November 2007

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Where's Your Evidence?

"Where's Your Evidence?"

This statement is an inevitable response given by people who have trouble see the obvious lies and distortions regarding 9/11. Of course none of us have slam-dunk documented evidence that proves exactly what happened. The whole raison d'etre of this movement is to discover the who, how, and why (although the why seems pretty clear at this point). So the next time you encounter this reactionary auto-response a very effective strategy is to simply in return ask them, "where is your evidence that the official story is wholly true." Thus de-activating this ridiculous mental block. I have utilized it several times and at the very least it enables the conversation to focus on what has not been proven rather than what can be proven.

Letter from Prof. David Ray Griffin

I asked David Ray Griffin for permission to post his email here -- because of it's insightful content. He agreed, asking that I post it with all the names of the authors of the Appeal written to NIST.

Dear James, Steven, Kevin, Richard, Frank, Bob, Bill, and Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice,

I have just read your Appeal to NIST. It is absolutely brilliant and very useful.

(I will be quoting bits of it in an updated edition of The New Pearl Harbor, which I’m working on now.)

Thanks very much for this great contribution to the cause.


The Appeal to NIST was penned mainly by James Gourley and he deserves recognition for his work in the 9/11 Truth movement. It is available here: James and I have written a technical paper which we hope will be published soon. (I'm going to ask you to do a little prepatory homework; please work through the problems here: . All four lessons are helpful.)

Devoted N.Y. 9/11 responder dies after battle with cancer



Devoted N.Y. 9/11 responder dies after battle with cancer

EMS lieutenant spent 100 hours on 'The Pile' killed by cancer at 45

By Tevah Platt

Staten Island Advance

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — As an EMS worker, Lt. Brian Ellicott was best at comforting his patients: "When you're better, you'll go out dancing," he used to tell them, distracting them from their pain. Lt. Ellicott, described as a big, "teddy bear" of a guy and a father of two, did that most every day.

Sept. 11, 2001, was different; there were few injuries to dress, just toil to be done in the dust.

Lt. Ellicott spent months working in "The Pile" at Ground Zero, toiling for 100 hours in the first two weeks after the terrorist attacks, according to the Uniformed EMS Officers Union.

His partner said he'd spent those hours facing the fact that "you never know when your time is going to come."

Lt. Ellicott didn't know that his own life span may have been refigured in those first 100 hours of labor.

David Ray Griffin v. George Monbiot -- 11-29-2007

EDIT: Even though Monbot was an egregious twit, please thank James Whale for hosting this debate, and offering a non-hostile, non-Mockingbird venue:

On November 29, 2007, UK radio jock James Whale hosted an informal debate between David Ray Griffin and George Monbiot. In a childish display of ill manners, Monbiot can't help but blurt out and interrupt Griffin, when Griffin begins to give answers at the beginning of the debate. Later in the debate, when Griffin returns the favor, Monbiot gets all in a snit and acts wounded when Griffin turns the tactic on him. What a sod!

Monbot (sic) gets it wrong in lots of ways, including top-down demolition, so here is an example of top-down demo once again, just for the Monbot!

He's also wrong about the length and breadth of a hypothetical conspiracy. Some blogger by the handle of GeorgeWashington says 9/11 could be argued as a 7-man Job. The irony inherent in Monbot's position, as with all other debunkers who take the same position, is of course that they see no problem with just 19 guys pulling off 9/11. According to them, then, the official conspiracy theory is impossible! It would have taken hundreds! Thousands to pull it off!

It's just sad.

Thanks to VAB for getting this out there so fast, here are more options, including the full three hour program which features further interviews with Tim Sparke and Dylan Avery. (The Griffin/Monbiot bit ends abrubtly, but that's all there is.)

-1st hour:
-2nd hour:
-3rd hour:

D/L while it lasts:

Persistence is Key to Victory

In the battle for truth and justice, those who are most persistent will ultimately win.

Being right isn't enough. If we speak the truth ninety times, but then stop speaking the truth, those spreading propaganda will win when they repeat their false statements for the ninety-first time.

Whoever lasts longest will win.

The propagandists will try to destroy the American public's ability to think by repeating lies over and over for years on end.

We must keep speaking the truth and demanding justice again and again until the truth is known by all, and justice prevails.

It is hard to beat a person who never gives up.
- Babe Ruth

I don't think anything is unrealistic if you believe you can do it. I think if you are determined enough and willing to pay the price, you can get it done.
- Mike Ditka

Calling All Whistleblowers! Exposed CIA Officer Gets Talk Radio Offer

How can we encourage spooks and other potential whistleblowers to come forward?

We need more intelligence professionals on our side. To that end, we should be celebrating and publicizing (thus helping protect) past whistleblowers and intelligence professionals who have spoken out on 9/11 and similar matters. And we should be inviting potential new whistleblowers through whistleblower leafleting: http://www/

I have been showcasing whistleblowers on my radio programs recently. Monday I interviewed former MI-5 agent Annie Machon; Tuesday my guest was John DeCamp, the former Nebraska state senator who exposed the Franklin coverup; and tomorrow, Saturday 12/1, I will be interviewing Daniel Ellsberg, the former Defense Department analyst who helped stop the Vietnam War by leaking the Pentagon Papers: Truth Jihad Radio, 6-8pm CT. Next Tuesday 12/4 my first-hour guest will be Underwriters Labs whistleblower Kevin Ryan (followed by journalist Barbara Honegger, a Founding Mother of the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth) : 9-11 pm CT.

Q&A with Gregory A. Butler, author of "LOST TOWERS . . . inside the World Trade Center cleanup"

In late May and early June of 2007, I conducted an online interview of Gregory A. Butler author of "LOST TOWERS . . . inside the World Trade Center cleanup". Being that I'm a 9/11 truth activist and I presume Mr. Butler is not, I tried my best to remain as neutral and objective with my questions as possible. I hope I did a good job.

This Q&A was reprinted with the express permission of Gregory A. Butler.

To your knowledge, was "the pit" referred to in your book also called "the pile" or the "WTC pile"?

Apparently, FDNY firefighters and other uniformed officers tended to refer to it as "the pile", while civilian construction workers called it "the pit"

Do you still keep in contact with any of the WTC first responders and/or clean-up crew that are sick from exposure to the WTC dust?

I really haven't kept in close touch with any of the workers who got sick down there - but it has been a big news story here, which I have followed in the press.

Dr. David M. Graham's story on YouTube

Sander Hicks has supplied some of Dr. David M. Graham's video footage to 9/11 researcher Bryan Sacks, who has in turn narrated an introductory video to Graham's story. Part 2 should be available soon.

Dr. Graham's story is now available in full at Check it out, and weigh the evidence for yourself. Graham's story was omitted from the Joint Select Intelligence Committee report and the 9/11 Commission Report.

Lies, Conflicting Reports, Cover-Up's

Lies, Conflicting Reports, Cover-Up's

Location of American 77 Flight Data Recorder - Part II

11/30/07 - Many may recall an article we published regarding location of American Airlines Flight 77 Flight Data Recorder (AA 77 FDR: in which we expose the govt story of the flight data recorder being found at the entrance hole and exit hole. Since the article has been published, the MSNBC article we sourced ( no longer exists and now redirects to an irrelevant Newsweek page ( Why would MSNBC want to remove a page which explains the recovery of AA 77 FDR? Is it because we exposed the conflicting reports of location? It gets deeper.

Popular Mechanics sources a quote from Allyn E. Kilsheimer who states;