September 2007

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Arizona Republic Endorses History Channel 9/11 Lies

Must watch: History Channel battles 9/11 conspiracies

Aug. 26, 2007 09:23 PM

Cable-TV's History Channel is running what may be one of the most valuable two-hour programs I've seen in . . . well, in almost exactly six years. 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction? deconstructs the major (i.e., least nutty) conspiracy theories that have erupted since the Twin Towers were destroyed. Kudos to the show's primary source of data, the editors of Popular Mechanics magazine, who freely took on their invaluable service.

- Doug MacEachern, editorial writer

This ran in the Mon, Aug 27 AZ Republic Opinion page.
I sent them a rebuttal opinion, but of course, they never printed it.

I would greatly encourage ALL of you to email the Arizona Republic newspaper
demanding that a rebuttal piece be allowed to be printed in their newspaper.

Feel free to send them your own rebuttals!

Thank you!

Re: Peace, Injustice and Ron Paul

The following is in reply to an article by David Swanson
called: Peace, Injustice and Ron Paul, posted at:
by Jonathan Mark

As those who have read Flyby News over the years, or have checked out our,51253, "Campaigns for Reclaiming a Lost USA Democracy" you would be aware of my history with Dennis Kucinich, which began years before he was a 2004 presidential candidate. With goodsister, we launched one of the most active yahoogroups at

Open Thread - 9-11-07 - General Strike

"Kennebunkport! Kennebunkport!" Ok, that's about all the Kennebunkport comments that will be allowed in this thread. Look for updates on the Warning in the "Four Signatories..." thread directly below this post, and confine your Kennebunkport opinions to that thread, please. That post will be updated periodically with the 2 cents of others.

Let's hear about your 9/11/07 activities. Will you be at the big rallies in NY or Washington, DC? Remember that if you go to NY, you have the excellent option of supporting the brave, heroic, First Responders via the We Are Change benefit.

If you are in Washington state, and can't go to a big rally, go to Seattle and join Rev. Rich Lang's Freedom From Fear Funeral March.

And of course there is a General Strike...