August 2007

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Guns and Butter 1pm PST - Webster Tarpley - The U.S. Banking System: Too Big To Bail Out

Guns & Butter

Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 1:00pm PST, KPFA 94.1FM Berkeley, CA

The U.S. Banking System: Too Big To Bail Out

Interview with economic historian and author, Webster Tarpley, on the global financial crisis. We discuss his new 17-page article, Helicopter Ben Unleashes Hyper-Inflation, including the bailout of Wall Street, inflation, demise of the dollar, derivatives, hedge funds, the plunge protection team, commodities as the next "bubble," and what we should do. Tarpley is author of Surviving the Cataclysm, A Study of the World Financial Crisis (Your Guide Through the Greatest Financial Crisis in Human History). He is also author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror, Made in the U.S.A.; Against Oligarchy; and co-author of George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography. Email him at Visit his website at

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After much trial and error, we have re-introduced real-time comments. This is due to the massive amount of feedback from site users.

However, we do have some favors to ask:

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Sorry this took so long.

George Washington

Hillary Clinton Says Possible Terrorist Attack Will Benefit Republicans

From CNN:

She says she is the Democrat best equipped to fight terrorists, but White House hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton told New Hampshire voters Thursday that another attack on the United States would likely help Republican candidates at the polls.

"It's a horrible prospect to ask yourself, 'What if? What if?' " Clinton, a New York Democrat, told a house party in Concord, according to the New York Post and The Associated Press and confirmed by her campaign.

"But, if certain things happen between now and the election, particularly with respect to terrorism, that will automatically give the Republicans an advantage again, no matter how badly they have mishandled it, no matter how much more dangerous they have made the world."

There are two ways to interpret these comment. Naomi Wolf comes out in favour of the sensible one. Sample:

911 General Strike Gains Momentum

911 General Strike Gains Momentum

by Michael Collins
Wednesday, 29 August 2007

“Scoop” Independent News
Washington, DC

“No Work, No School, No Shopping – Hit the Streets”

The 911 General Strike called by a coalition of antiwar, 911 Truth, and pro impeachment groups is gaining strength with gatherings scheduled across the country and rapidly expanding activity on the Internet, where the idea originated.

We see this action as one against the injustices listed on the site but also one against our own fear, apathy, and cynicism. We want this to be an opportunity for citizens to reclaim a sense of power in defining their own destiny and running our own government. Truth mover 27 August 2007

Strike activities are growing by the day. Formal events are listed below but there’s more. Every citizen is empowered by this essentially leaderless, egoless movement. This is one case where the people will actually lead if they choose. The impact of major public participation would shock those in power who ignore what they see as a passive public.

We recommend that everyone become an organizer for this strike. Try to link up with people in your area, have meetings, network, discuss over the internet, and plan your own creative actions for the 11th. People can help out the strike by just continuing to organize, communicate, and spread the word. Truth mover 27 August 2007

The 911 General Strike takes delivering the message to a whole new level. Apparently the message sent by the 2006 elections got lost in the spam folder. Citizen reminder messages, tens of millions of them, from the public in person, by mail, email, phone, etc., weren’t enough. The general strike gives citizens a chance to show those in power it’s time to listen through “a day of personal reflection and nonviolent dissent in recognition of the course we have been on since 9/11.” The simple action plan includes – no school, no work, no buying anything (at all), and hit the streets.


***Challenge to all 911 truthers*** Mark Roberts: How is he wrong?

I know some of you believe this is a no-brainer. You might say, "oh, well Mark Roberts is a schill or an idiot" but consider for a minute that he is another human being like all of us. (and for the record I am not a Mark Roberts apologist) However, I just spent well over 5 hours (more than I would have liked to really) reading over his material and I have a simple question; How is Mark Roberts wong? Please do not come at me with disinfo non-sense or any sort of character assault. I have read his material and have my own opinions on the matter. However I am interested in what other people think. If you have never read a word from him, DO NOT RESPOND. I am not interested in immature name calling or unsubstantiated claims. If you do have solid evidence that might be of interest to us all, please share but please do not throw out inflammatory comments that do nothing to address the issue at hand. And to make sure I am making myself absolutely clear. This is not an attempt at Debunking! I am simply encouraging critical thinking and investigation. So please if you would humor me...How is Mark Roberts wrong?

Bush in Seattle!!!

WACS greets the illegitimate president on his way to the Bellevue Hyatt hotel. Many people from the NW including members from Portland 9/11 Truth came out to show their true feelings towards Bush.
9/11 TRUTH NOW!!!
R.I.P. Aaron Russo

Jason Bermas: Loose Change Has the NORAD Tapes!

The first journalist granted access to the 9/11 NORAD tapes -- the recordings of air defense personnel communicating with each other during the events of 9/11--was Michael Bronner, who published a pro-9/11-Commission article in the August, 2006 issue of Vanity Fair. But now, according to Jason Bermas, Loose Change has obtained an even more extensive set of NORAD 9/11 tapes than the one Bronner used!

Bermas broke the news to host Kevin Barrett on 9/11 and Empire Radio Tuesday night on The show, which also featured Rev. Rich Lang, is archived at

According to Bermas, Loose Change has obtained over 100 hours of tapes -- significantly more than the 30 hours that Bronner said he used in writing his article. The tapes obtained by Loose Change consist of 21 audio files of 399 minutes or more per file, allegedly detailing all NORAD communications during 9/11. Bermas said that Loose Change has downloaded the files to another server and will torrent them starting tomorrow--stay tuned to 911blogger and the forum at

History Channel - 9/11 Conspiracies, Fact or Fiction? A Review

History Channel - 9/11 Conspiracies, Fact or Fiction? A Review

By Arabesque

The History Channel released a new documentary about those who question the “official story” of 9/11.  While “9/11 Conspiracies, Fact or Fiction” is professionally edited, and interviews many different commentators, it is also highly biased.  It frames the entire discussion in this way:

“Conspiracy theory. Conspiracy Theorists claim... Conspiracists say... Conspiracy, Conspiracy, Conspiracy!”

Cue Music and Response:

·        "Expert"

·        "No, that's not true" (Without explaining why: Begging the question)

·        The government is too incompetent!

·        We're an EXPERT! See the Graphic!

After some twenty dozen mentions of the dirty word "conspiracy", we come mercifully to an end. 

While Popular Mechanics continues its lame and pompous efforts at defending the official "conspiracy theory", their "debunking" efforts are objections that have been frequently answered elsewhere.  Take for example, their section on the controlled demolition theories.

History channel Footage DEBUNKS Themselves

In short, Never hath I seen such a biased and incomplete piece.One major flaw that should be obvious is the statement by Matthys Levy, (co-author of Why buildings Fall Down), a so-called popular mechanics expert. He states in their film,

" As the debris flew through the building at almost 500 mph it caused equivalent to sandblasting all the steel.
So all the fireproofing came off and that meant that the steel was naked, it would have been subject to the fire."


I have him, Matthys Levy, in my documentary,(; a scene that originally aired on the discovery channel, saying the wtc's were controlled demolition. The scene is the very first scene. Please watch for exact words.

He debunks himself as being an expert !! No credibility here.