September 2007

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Monday, October 1st, 9-11 pm (CST) Telling the Truth Radio Show with Robert Shetterly and Darryl and Emily Bouchard

Robert Shetterly

Americans Who Tell the Truth

Darryl and Emily Bouchard

Listen 9-10 pm (CST) to Questioning War- Organizing Resistance on the and to our guest in the first hour- Robert Shetterly and from 10-11:00 pm (CST) to our guests in the second hour- Ellen and Darryl Bouchard.

Robert Shetterly is an artist, author, radio show host, and produced a traveling exhibition, and book entitled Americans Who Tell the Truth a collection of portraits & quotes.

The secret history of the 9/11 attack.

The 9/11 attack was the most photographed, videotaped and watched event in the history of mankind. But so much of what happened still remains shrouded in mystery—the 28 blank white pages of the Congressional 9/11 Intelligence Committee Report, for example—that the difficulty in an attempt to outline even a Cliff Notes’ Version of the secret history of 9/11 is that a virtual mountain of evidence that has been deliberately suppressed.

It's the proverbial elephant under the rug. An embarrassment of riches. A 'target-rich' environment. The question is: where to start? Where to begin pulling on the thread?

The problem with telling the secret history of 9/11 is there's too much to tell. Its a little like that once faced by helpful Republicans when they were offering Richard Nixon advice on escaping impeachment. One naive soul told him he should just tell the truth.

But even if he wanted to come clean and tell the truth, some knew, Nixon couldn't, because he wouldn't know where to start.

VIDEO -- WTC 7: The Smoking Gun of 9/11

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Explosive new video contains rare footage and a call to action.

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NY Times: We'll devote two reporters and hundreds of words to disprove survivor's tale, but not one word on lies of Bush, Cheney

Today the NY Times ran an extensive article debunking the story of Tania Head, who claims to be a survivor of the 78th floor of the South Tower.

The Times devoted two reporters and hundreds of words to this story.

They have not devoted a single word to the demonstrable lies of George W. Bush's survivor's tale.

They have not said a word about Dick Cheney's whereabouts on 9/11.

They seem unconcerned that NORAD generals perjured themselves before the 9/11 Commission.

These are incontrovertible facts. There is no controversy here. The implications of these facts are potentially profound. The absence of media inquiry is profoundly criminal. The publication of Tania Head's indiscretion instead is an indictment of corporate media priorities.

Sheldon Drobny at HuffPo: 9/11 "pinned" on Bin Laden because he is Disney cartoon villain

This is the third blog from Sheldon Drobny at Huffington Post articulating skepticism over the official 9/11 fairy tale, actually dated September 7 but never posted here at 911blogger:

"The 9/11 attack was a well-funded plan that involved money as well as manpower and planning within the U.S. It is my personal belief that they gave credit for 9/11 to Bin Laden the same as cops claiming that they have captured a murderer by pinning it on some already known murderer. It gives the public the belief that there has been some positive response by law enforcement. Bin Laden originally denied that he had anything to do with 9/11. He ultimately took credit for it after we insisted that he was responsible. That was the gift of a lifetime for him."

Earlier, Drobny said he believed the hijackers had inside help. He also recently attacked Bill Maher's opinion on 9/11 as naive.

Dr. David Ray Griffin in Columbus, Ohio

Tuesday night was Dr. Griffin's presentation of "9/11, Evidence, and Faith" presented by and He spoke to a crowd of about 200 people (that's a lot for Columbus) at First Congregational Church and received a standing ovation before moving on to a Q&A session. We had people come from all over the state, including organizers from Dayton 9/11 Truth, We Are Change Cleveland, and Cincinnati 9/11 Truth.

Many, many thanks go out to everyone who helped organize the event, as well as all those who attended. And another big thanks to those who donated so generously --- your support will allow us to produce more events like this in the future which will continue to educate our community!

Thanks to Evan Davis, you can download the entire speech (71 min.) as an mp3. If you download the mp3, please consider making a small donation to Radio4All to cover the bandwidth costs incurred (it's a 32MB file) --- they are a valuable resource and are entirely supported by contributions.

Video coming soon! There were a couple people taping the event, we'll post the links as soon as we get them.

Did you attend the event? Please comment on this post and let us know what you thought!

Click here to view more photos.

Click here to download an mp3 of the entire speech.

Robin Hordon on Truth Revolution Radio

Activist and former FAA Air Traffic Controller Robin Hordon was the guest on the September 26 edition of Truth Revolution Radio and we talked about 9/11 from his perspective as an ATC and his views on the truth and peace movements based on four decades of experience with activism. This was one of my favorite shows so far.

TRR September 26 2007 mp3

Robin Hordon on the streets of NYC


Verisimilitude: 1 : having the appearance of truth : PROBABLE
2 : depicting realism (as in art or literature)

Here is my breakdown of what I hoped to do with this collection of films...

NY Times: In a 9/11 Survival Tale, the Pieces Just Don’t Fit

The front page of the NY Times this morning has a story about a survivor from the South Tower, Tania Head, whose story is starting to raise red flags.

As a matter of history, Ms. Head’s account made her one of only 19 survivors who had been at or above the point of impact when the planes hit. As a matter of emotion, her story deeply moved audiences like college students to whom she spoke and visitors at ground zero, where she has long led tours for the Tribute W.T.C. Visitor Center for visitors including Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and former Gov. George E. Pataki.

“What I witnessed there I will never forget,” she told a gathering at Baruch College at a memorial event in 2006. “It was a lot of death and destruction, but I also saw hope.”

Much of Ms. Head’s account was posted on the Web site of the World Trade Center Survivors’ Network, a nonprofit organization for which she served as president and as point person for corporate donations.

But no part of her story, it turns out, has been verified.

2 New Yorkers have just released their 9/11 Video Footage

Almost 13 minutes. Excellent quality. Never seen before.
The videographer is right beside the towers when the second plane hits. I got chills watching this. Several jumpers are seen falling. Not for the faint of heart. The hosting website is in Belgium and the server a little slow. I paused the video so it would download a bit ahead, then resumed play.