and I respond, in ITALICS.

[Jim Fetzer:] Steve,

Just for the record, why do you continue to make statements about the journal you co-edit that are inaccurate and miseading [sic]? It was created as a part of Scholars, not as an independent entity, where Judy Wood was your original co-editor and I managinag [sic] editor. Please cease making these historically false and legally disputable claims.

It is a fact that the idea for the Journal of 9/11 Studies was independently mine, and I never intended the Journal to be part of “Jim Fetzer’s Scholars” group. I personally belong to a number of organizations and I have always maintained that the Journal I created is independent of any group or society.

It is true that J.

Experimenting With Congress.org's "Soapbox" Posting. Virgin Turf?

I have just posted my newsletter on the "Soapbox" area of http://www.congress.org

It costs only $8.95 for thirty days. They claim thousands visit Congress.org daily - which seems likely. So far I have found no 9/11 Truth type ads there.

By going to http://www.congress.org now (July 4th PM) you can see the headline/link of my ad, at the top of the left side of the screen. {It will move down as new ads are added at the top.) To check out posting your own ad, click on "Create Your Soapbox Now."

Experiment with Congress.org. 's "Soapbox" Feature. Virgin Turf

I have just put my newsletter onto http://www.congress.org 's "Soapbox" ad section. It only costs $8.95 for 30 days. They claim thousands visit Congress.org daily (which seems likely). If you go to Congress.org right now (July 4 PM) you will see my ad headline at the top of the righthand side of the screen. (It will work its way down as new ads are added.)

So far I have not seen ANY 9/11 Truth type ads. This may be a fruitful new area to post on.

I have cut&pasted a segment from the posting confirmation page below to, give an idea of the process.

TO CHECK OUT POSTING YOUR OWN: simply go to http://congress.org and click on "Create your Soapbox now."

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