July 2007

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9/11 — The WellSpring To Our Road To Hell in a Handbasket

As many have noted, and many understand, "9/11" was the source from which many bad things have originated over the last several years. Starting with the so-called Patriot Act (and going downhill from there), the illegal government wiretapping (which used as an excuse the so-called "War on Terror", et al.), the Military Commissions Act, Afghanistan and Iraq war actions, and who knows what else, before now, and in the future.

Well, here is yet another possible, potential, and perhaps even probable, 9/11-based attack on the American people.

A recent Wired article discusses the concept of "data reuse", and as merely one example of how that can be bad, cites how the United States Census Bureau used their information (database) to help round up WWII Japanese-American internment camp evaders. (news to me, and now I'm even more pissed about the whole thing, as if I wasn't pissed enough about it before)

9/11, Paranoia, and our "Culture of Fear"

The goal of this blog post is to encourage people to consciously think about and consider the concept of paranoia, which is a form of fear, and how it relates to 9/11. (as well as other fears, real, perceived, and/or irrational)

Specifically, how living in a heightened state of sustained fear, whether in the form of paranoia, or other fears and anxieties, negatively affects a person's thought processes, outlook, belief systems, and, inevitably, our behaviors.

And how understanding more about these issues gives us more control over them, and allows us to not be unduly affected by them in the negative sense. As much as humanly possible, of course.

We often hear certain words and phrases thrown around when discussing various issues regarding 9/11, including "paranoia", "fear-mongering", "the politics of fear", "the government's use of fear as a tool", "culture of fear", etc. It has been my experience, however, that they are often used by people in a monkey see–monkey do manner, if you will, without (enough) breadth and depth of understanding.

Significant Change to Comments at 911blogger.com


dz has decided to step back from the site and allow me to tweak a few knobs here at 911blogger.com

911blogger.com has been many things to many people. For quite a few, (including me), the site has been the first stop to check for the latest news on 9/11-related information. For others, it has been a rallying point and a place to meet other 9/11 researchers, skeptics, and Truthers.

For still others, unfortunately, 911blogger.com has been used as a tool to identify and amplify wedge issues that divide 9/11 skeptics and researchers, and this has occurred primarily in the comments area.

The first editorial change that you will notice is that all comments now go into a moderation queue, just like blog entries. Comments that start off with an ad hominem subject line will simply be deleted. Comments that are low on content and high on snark shall meet the same fate. This is necessarily going to slow down the pace at which comments appear, so please put some thought into your comment, but don't be surprised if you spend an hour attacking another user or researcher who you don't agree with, and the comment doesn't show up.

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Webster Tarpley - San Diego, CA

Where: Joyce Beers Center 1220 Cleveland Ave -- at Vermont St. (Uptown District Shopping Center--right next to Aladdin Mediterranean Cafe) San Diego, CA 92103

When: Sunday, July 8, 2007 -- 6:30 pm, book signing beginning at 5:30 pm!!

Suggested donation: $5-10 (no one turned away)

For more information: call 619.222.2120, email truth@sd911truth.org, or visit our website sd911truth.org

Message about 9/11 to listserv on international law

Commenting on my earlier blog with a message to a listserve of the American Society of Internal Law, Student suggested:

"If it were me, I would keep the 9-11 references somewhat rare, until and unless someone ventures to comment or ask or argue on those topics. If it comes to arguments, I would suggest that you stay most respectful. It works better. Even in the face of blatant attacks, that works best, in my observation."

This is good advice. There are two problems: (1) The majority of the topics on the list take 9/11 as an underlying, unquestioned premise; (2) It's been almost 6 years since 9/11, and abundant evidence has been publicized that should make the need for a real investigation, and the need to quit taking the official story for granted, abundantly obvious.

I'm not interested in pandering, nor in wasting my time. My messages have been provocative, and have been ignored so far. I want some discussion of these issues by lawyers and law professors, but I also want to express my shame in the response to 9/11 of the American legal profession.


Several Additions to PatriotsQuestion911.com

Over the last week, the following new citations were added to http://PatriotsQuestion911.com. Please let me know if you find any errors in these new citations. Thanks - Alan


Robert G. Wright, Jr.
Special Agent, International Terrorism Unit
Added June 25, 2007


Dr. David Leifer, BSc, B.Arch, M.Ed, PhD
Coordinator, Graduate Programme in Facilities Management
School of Architecture, The University of Sydney
Registered Architect, Incorporated Engineer
Added July 2, 2007


Ric Giardina
Member, Adjunct Faculty
San Jose State University
Added June 29, 2007

Ola Tunander, PhD
Research Professor
International Peace Research Institute (PRIO)
Added June 29, 2007

Dennis Holloway, M.Arch
Former Associate Professor
Environmental Design
University of Colorado
Added June 29, 2007

Joseph Raso
Former Lecturer, Political Science
McMaster University
Added June 28, 2007

Barry R. Komisaruk, PhD
Professor of Psychology and
Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Rutgers University
Added June 28, 2007


Dr. Steven Jones & Kevin Ryan Support TruthBurn!

Good News! Dr. Steven Jones & Kevin Ryan not only support TruthBurn, they are giving technical advice as well. Architects Richard Gage, Scott Page and engineer Charles Pegelow are also consulting.

WE STILL NEED FUNDS! This is vital to the success of this project. The project will garner significant attention to the valid claims of the 911 Truth Movement. If any of you have emails or addresses of important donors, stars, celebrities, please consider sharing that with us or alerting them to this worthy project. Any donations are greatly appreciated and they are tax deductible.

Donations: Mail check to Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance/ Care of TRUTHBURN, PO Box 60511, Palo Alto, CA 94306


Sean Hannity Is Still Defending "The Path To 9/11"

Thanks to www.mediamatters.org

Click Here (MOV)

On 9/12/2006, Paul Thompson appeared on the Randi Rhodes show, and ripped apart "The Path To 9/11".

Click Here (MP3 7.6MB)

9/11 Truthers In Southern Ontario Interested In Attending 9/11 Anniversary In NYC

For those of you 9/11 Truthers in Southern Ontario that plan on attending the 6th Anniversary of 9/11 in NYC on September 11 and would like to go down to NYC as a group, I am hoping to organize a group of people that wish to attend so that we can mobilize as a group and so no one will be forced to travel solo. So if you are interested please give me a shout no later than the end of July as this is already in the early stages of development and we want to be sure we get a flight and place to stay as much in advance as possible.

You can contact me by email at: farleyfan69@hotmail.com

I hope to get a decent response as this is a big year for 9/11 Truth on account of Loose Change Final Cut hitting theaters amongst other big breakthroughs on the war front of truth. So if you are planning on going don't delay because you WILL be a part of history come 9/11/07.

- Matt Etmanskie

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

How the Bush Family Profits from Endless War

How the Bush Family Profits from Endless War

Note: The beginning of this film is in Dutch.
English language content starts at 1:45 - one minute and 45 seconds into the film