September 2007

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CFR's Hart Suggests False Flag Event For Iran War

CFR's Hart Suggests False Flag Event For Iran War
Tacit warning to Iranian government suggests staged event may be used
to ensure "bombs fall on your head"

Steve Watson
Thursday, Sept 27, 2007

Council on Foreign Relations member Gary Hart, famed for stating that
Americans will die en- mass on home soil this century, and for
declaring 48 hours after 9/11 that it should be used "to carry out a
new world order", has written a scathing letter to the leaders of Iran
clearly warning that the U.S. government has a history of staging
provocations in order to initiate conflict with other nations and that
Iran could be next.

Hart references the sinking of the USS Maine in Havana harbor in 1898,
which led to the Spanish American war, as well as the Gulf of Tonkin
incident, which was ultimately the catalyst for airstrikes on Vietnam.

Why does Hart reference these two cases? Because they are both
examples of staged managed events that were used to coerce the
American public into supporting war.

The sinking of the Maine was immediately blamed on the Spanish, with
the innovator of yellow journalism William Randolph-Hearst enflaming

We Are Change UK Radio show this Sunday

Dear all,

I am very pleased to announce that We Are Change UK have got a radio show starting in London this Sunday on Resonance FM. We have a 6 week run and are on every Sunday from 6-7PM UK time(currently BST).

Our first show includes a speech by Cynthia McKinney from her recent UK tour, Mohsin Drabu speaking at Speakers Corner(an historical zone of free speech in London), some views from the street and a bit of music.

You can listen online at Please support the show by writing in to the station and we may be given a more regular slot. This station has some very influential listeners in London.

If you don't get to listen to the show live we will be hosting it on our website which has now gone live. any feedback welcome.


Democratic Debate Videos

Three videos captured by Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth at yesterday's Democratic Debates in New Hampshire:

Part five of the epic saga! Is Dennis Kucinich going to hold his hearings? He's still not giving a date. Grab your cameras, hold him to his word, and tell him the time is now:

Second encounter with Howard Dean. This time he was a little more receptive. Dean discusses the crimes of the Bush Administration, a new 9/11 investigation, and more:

I have information of general interest

Hello; My name is Tom Dishner. I am a private citizen in Dallas TX. I am not a government official or even a paid operative or contractor, however, I have been informed that I am considered a "CIA Asset" and an information analyst. I have a lifetime of experience with powerful persons claiming to have masterminded 911. I urge you to go to an article on this website (currently on page 3) by Dr. Clyde Wilson entitled Article on Lew Rockwell. Click on the comments section after the article and read my comments and dialogue with other members. Instructions are there on how to reach me. I think that youwill find it at least interesting. TD

Here's the article:

Debunking Conspiracy Myths

We've written a large article, the result of a year of work: Debunking Conspiracy Myths, which addresses all the platitudes repeated by the media, such as 'conspiracies assume the involvement of a large number of people'. So it dispels virtually all anti 9-11 myths, but it has merit in all other areas of truth-seeking too.

We want to spread this out and make it viral!

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9-11 Truth the After-Shock.

Though in her short film "The Shock Doctrine" Naomi Klien shows 9-11 as a shock and therefore an "opportunity" (as Bush called it at 11AM on Sept 11th 2001) for the PNAC manifesto to be realised. There is however a second shock associated with 9-11 a delayed shock or an after shock.
The shock of Truth.

As the whole planet experienced the initial shock on 9-11
The myths were told by the News Management teams creating Zelikows' "reality" dreamt up in his schizophrenic "parallel universe":

"They hate our freedoms" "It's a clash of civilisations" "it's blow-back for our foreign policy" "19 men and a dead man's box(cutter)".
and, through these myths, we thought we understood the event in the context of our own world view,

Barry Komisaruk, PhD, Rutgers Dean and Professor Questions 9/11

Barry R. Komisaruk, PhD, Rutgers University Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean of the Graduate School, wrote an op-ed piece for the Rutgers Observer questioning the official account of 9/11. It appeared in the print and online version of the newspaper on the sixth anniversary of 9/11.

A View on 09/11/01

Six years later, the impact is still felt. The implications are still more troubling. My vivid recollections are the sudden silent disappearance from my vantage point from Smith Hall on Warren Street of the towers, replaced by a giant plume of white smoke, and my thought of the futility of the UMDNJ's calling and mobilizing all health care personnel; no person in the buildings could survive the collapse.

Some months later over breakfast with a colleague, I reacted in disbelief when he said, "You know, there was no debris from a jetliner crash evident in photos of the Pentagon that day." His claim started me to read extensively about the events of the day.

Based upon my reading, published evidence leads me to a terribly disturbing conclusion as to the veracity of the official government accounts. ...

Prof. James Carr, U. Nevada - We Need the Truth about 9/11

Prof. James Carr, U. Nevada, had his op-ed piece published in the Reno Gazette-Journal, a Gannett newspaper, on 9/20/07

We need the truth about 9/11 attacks

Almost 200 architects and engineers have formally signed a petition to the U.S. Congress to reopen the investigation into the collapse on Sept. 11 of World Trade Center towers 1, 2 and 7 (see

Official U.S. government reports place blame for the collapse on burning jet fuel causing steel frames to weaken and collapse by "pancaking" downward. But, steel begins to melt at 2,250 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas jet fuel burns at no more than 1,500 degrees. When these buildings collapsed, their concrete turned to fine dust and their steel frames became molten oozes. ...

Complete article available at

Gatekeeper Dianne Feinstein Overlooks Treason & Mass Murder

What a huge disappointment. After two months, I finally received an e-mail response to my letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein yesterday. (a friend of mine also received the identical response yesterday as well). Apparently evidence of treason and mass murder aren't important enough for Di-Fi to upset the ranks in Washington? She's more interested in being part of the "go-along to get-along" gang. This isn't the last time she'll hear from me-- and a whole lot of others, to be sure :-) Persistence and patience... it ain't easy, but that seems to be the way.

Here's Feinstein's response, followed by my original e-mail inquiry:

Wed 9/26/2007 3:37 PM
Dear Mr. *******:

Thank you for writing to me with your thoughts on the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and the continuing government response. I appreciate your comments and welcome the opportunity to respond.